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Oct 13, 2018 · PKD kidneys removed at time of transplant in Transplants

@jolinda I would like to thank you for being the 1st of Dr. Prieto's revolutionary procedure. I am so very proud to say that like yourself, the man that I refer to as my saint, Dr. Prieto performed the same procedure on me on 12-13-17. I believe that I was close to #100. Also, my twins each weighed 22 lbs total as well. Understanding that these procedure isn't for everyone, It still hurts to hear about others who have to have 2 possibly 3 surgeries total with transplant and 1or 2 nephrectomies. I just couldn't imagine. I'll never forget the day that I met with Dr. Prieto and I told them I wanted my kidneys out with transplant. He looked me right in the eye and said, " You will have both of them out with the transplant. 1 and done." I just looked at him in amazement and he got that grin of his, on his face. Priceless. My wife was match tested a month later and we were informed that she could give me a kidney a week after. A few months later my life changed forever. I get choked up with emotion just thinking, let alone talking/typing about Dr. Prieto. He had such an impact on my life not to mention that he is such a friendly and good down to earth person. Thanks again Jolinda!