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Nov 13, 2018 · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

They said 20% weight bearing the 1st 2 wks of PT with the spacer. Then they changed it to 50% weight bearing. Then when I went for hip aspiration Oct 3rd, I told the Dr I could walk with no crutches or walker. He said that was fine, just don't be trying to sprint or go crazy with it. So for the last month & 1/2, I've been walking. But, he said I wouldn't hurt the spacer because I don't weigh very much, only about 115-118lbs. Glad they got y'all scheduled, but I know it seems like so far away, especially with no weight on that leg.

Nov 11, 2018 · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

Sorry I've been off here for so long!! I'm still waiting, but I've been filling in at work for about 3 wks now. It's only about 4-5 hrs/day so that's not too bad. None of the drs around will even see me because I'm already half-way thru the procedure. Nobody wants to step on another Dr's toes, I guess. I did my PT exercises at home last night. That was the 1st time I've done them in a while because I forget. But today, my leg is hurting!! I'm not sure if it's the exercises, the rain & 40° temps outside, or maybe I've done something to it. I have to think it's a combo of the exercises & the drop in temps, or at least I sure hope so!!

Oct 21, 2018 · What kind of mobility can I expect with an antibiotic spacer in my hip in Joint Replacements

I had total hip replacement July 2016. It started bothering me in April 2018. A knot came up & went down twice in April & May. The 2nd time it was golf ball sized & you could see it through my jeans. It busted & drained everyday for 13 days. I went to urgent care during that time & they did a culture, which came back & they tried 3 different antibiotics. I had my year check up with ortho & they did an aspiration & found pseudomonas infection. I had the hardware removed & an antibiotic spacer put in August 1st. I did 6 wks of IV antibiotics (3 times/day). They took my pics line out & I went 2 & 1/2 wks with no antibiotics. Another aspiration was done. I got the results Wednesday & nothing grew in the culture. But, my ortho dr is not able to schedule surgery until the week before Christmas!! And the Dr I saw (my regular ortho dr was in surgery) said they may or may not put a new hip in on that date. If it looks good they will, but if they don't like what they see, they'll take this spacer out & put another in. And there's a chance (a pretty good 1 according to him), that I'll be on oral antibiotics the rest of my life!! I'm only 42 yrs old & I kinda plan on living quite a while longer. I've been walking with no crutches or anything for 2 wks, even went to Dr appt without crutches. They said it was probably OK since I only weigh about 115lbs. Is it REALLY ok to go for prolonged periods walking with no help??