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Tue, Apr 30 7:16pm · Research on PD-L1 in Lung Cancer

Hello everyone. Just read an article about the study that cancer cells with high levels of PD-L1 may be more resistant to standard radiation and chemotherapy. It was mostly related to breast cancer. Can someone share more about this study? What about lung cancer with high PD-L1 expressions. Thanks. Ina

Fri, Mar 22 2:26pm · Brain inflammation/tumor due to radiotherapy in Lung Cancer

@merpreb thanks for sharing. They so ot intravenously every two weeks. It is interesting that this medicine is used for the brain cancer. I hope it will work and wont do any demage. I also just read that this drug with name in Altuzan is in question. It is a Turkish version and thats exactly what they gave to my dad.

Wow, now I dont know how to check.

Fri, Mar 22 9:16am · Brain inflammation/tumor due to radiotherapy in Lung Cancer

They added Bevacizumab.

Fri, Mar 22 9:14am · Brain inflammation/tumor due to radiotherapy in Lung Cancer

@merpreb thank you. Doctor stopped the radiation. I think he was doing the targeted one not on the whole head. Doctor added Bevacizumab for the inflamation every two weeks for six cycle. Do you know anything about the medicine?

Thu, Mar 21 5:04pm · Brain inflammation/tumor due to radiotherapy in Lung Cancer

Hi everyone.

My dad just did PET and good news is that the cancer has not progressed neither in lungs nor in the brain. But they found quite a big inflammation/ adenoma in the brain causing my dad a memory loss. Doctors say that it could be from the radiotherapy.

For now, doctors said to continue with Keytruda, Zometa, Alimta and they added Bevacizumab.

Wanted to see if anyone has been on this treatment and what was the outcome.

Wed, Mar 20 9:26am · Brain inflammation/tumor due to radiotherapy in Lung Cancer

While we got good news after the PET scan that my dad’s lung cancer and metastasis have not been progressing , looks like he got quite a big inflammation in the brain due to radiotherapy. He has memory loss and weakness in his legs because of that.

Any ideas/suggestions how long it takes for the inflammation to go away and what is the solution in this case? Thanks

Thu, Mar 7 6:33am · CTC test in Lung Cancer

@colleenyoung we just found out that the doctor is recommending Personalized vaccines for cancer immunotherapy. Have you heard success stories? Are there any risks? Thanks

Thu, Feb 28 4:31pm · Vibration and massage therapy in Neuropathy

Dear John, what would be the first line of tests that we need to do in order to get the exact diagnose and find out why dad’s feet feel like its swallen but its not and seems like he is walking on rocks. We assume that it is due to chemo but we cannot only assume. It seems doctors in Georgia do not have a good understanding how to diagnose the issues. They requested B12 test and tesult is >2000. It seems very high but does it mean that B12 does not get absorbed and it causes neuropathy? I am juat trying to figure out what kind tests he needs to do. Thanks. Ina