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4 days ago · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@rwinney Thank you for your response. You know I was looking at the Alpha-Lipoic Acid recommended as part of the Protocol. Duh, I just go and look and see that my neurologist recommended this to me during our last visit 6 months 3 months ago. It was the 1st time he recommended this supplement. He said it is being used for neuropathyand all the results are not in he believes it may have some good action. I have only been taking it about 2 weeks and so far don't notice a difference in pain level. However, it will take longer. So, to self, always be open to new things. I will continue with the Alpha-Lipoic Acid and I am on part of The Protocol. How interesting I find this.
I am taking 600 mg daily.

4 days ago · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@rwinney Amen. Anything can be tweaked a bit because we are all so different. Five of something may work well for you, but 4 works better for me. I think the pharmaceuticals make the rules, mainly because they don't use the stuff and just want to make money. When I first read about "The Protocol" on Connect I got very excited. Then I looked it up and found it was a VERY EXPENSIVE program and there was a certain way to take it and how it must be followed. I did not nor will I try it. After I saw you had to pay for certain "Beneficial" ingredients I thought of it as a money making possibly scam. When it was first shared on here it sounded more like a program anyone could be involved in. I am very hesitant about "The Protocol". If someone uses it, can afford it and it works for them then a thumbs up to them. I did see my pain management doctor today and she talked about the nerve simulator many of you had talked about. My pain is off the charts especially at night. If I were not connected to Connect I would not have had an idea about what she was talking about. Can I get more information from someone using it- pros/cons. I know this information is already on here, but I am lazy today and don't want to go back and look. Thank you. I do not mean to offend anyone on my thoughts about "The Protocol" If it works continue taking it..

Sat, Jul 25 7:46pm · My Opioid Addiction in Chronic Pain

@jimhd Thank you Jim. Helping others makes for helping ourselves. I need help from everyone in our group. It is so important to hear what each of us is saying.

Sat, Jul 25 12:33pm · My Opioid Addiction in Chronic Pain

@jdiakiw Have you changed doctors? Are you taking Tramadol prescribed by whom?Thank you for sharing with us and I pray you are on the right meds now and doing well.

Sat, Jul 25 9:32am · My Opioid Addiction in Chronic Pain

@jdiakiw Hi again. I am glad you shared your own protocol for detoxing from opiods. Maybe this will keep someone else from unknowingly suicide. I know I can ask and I know you don't have to give me an answer, but Why did you do that? You didn't even follow guidelines? provided on the internet.

Sat, Jul 25 7:29am · My Opioid Addiction in Chronic Pain

@jdiakiw I too thank you for sharing your addiction lesson Part 1 I admit it scares the heck out of me. I was an addiction counselor for 30 years. I worked with people who were so addicted to drugs. There was marijuana, benzos, opiods, alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, and one last, the biggest is alcohol. More deaths long term than any other drug. You usually don't see an immediate death, but a long term suffering that eventually leads to organ shut down and death. Along the way, these drugs take others with them to their death. Your wife can attest to that. Those close to the addict suffer as severely as the addict. My family has experienced death due to addiction, My brother, a heroin addict, killed himself. My 1st husband, father of my son, died in a car crash after he and my son were celebrating my son's return from a Military med cruise, They left the bar with my son driving.. No more needed to be said on that. What I want to say is that through all the years of working with people addicted to chemicals, we never encouraged or even allowed them to go off any one of the drugs without medical supervision. Your story scares me because you might have died from the cessation of drug taking sooner than if you had continued using. I agree that we all have to experience some discomfort to reach our goal, but outward, extreme physical and mental pain does not need to be part of that process. I am more than happy that you made it through. It took alot away from your's and your wife's life.in the process. So now Tramadol. Tramadol is an opiod and is addicting, but can be very helpful for pain. Now getting to me. The addiction counselor who relies on percocet to ease the pain of peripheral neuropoathy in both feet, ankles and leg. This along with several other painful health issues made me rethink my objections to taking a narcotic pain reliever. I do not deny that my body is dependent on this drug and if I choose to go off I will need detox treatment. I have no intention of going off any time soon. I run a high risk of addiction so I must be extremely careful. I take as prescribed and see my doctor every month. This includes pain management and primary care. I am 75 years old and I am tired of pain. I am not completely pain free with the pecocets, but I am able to hold my Great granddaughter and take her and her dollbabies for a walk down the road, I also live alone and do the "live alone" stuff. I self check everyday on the addiction process and also question my need for the medication. I then remember crying because the pain took every ounce of energy from me. I do put a warning out there to all those using a narcotic pain reliever for relief. Always be honest with yourself and your doctor, have someone do a check of any behavior changes. Another part of this is DO NOT try to get off any medication without a doctor aboard and one that knows about addiction and medication. This includes not only narcotics but also antidepressants and other drugs that cause physical dependence.

Wed, Jul 22 7:09am · Abilities and Life Expectancy (living life) in Chronic Pain

@becsbuddy Thank you for your reply to those worrying about the effects of taking a narcotic pain reducer. I say reducer because even with my pain meds I am never 100% pain free, but what it does is make the pain well manageable and gives me the ability to take care of myself, spend time with my grand children and take care of my home. I hear people say they will never take a narcotic pain reliever and will even succumb to the pain and inability to enjoy life without the pain. My question is "Why would you do that to yourself. I certainly understand that some folks cannot, in any way, tolerate a narcotic or anything near that. That stinks. I am prescribed 3 percocets a day, one more if needed and less if not needed. It helps me to take care of myself, not lying in a bed crying in pain. I know the perils of drug addiction. I was a certified addiction counselor for 30 years. I retired 10 years ago. There is a huge difference between those seeking mental relief from a chemical and those seeking physical pain relief. Physical pain relief was the reason these drugs were made available. As Becky said, it seems our body metabolizes drugs used for physical pain relief different from those looking to get "High". Of course I wish opiods were not an answer for me, but relieving the pain that takes away my quality of life made me think long and hard about taking the drug. I am 75 years old and have been on narcotic pain relievers for 10 years and I live alone, take care of my home and with the help of a grief counselor grieve the loss of my husband who died 2 years ago. I am not trying to be the poster child for drug use, but rather an advocate for those who are having difficulty making a decision .

Mon, Jul 20 12:26pm · Opioids Make me Nauseated - help! in Chronic Pain

@ashby1947 Hi I understand. I am now taking percocets 3 times a day for the last 8 years.with minimal problem with nausea.15 years ago when I was diagnosed with many painful physical issues I was prescribed an opiate. Within 15 minutes of taking it I was vomiting my guts out. Even afteer serious surgeries I could not take an opiod for pain. I then started with back and leg issues and was prescribed Vicoden. Someone, if I take it with "heave food" I was able to take it without getting sick. It was good because the pain was definitely interfering in my life. Well, as the years went by more painful ailments surfaced. I was given percocets to "Try". I talked to all the doctors in the practice complaining about this one doctor putting me on percocets. I later found they were stopping prescribing vicodin and he was trying to help. Well, again, NEVER on an empty stomach and try to lie down afterwards, Unfortunately, I am a pro and can take one when needed if I eat. I don't like being addicted to pain meds. I also don't like being in pain. I look back to the time after a serious surgery when I suffered so much with the pain. The constant pain also make for a long recovery. Just a little of my experience and definitely if there is an alternative seek it out. Good luck.