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Nov 26, 2018 · Knee replacement revision in Joint Replacements

@sgp1949–that's tough. I have a lot of scar tissue too, and am going in on Thursday for a needle aspiration to see if any of the fluid in my knee is from an infection. After that, I do have a second opinion scheduled for next week to see what my options are. I have also talked with a massage therapist who has recommended some specific massages designed to break up scar tissue. I wish you luck.

Oct 28, 2018 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi. I am stuck at 90 degrees 6 months after knee replacement. Had an x-ray 2 days ago and the radiologist said there is evidence of heterotopic ossification, or bone growth where it's not supposed to happen. Surgeon said it was significant scarring and that I might need a revision with surgical removal of scars. Has anyone else had this happen to them post-knee replacement? I am wondering about options. While I can at least sit with much less pain, all the things I used to enjoy doing are now impossible (cycling, hiking).

Here's the backstory. I had a TKR in April at Mayo. Surgery went well and minimal post-surgical complications other than pain, stiffness and a large hematoma in the knee capsule. ROM was never more than 60 degrees flexion and 12 degrees extension. Had 2 manipulations under anesthesia and while they each increased flexion, the knee has remained stiff with a max flexion of 90 degrees when not under anesthesia. Have been going to PT since release from hospital after surgery. The PT started with brute force, bending the knee until I yelled. Not much success there. Now we are doing a lot of massage on quads and hamstrings to loosen the muscles, which has been much more successful.

Thanks in advance!