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3 days ago · POST AFIB ABLATION RECOVERY....NEED SOME HELP, PLEASE! in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@rubywitch67 hi ruby, actually my story did get worse and i dont want to frighten you but the arrythmias did get worse and just last year i got a heart transplant. But understand i wanted to realize that ablations do work but in my case the heart was just to damaged and i personally know a Afib person who is still doing very well. I personally have never heard of someone having to have to get a heart transplant with afib. I just wanted you to nor worry about the healing process. But i will mention that during my darkest time about 3 years ago my faith in Jesus got me thru along with the prayers of my church family and friends. So thate is my story condensed version my full bio is on my personal page i can post it here if you like.

Tue, Apr 16 4:49pm · One month post ablation follow up.....NOT HAPPY in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi, i will start off by saying most of what your experiencing is normal part of the reason ablations are not done back to back is because of the healing. Now realize i had a much more serious arrythimiths of the lower heart calyed Ventricular Tachacardia. Mine i had to be on meds too one of them was solotol. But my episodes were more dangerous and if an episode could not be paced out i had to be shocked back into sinus rhythm so you are doing excellent so far if your AFib episodes can be controlled with just meds. I had a pacemaker with difibulator. I went thru quit a few ablations more towards the end but in the beginning about 11 years ago i had 1 and it got my heart better but a year later my dr said i was still having more small ones than he liked. So i had a second which worked really well and my third was quite awhile after. I do know they usually don't like doing them any closer than 6 months apart. But everyone the first month or so there would be little ones i could feel but got better after that. Now the fact i had a pacemaker also helped because i was monitored all the time. So that for me gave me confidence that the dr could see how well the ablation took. For you the holter will also give them similar information. So try and relax and see what the holter showes. I was on antiarrhythmic meds for about 10 years and it kept my heart going for quite a while.

Sat, Apr 13 8:40am · ICD help! in Heart & Blood Health

Hi, i had a pacemaker for many years until my transplant. But except for shocks the device itself only caused a bit of itching on occasion and not bad. But are you monitored on your bedside with a remote device? I was told that if the pacemaker malfunctioned in any way your monitoring company would alert the dr office. My first thought is maybe the device shifted a bit.

Fri, Apr 12 8:26am · Heart problems, unknown cause in Heart Rhythm Conditions

The higher pulse of 110-120 don't seem dangerous as long as you're not out of breath and possibly light-headed. But the Cardiac event if it happens again i would call an ambulance right away. And like @nene22 says get to a good cardiologist.

Thu, Apr 11 8:45am · Stopping Coreg 12.5 mg in Heart & Blood Health

It sounds like you'll doing fine and yes i take my vitials every morning just to watch trends.

Wed, Apr 10 9:47am · Stopping Coreg 12.5 mg in Heart & Blood Health

Hi i would like to offer what i was always told about water weight. Ive been on diuretics for many years prior to my heart transplant and my drs always said that if my weight jumped 3 lbs or more in a day i was to take an extra dose. Do to my weak heart i was prone to weigh gain from water retention and was on Bumex generic for many years. So in your case o would say a call to the Dr is in order. Coreg i was on that too but never heard it would cause weight gain that sudden. But the 3 lb rule i still live by today i know for me now its usually because i ate out and got way to much sodium. So usually now for me a couple of days after the weight gain it goes back down. I no longer need durietics and diet change helps me.

Tue, Apr 9 8:49pm · Pacemaker implant and medications in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi @aharsh i was not an afib patient but mine was Ventricular Tachacardia its a issue with the lower part or the heart but for me that pacemaker saved my life probably 20-30 times over a 10 year period. For me my heart would go into a really fast heartbeat to where blood stopped flowing. The other thing that help also was my drs could see an episode by downloading the pacemaker woth a Bluetooth type device and see right away what happened and maybe just a med adjustment or a few tomes the had to ablate my heart to help with the erratic heartbeats. For about 8 of those years i had a few issues but with the pacmaker i was still able to work at the job i love and led a pretty normal life. When it comes to the pacemaker i really had no issues with the installation or life with ot in my chest. With me sometimes and mor the last few months i had it it had to shock me back into rythim. It wasn't to bad but towards the end it became more often and i develop a fear of the next shock. Now your Dad my not need a pacemaker with difibulator and his issue may just need a pacemaker. And don't get me wrong that difibulator saved my life many times. So im here of you have any questions and good luck pacemakers can be lifesavers. I used to think of mine as my private EMT in my chest

Mon, Apr 8 8:45am · Cellcept and Tacrolimus Co-administration in Transplants

Hi, i always take them together and have not had any issues