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Oct 14, 2018 · Can I go from daily Morphine to pain control from CBD oil in Chronic Pain

Hey, I've seen alot of folks advising you to ask your doctor. I of course dont disagree but what you may find is your doctor may not be able to fully disclose their opinions to you since Cannabis and CBD oil is illegal in the USA. I'm in Canada and in 3 days Oct 15th 2018 (I believe that's the official day) cannabis in all forms will become legal across the country and there is much discussion about what this will bring. In addition to perhaps not being allowed to enter the USA (booo) this will begin a huge boon of information and studies so information will be available for folks in your situation. Even here, Doctors are shy to fully share with patients until the legality changes. However, there has been much evidence from individual reporting of pain management from CBD oil. My guess is you would just experiment slowly and see what happens! Perhaps within a few months call a physician in Canada or continue looking online because alot will be changing up here in terms of information and our doctors will be able to publish their findings and share info with patients with less hesitation.
Honestly, anytime we try as patients to blend western medicine with eastern or a more holistic approach, the information is lacking and its really up to us to try things out carefully and share our results. Maybe one day the two will be more easily interchangable, but I fear that may not be easy with the profit driven pharmaceutical influence. Unless of course, pharmaceutical companies get involved in Cbd oil, in which case the studies and results will come at us all faster than we could imagine!
Anyway, good luck , and stay focused on Canadian health over the next little bit as things change here. Perhaps that will give the USA a reason to double check their antiquated laws!