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1 day ago · What are the financial challenges after transplant with medicare? in Transplants

@willie0027 yes i am just like you but i can't get Medicare untill 2 years disability which is in May. But i have been talking to a lot of people including The social workers at Mayo Phoenix where i got my transplant. Right now i have Blue Cross Blue shield federal plan and this last March when i turned 60 i got Tricare Prime as a secondary. So i did have to retire when i got the transplant and was able to keep my BCBS from my prior work but paying my regular co-payment each month which i was very Happy covered the transplant and 1 year of follow up for only about 10,000 out of pocket which for a bill close to a million whs pretty good. My issue now is i would like to switch to medicare asap since then for me i also get Tricare for life which according to a few people i have talked to will be perfect and ill save the 600.00 a month for Blue Cross. I will still hafe to pay the normal copay for part b but that will be a lot less. I think its about 130 a month at the moment. Btw also after the first year my copay for BCBS went to out of network for the drs at mayo and this year so far has cost me over 20000 that's for just 1 long 5 week hospital stay ant 2 short ones less than a week each. So im told by Mayo that Medicare will be better than blue cross for most things and having tricare will cover almost all the copays. I hope that helps. One other thing in my conversation with Mayo they did say that there are some i guess there called supplement plans that are better than others so they told me when yhe time comes lets sit down and discuss what would be best for you. That was before they knew about Tricare for life. Right now i have tricare prime which helps a little but not very much having Blue Cross as primary. But when i get the for life plan works very well with Medicare. I should mention tho that Tricare is a military Veteran and dependents plan only. So if your not retired military or you spouse than i would talk to the Mayo Social workers and find out what they recommend. Good luck and i will be available to answer any questions i can.

3 days ago · What do you do when your temperature goes Up, Up,..? in Transplants

Well usually for me i live about 70 miles from my Mayo Hospital and if i start a fever i have always went there. Usually it hasn't been urgent enough to warrant going to a closer hospital er. But also i also have my Prior cardiologist that i see a few times a year just for that reason. If an emergency did happen he is closer and can treat me to a point where i can get transferred to Mayo. I will admit i also have a pcp and he is learning about the difference that us transplant patients deal with and works well with Mayo doctors. Also all my non Mayo Drs work well with Mayo so i think im pretty lucky. I do wonder tho as i hope to travel someday how to handle that situation. I did once ask the question about foreign travel since i have a dream to visit Israel someday and the tour guide i follow online i asked him and he said yes in tel Aviv has a hospital that also does Heart transplants and is world renound as a Heart Hospital so i guess the big thing is do some research ahead of time to be ready if something does happen. I also like the Mayo Patient portal which has everything available to show other drs if needed. I have many times shown drs reports and test completed just from the portal on my phone.

Sun, Nov 3 10:44pm · Intraocular lenses (IOLs) implants in Eye Conditions

Ho Don welcome to the connect. Im now 60 years old and before retirement drove for a living as an microwave radio technician. So its been a while since i had cataract surgery and as i right this im trying to remember how long ago. But its been at least 8 years bit im thinking longer. I have had great success and i just had my yearly eye exam. My eyes are doing great and no issues with my lenses. So based on how fast the medical field improves on things i feel i will have no problem into the future. I also would add that based on the fact that at 58 i received a heart transplant and have met people well into there 70's that are doing great with that kind of transplant (Heart) i would say if Mayo thinks it will be a good for you to transplant than i would trust that. I didn't have both of mine done at the same time they were at least a year apart then you could always do just one, see how it goes and decide on the other one later. Well i will check tomorrow and find out how long ago mine was and let you know.

Mon, Oct 28 6:15pm · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

I see you have a positive attitude that will always help you get over the issues. I pray the future is bright and this period will be a memory real soon.

Mon, Oct 28 6:09pm · Feeling heart beat through skin in Heart Rhythm Conditions

So true on the sodium, i wonder sometimes how much i ate before i realized. I bet most people today probably consume 4000-5000 MG of sodium a day. I am now the sodium cop with my adult kids and friends lol. But even watching the intake eating. Out is the hardest. I can't believe how much salt is used at most resturants. Even the better ones if i know im going out to dinner on a givin day i really restricted my other meals that day.

Mon, Oct 28 2:58pm · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

Thanks JK we all have our problems i see which we must deal with, Thank you for the explanation.

Sun, Oct 27 11:13pm · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

Actually i had cataract surgery in both eyes oh probably 7 or 8 years ago. And yes i had a problem with halos around headlights driving at night. But yes my vision got a lot better after that. But this is somewhat new and im not surprised both my parents wore glasses since childhood so i feel lucky it took this long. But im also going to ask the optometrist about it because i remember him telling me ita possible that the replacement lenses can be an issue which i seem to remember is takin care of with a simple laser procedure so ill find out this week i see him Wednesday.

Sun, Oct 27 11:07pm · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

JK, i hear that term all the time what is a HE episode if you don't mind me asking?