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Oct 27, 2018 · Cavernoma in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

I know that I'm really late to the party but I feel like I have some helpful input on the subject at hand. I was 6 when they told me I had a cavernoma, and my mom flipped her lid because they originally thought it was a cancerous tumor. They took me to the urgent care office near me for a CT scan because I had a seizure during nap time at school, and they saw a tumor. My 6 year old self with autism had absolutely no idea what was happening and all I knew was that I was in a hospital getting pampered like crazy and that I couldnt eat much and it sucked. Because I'm fat. It was on my left frontal lobe and it was the type that got worse the longer it stayed in the brain so they surgically removed it. The only effect I've had is that due to my 6 foot 300 pound frame I've decided to play football, but I think even with the brain surgery that I'll be fine because the chance of me getting a concussion is still the same as the next guy.