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1 day ago · What to do when in SVT? in Heart & Blood Health

@yoanne ho yes i had a few ablations over my 10 years with a pacemaker im surprised your doctor is Leary of it. All of my EP Doctors i had over the years did ablations on people with pacemakers. So if you live in the Phoenix Arizona area i can suggest some. But also my last ablation was at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix and even tho my heart was too far gone they had no problem doing it with a pacemaker. Good luck and God Bless. Im here if there are any questions you may have.

Tue, Jan 7 9:19pm · What to do when in SVT? in Heart & Blood Health

Hi i can definitely relate to you situation. Has anyone mentioned a pacemaker difibulator. I too would get vts that ranged well up in the 150 to 200 range and lots of them would be corrected by pacing me and on occasion a shock to get me back in sinus rhythm. At least then you would not have to worry about not being near a hospital as much.

Mon, Jan 6 4:41pm · Heart transplant recovery: What to expect? in Transplants

Thanks Rosemary, i had a beautiful day went to Church and was congraulated by all the great people that stood by me with there prayers and comfort during those months in the hospital and after. It can't be said enough that a great support system is crucial to a successful transplant. Of course i give double thanks to my Wife and Primary Caregiver and all the great support from the Mayo Doctors, Nurses, aides, dietary, social workers and all the behind the scenes people involved. But top of my list is God who i feel was the sole reason i got a new Heart and i thank God for people who even during there loss donate there loved ones Organs. So my 2 year check-up is the 21st and i don't expect any issues. I also always try and stop by and see some of the Nurses on duty and check-in i usually see one or two i remember.

Sun, Jan 5 1:16pm · Heart transplant recovery: What to expect? in Transplants

So true on the loss of muscle mass i celebrate 2 years today and i do work out 5 days a week but it has been a long road getting my fitness level back to where it was. So keep plugging its all worth it.

Dec 28, 2019 · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

@jws10 im not sure mine is the same reason due the fact im 60 but i do have some joint pain and stiffness after sitting to long or sleeping. Mostly in one shoulder and my hand knuckles but it seems better once i get up and moving. But still don't know if its just old age or due to my transplant meds. Im 2 years post heart transplant next month so ill mention to my team. I do remember more pain back during my first 6 months but mainly from the cheat incision. Not so much joint pain. My biggest problem then was just overall weakness from being in bed too much prior to transplant. But talk to your drs for sure.

Dec 24, 2019 · Arrhythmia, coreg in Heart & Blood Health

@lioness PCM is a term used with Tricare for Primary Care Manager. So maybe that's what there referring to

Dec 23, 2019 · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

I don't know what happened to my post a couple of days ago. Oh well let me try again. Ive been doing well except for ongoing viruses that put me in the Hospital in June for 5 weeks. The bug was giving the doctors a run a round causing feavor and low blood counts. They finally found it thru a lung rinse and had the fluid tested. I went thru testing of every part of my body trying to find it. All yhe while having cdif on top of it. What a month but we got it licked so now i get 2 monthy treatments to keep it from coming back. IVIG for the Parvovirus affecting my blood and a Paramentine inhaltion treatment for the lung infection. But my blood counts have come back up to my normal and im working out again. 2.5-3 mile walk and 15 minutes of weights about 5 days a week. Next month is my 2 year anniversary so jan 21 2020 back to Mayo for my yearly checkup. I don't think there will be any thing to worry about. Also to try and help my immune system im only taking Tacrolimus 1.5 and 1 mg per day so they did another biopsy in November and it was negative Praise God. So that's about it for my update. I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Dec 22, 2019 · Ablation do I need it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Yes i had a combination pacemaker difibulator but not any longer since my Heart Transplant and am doing well now. But on the Amiodrione yes it was toxic and i took it for about 9 years but it was when i needed the iv type that caused me the most problems. When my old heart got real bad i was in the hospital and on an iv version. That was when it became toxic to me.