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Dec 16, 2018 · Immunotherapy and chemo; Keytruda side effects in Lung Cancer

Hi everyone,

Wanted to find out if anyone has experienced hyperthyroidism as an side effect for chemo or immunotherapy , Keytruda specifically.

What happens during this time? Shall we stop immunotherapy and treat for that or my dad can continue chemo/immuno and treat for hyperthyroidism too?



Nov 24, 2018 · When to stop the chemo? in Lung Cancer

Hi everyone. I have good news on my Dad. He just did a PET/CT and the doctor told that the tumor has diminished and two cycles of chemo reacted very well. She decided to add immunotherapy Keytruda now and continue with the same chemo for additional 4 cycles.

I wanted to find out is there an end for the chemo? When do doctors decide when to stop the chemo fully? I would assume lung cancer does not dissapear, does it? So, what is the sign to relax a little bit? How long do we continue immunotherapy and how often does he need to do the PET/CT? While i read a lot things about the lung cancer now and thanks to everyone in this forum, learnt so many things and heard so many encouraging stories, i realized that I don’t know much on what’s next?

Nov 19, 2018 · Immunotherapy and chemo; Keytruda side effects in Lung Cancer

Hi, i have been reading the reviews on KEYTRUDA and some of the stories are scary. People say that it made their lives worse or shortened the life. It is hard to say whether it trully works , i see very mixed reviews and scared. My dad has lung cancer IV stage but his symptoms are not that bad now. If he starts the treatment with KEYTRUDA , i dont want his situation to deteriorate. Is there any other immunotherapy medicine that is better? Can anyone share experience please. Thanks.

Nov 1, 2018 · Pembrolizumab (Keytruda), Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Lung Cancer

@lighthouse68 Can you please share your experience with Keytruda? Did you do it together with chemo? For how long did you use it? Thanks.

Oct 31, 2018 · Immunotherapy and chemo; Keytruda side effects in Lung Cancer

Hi Linda, @llwortman . Firts of all congratulations, your story is trully inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I wish people like you came in our part of the country and inspired people. It takes soo much courage to go through everything and now running a race. 😄 our society needs examples like that. I am trying to be the coach for my dad and mom too so that they go through this and i have a big hope that everything will be ok. 😄 My dad never smoked, even guests coming in our house were not allowed to smoke, and don't even remember him being sick. So, it’s like a big shock for all of us. Thank you again for your nice words and if I have questions, now I know where to find answers.

Oct 31, 2018 · Immunotherapy and chemo; Keytruda side effects in Lung Cancer

Thank you @colleenyoung for your response. No, my mom is with him, what I worry mostly is that this area is not that much advanced there and want to make sure that doctors dont miss anything and I am trying to provide as much information from here as I can. Thanks again.

Oct 30, 2018 · Immunotherapy and chemo; Keytruda side effects in Lung Cancer


My name is Ina and i am writing on behalf of my dad who was diagnosed with lung cancer- adenocarcinoma 3 months ago.

I live in Washington DC and my dad lives in country Georgia.

Since I joined this forum, I learnt so many things, reading some of the stories gave me hope and I hope that I will be able share the story about my dad with positive results soon.

Since I cannot bring my dad here in the USA, I am trying to get a second opinion on the treatment that he was given. I would appreciate very much if you give me some information and advice.

After the genetics test we were told that
ROS-1, ALK were negatives but PDL1 expression is positive and MSI-is High. These results means that they can not use targeted therapy but they can use immunotherapy with chemotherapy;
Doctors advised Pembrolizumab(keytruda) 200mg+ karboplatin+ pemetrexet /ever 3 weeeks
And with pemetrexet, we mus take folic acid vitamin and B12

The treatment will be repeated every 3 weeeks and untıl 6 th cycle.

I am interested in side effect too. For how long the side effects last usually? I worry that with both Chemo and Immunotherapy every 3 weeks he wont get a break practically and the side effect being severe.

Thank you again.