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Oct 29, 2018 · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

Hi. My name is Rachel, and I was diagnosed with Adhesive Arachnoiditis in June of 2012. An ABSOLUTE idiotic Dr was SUPPOSED to inject a combination of cortisone/dye into a herniated disc on my spine. Well, instead, he put both of the medications INTO my SPINAL CORD with NO WAY of removing it! Dye is poison to nerves, and I had an IMMEDIATE painful reaction so bad, my family removed me from North Memorial Hospital to Mayo Clinic IMMEDIATELY. Where they compared the MRI from North Memorial to the one they took after the procedure. And my ALL OF MY NERVES were ALREADY in a "sticky, hairball at the bottom of my spinal cord sac". That's how my specialist explains it in layman's terms.
He also says that if anyone asks how to describe the pain, he told me to tell them "it's worse than someone with stage 4 bone cancer".
I would just like to open a line of communication with ANYONE ELSE who understands what we're going through. I've felt so alone, depressed, misunderstood and have NEVER spoke to, let alone met ANYONE else with Arachnoiditis. PLEASE feel free to respond with your story, and forward mine to anyone else you think might understand me. And I'd love to talk to ANYONE who is the partner, so I can try and understand how THEY FEEL. I think that's JUST as important if you are in a relationship, (or want to be) and I REALLY want to hear it from their point of view. Then I can explain it to someone I might get serious with, so they'll know EXACTLY what to expect.
Thank you for reading my story. I look forward to hearing from you or anyone ELSE!