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6 hours ago · Depression: What medication can I try after so many years? in Depression & Anxiety

@coleen Thank you everyone for your input. I took the Vraylar as prescribed which is 2 times a week? Yes, she said it would be better for me to go very slowly so 1.5 mg 2 x week. I take another on Sunday. I hear pros and cons. I will go with it and see. One thing I want to say is that the psychiatric nurse did do the Gene Sight test on me. I asked about these meds to is offering and asked what the results of the Gene sight test indicated. She laughed and said I failed. Now how do you fail a gene test. Well, according to her, I was in the middle of all meds. There were no high or low, just yellow-nothing. Some meds had little little symbols indicating weight gain. I do not understand. She did send me a copy which I really don't understand. This test has high rating of being helpful. Not for me I guess. Has anyone heard of this before?

1 day ago · Depression: What medication can I try after so many years? in Depression & Anxiety

@colleenyoung Thank you Coleen. The awful feelings I have are nauseousness, depression, dizziness, body temp out of wack. I will get sweating and then cold. I have only taken 1 1.5 tablet of Vraylar yesterday and thes feelings are why we changed medications. I general I feel all over awful. Pain from neuropathy. Acid reflux. Stomach pain. Of course depression. What is going on. Can't remain like this.

1 day ago · Depression: What medication can I try after so many years? in Depression & Anxiety

I am 75 y/o as of May 21. I have been on antidepressants for over 20 years. Some meds worked. Some did not. As of yesterday May 27, I am taking Vraylar. This is an anti psychotic med also used for bipolar and psychotic behavior. No, I have not been diagnosed as bipolar or psychotic. Many years ago a doctor did prescribe Zyprexia and it worked well. I went off because of weight gain. Ok so now after Effexor and several others I asked the doctor to put on Zyprexia. Well she doesn't prescribe that. She did prescribe Vraylar. This is an antipsycholi. The typical dose is one time a day. She wants me to go slow so I am to take 1.5 mg 2 times a week. I took the first one yesterday. I am feeling pretty awful right now and of course feel awful Has anyone taken Vraylar?

Wed, May 20 12:54pm · Depression: What medication can I try after so many years? in Depression & Anxiety

@lilypaws I think I belong to this group. I am summertime4. I am over board with frustration stemming from neuropathy, lymphedema, back issues. I do belong to the neuropathy group which is very helpful. My anxiety and depression are wearing me down as much as the pain is. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety long time ago. I have been on sooo many medications. One I remember being helpful was Zyprexia. I took it for several years and the entire time my head was feeling normal my body was getting heavier and heavier. The weight gain was too unhealthy so I weaned off. It was the worst time I ever had with medication withdrawal. I know it was at least a year of sheer hell. Oh I lost weight 208 down to 145 within 6 months along with the depression. Moving fast forward. I continued with depression and anxiety and was on several medications. I think I stayed on Zoloft for years. Ok-2 years ago my husband died. I bean seeing another provider as I really wasn't seeing a psychiatric nurse and just getting meds from my PCP. I was prescribed Effexor. Didn't do anything but stayed on it, @ months ago I was referred to a psychiatric nurse for medication check. She did Genesight test. Effexor wasn't a good med for me/ Of course I knew that. Very difficult withdrawal from 37.5 Effexor and while withdrawing was prescribed Trintellix. Stopped 2 days ago under doctor's ok. So 3 days no psychiatric meds. Nurse recommended Pristiq. Has anyone taken that? Sounds alot like Effexor. I also looked up

Mon, May 18 6:43pm · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

@annie60.. I think I may be able to stop my 1/4 of 1/2 of 36.5 effexor. I think None today. I think I told you the psychiatric nurse prescribed Trintellix to replace the Effexor. I contacted her today and let her know I am stopping the Trintellix. I have taken it for 6 weeks and had all negative reactions. I kept hoping and praying the Trintellix would be the one for me. Everyday I took it and every day I felt worse. There is an awesome saying in AA. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. She agreed and recommended Pristiq, another depression medication that I have not used before. At least I think I haven't. I of course researched the Pristiq and it is VERY similar in compound as Effexor. I messaged her back telling her of my concerns over another "Like Effexor" I haven't heard back yet. Did I also tell you that she did the Genesight test and Trintellix is one my genetic test said would be helpful. She said Pristiq also came up as good on the Genesight test. Well then what about Effexor which wasn't helpful? So I am medication free for depression and so we will see the recommendation tomorrow. She said I could just stop the Trintellix because it was a low dose and I hadn't been on it very long. Oh Lord, no more withdrawal. Between pain of neuropathy, fibromyagia, lymphedema and depression I am feeling in a very bad way with so little hope of it getting better. Another beautiful AA word "Let go. Let God" I ask for your prayers to keep me focused on that. Of course you all have my prayers.

Tue, May 12 6:35am · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Hi I am trying to get off Effexor. I have been on 37.5 capsules for 2 weeks. I was on 75 capsules and had no problem going to 37.5. Now on 37.5 and trying to get off. No go Too sick. I am working with a psychiatric nurse trying to find an antidepressant that works, without 1000 side effects for me. Effexor did not seem to be the right medication. My doctor (psychiatric nurse) who was a new provider for me did the Gene sight test on me, This is where a swap is taken from your mouth and sent to a lab. The tests is suppose to be helpful in identifying a medication that is most likely to help. Well test comes back and as I already knew, Effexor was not one of my bodies favorites. So, she puts me on Trintellix and tells me to take the Trintellix and the 37.5 effexor together for 2 weeks and then stop the effexor. The withdrawal from the 37.5 effexor stopped me cold. I am now going into my 4th week and I stay on the Effexor because I can not handle the withdrawal and even with both meds I am depressed with all the depression issues including anger, sadness, being angry at everyone and everything. (except my 3 year old great grandbaby and her Momma) I will have the computer version of an appointment with the doctor today and I guess come up with a new plan. I am thinking that Trintellix is not the medication for me. I don't care what the Gene test says. Please, and advise, encouragement will be helpful, I will let you know what the doc says today. Thank you.

Wed, Apr 22 10:19am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@avmcbellar Thank you. No one has ever told me about this. Obviously this is what the neurologist is thinking and makes sense to me. This may be the culprit in my neoropathy. I will be looking into this. Wow.

Wed, Apr 22 9:48am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@avmcbellar Thank you and @rwinney Good advise. I will check with the pharmacist and doctor. I don't know why I did not ask for a quick lesson so I can do this myself. Let me ask anyone who is low on B12 and injecting. My primary care doctor did not suggest B12 injections and my blood work showed normal levels. The neurologist prescribed the B12 without doing another blood test. He said that although the number is normal I may not be metabolizing or getting into my system because I had surgery on my stomach 9 years ago. I had a nisson funtalmentation? because my esophagus was being harmed by stomach acid. I do know this to be true, but didn't ask if that were going on wouldn't my B12 be under normal amount.