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Mon, Mar 4 11:11am · Cancer-Fighting Foods in Cancer

Yes.. I am unable to see it as well-
Thank you for the information– I look forward to watching– Please send link—

Mon, Mar 4 10:06am · After Breast Cancer treatment, what next? in Breast Cancer

and there is the Phoenix Yoga Program for breast Cancer survivors.. Free, a restorative Yoga class offered x 2 / week
Wednesdays and Thursdays


The link provides more information and the times and location… You should check it out…. Awesome class!!

Fri, Feb 15 9:02am · Who Else Has Decided NOT To Have Implants or Reconstructive Surgery? in Breast Cancer

Sleeping on your stomach is hard with implants.
I have had my reconstruction done twice.
The first time, I was told not to lie prone. The second time, they have not yet commented.
So I do not do it.
This also makes getting a massage harder. If you go for a massage with implants, they can roll towels up for you to lie on so you are not laying directly on your implants. This works, but is not like laying prone, like you will remember… a new normal:)
It is a very personal decision
Good Luck–

Thu, Feb 14 3:35pm · cramping with no ovaries, cervix, or uterus? in Women's Health

Yes, I watch this thread as I have some right flank pain, which is mysterious, and no one has been able to help me with. I was told by one provider it was phantom menstruation pain..
I am a BC survivor and as a result fall into this category as well based on course of treatment I have had. Thus the reason I follow this board.

I believe your microbiome and what you eat is so relevant, and individualized. I agree with @airey2 that journaling is such a good idea.
I do believe there is a misconception regarding flaxseed and think dietary choices can be very confusing for cancer survivors.
Here is a good article on flax:


Sloan Kettering has good information on herbs:


Really looking for an individualized dietary resource.. thoughts?

Thu, Feb 14 9:22am · cramping with no ovaries, cervix, or uterus? in Women's Health

This is an interesting post to me…
As one of my providers told me to read the book: How Not to Die


The book seems to disagree with most of what you have mentioned in your post. I know you are speaking from personal perspective.
The conflicts are why .. what to eat gets very confusing for me….
I wish there was a go to site for dietary questions…

Thu, Feb 14 9:00am · Video Q&A about Cancer Immunotherapies in Cancer

Thank you for this information.
I greatly appreciate it–

Thu, Feb 7 11:08am · Help finding a positive attitude in Breast Cancer

I understand this dark place, and started a restorative yoga class for women on this journey.
I just felt no one was helping me with what was happening to my body and wanted to do something.
To my surprise, the greatest benefit I have seen is for my mind… as the class is so calming and supportive and really brings you to a place where you can quiet your mind ( does not happen in your first class)
Well worth it, if any of you are in Rochester or the surrounding area