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13 hours ago · C Diff and neck pain? in Digestive Health

@skolotilin,Hi and I also welcome you to Connect, I can't address the neck pain but i had a pretty bad bout with cdiff last jun. I can really understand your not wanting to do any exercise. For the 2 months i suffered with cdiff i was afraid to go anywhere away from a bathroom. But i can say that it did finally go away and now I am very careful to not catch it again. I always have clorox wipes with me when out anywhere and have to use a public bathroom. but the good news is its been a year and have had no issues with it. I also take Lactobacillus Acidophilus a supplement recommended by my doctor to maintain good gut health and I also know that if your are on any antibiotics they can kill the good bacteria in your gut and help the bad bacteria grow which causes cdiff. Thats why Im on the Lactobacillus Acidophilus so you may ask your doctor about that. I hope that helps.
Have a Blessed Day and Hang in there it will get better.

18 hours ago · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

Yes I can relate but I remember also how my transplant team was very insistent that I always carry my meds with me when traveling. But I also love my med app on my phone it's called Medisafe and besides always reminding me with an alarm and if im even slightly distracted I never hit taken until I have taken them. It also has an inventory section with refill reminders so I never run out. I highly recommend it because at least with me I can get distracted so easily.
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18 hours ago · CPAP: What works for sore throat? in Sleep Health

@cjeanj Hi and I also wear a chin strap with the nasal pillows. But one other area is my wife usually tells me when I snore more than usual and that too will give me a sore throat.

18 hours ago · Tips: Traveling to Mayo to get medical care safely during COVID-19 in COVID-19

@vap91179 Hi and welcome to connect. I think if it were me I would try and get at least a flight where you and your Dad could sit together and be the only ones in that row. Maybe a plane type that has 2 seats on a side. Plus facemask and lots of sanitizing. I would also inquire as to the airlines and what they are doing to help with sanitizing and precautions. I would also weigh the benefits and or concerns waiting any longer. This seems like it may be the best time frame due to the regular flu season starting up again in a few months.
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3 days ago · Please help with sleep problems in Aging Well

@0616,Hi I m someone that has sleep apnea and wanted to add that I really did't think much about it until my Wife noticed that I would have these breathing issues at night while sleeping and suggested i get it checked. Well that was about 7 years ago and I did have it once they did a sleep study. So i would suggest having one done it will really help if that is the issue. I now wear a CPAP machine at night and i sleep much better. Lets us know how things turn out.

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3 days ago · Masks: How do you encourage people that they help? in COVID-19

@tjdog Hi I see a lot of great advice from others so I will just add a few things I think about. I'm a Heart Transplant Recipient and have been wearing a mask for pretty much 2.5 years while out in public. It was a requirement by my transplant team to help protect me from not just the Flu but multiple of other viruses and bacteria. I have been doing it even after the original time frame of during flu season mainly because I got used to it. Well this past year I found out that some close friends I have at Church got pretty ill in the early January time frame and got over it. Covid as you remember was not even being talked about then. Well it was in April when my Pastor was due to have a medical procedure and found out then that he had Covid antibodies. Well I'm pretty happy that I was very diligent in wearing my mask at church and I was the only one but my friends understood and would always let me know if they were feeling under the weather. So based on that information I was in contact with the virus on a weekly bases and didn't even know it. I did not catch it. so Im not saying its proof but maybe it helped.

So at least for me maybe I dodged a bullet. Since based on my history I probably would have been one of those that did not survive..I also do the other recommendations that they now talk about on a regular bases like hand washing, avoiding others who are sneezing and coughing(6 ft distance) etc.

I hope that helps
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Tue, Jun 23 11:40pm · Transplant Evaluation - What to expect in Transplants

@jeanne5009 Hi here is your reply.

Mon, Jun 22 6:27pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

@rosemarya Hi and great to hear everything went well. I actually have been to Mayo Phoenix a few times now for labs and a Drs apt. Plus some testing on a issue im having with my prostate. I saw a little blood just a few drops while urinating but had a zoom visit with that doctor and following up next month in person. But just as you said Mayo is doing well keeping us safe and I did get tested for covid for a Angiogram test and was negative. I decided back when this started not to go to outside labs mainly because the ones near me were usually crowded and I believe at Mayo labs it was safer.
I've had a couple of IVIG treatments also and everyone is masked plus sanitizing so feeling pretty good about the risk of catching it.

I was a little concerned tho on an article from the journal of Medicine that mentioned a study done in England that is showing certain blood types get the virus more severe and mine was at the top Type A and O was the least likely to get a severe case.

Also, it seems my area in Arizona is having a bit of an increase and even in my area there have been some deaths so im staying vigilant not exposing myself like it seems others are
Still attending Church Services online and only getting out during my morning walks. My wife what a trooper is doing most of the other needs like grocery shopping, Mail box checking etc. I am missing all the things I used to love Attending Church, Golf, eating out with friends so im looking forward to a vaccine it seems is the only solution for us transplant folks. We did do a hotel stay for a few days when I had my angiogram so my wife could have somewhere to wait.
I thought the hotel did great on keeping everyone safe. Staff wore masks and room cleaning was between guest stays. If we wanted towel exchange we would put them in a bag and the fresh one's would be given at the door. Well that's about it.
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