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Oct 13, 2018 · Hidradenitis suppurativa in Skin Health

Hi. I was dx with HS following a mass under my arm from my yearly gyn exam. It was removed and was very hard to heal the wound. It was basically a golf ball. Disgnosed HS. I was already vegan so i stopped nightshades and wheat. Over the next two and a half years i would get a lump either in my other arm pit area or my inner thigh after ovulation. I used clindamyacin ointment daily as a preventatuve and a 6-8 week dose of oral clind to disrupt the dusease and then i would be lump free for one or two menstrual cycles then back again and back on the pills. Never a lump where original one was remived. Then my other arm finally created a tennis ball sized tumor. It was removed and oh my so much skin removed my shoukder is frozen i cant move it. Im still recovering from that surgery when now the lump has appeared in my groin!!! And for the first time it has ruptured? Ive never had the HS lumo ‘drain’ ? But obv ive read it can? I am using ckinda ointmebt on it and tsking pills. The inner thigh rupture js awful pain. I am intersted in knowing what is done fir tbr open wound draining? How does that ‘go awsy?’ What can i do to treat that? Many thanks. God bless any one reading this who has this dreadful disease. Praying for a cure!