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Oct 16, 2018 · Aging and Changing in Just Want to Talk

Discussion Group for people frustrated by eating out in public or feeling as if behavior with a diagnosed but not “solved” problem could result in exclusion from their family’s dinner table. Examples: Spontaneous urination and laughter during dinner or tremor that causes food to be pushed off a plate.

Oct 16, 2018 · Dizzy Blonde in Just Want to Talk

At 72 years old – if you are WONDERING about how you feel or experience anxiety – it sounds like you are unsure – and if you are unsure – see a physician immediately before you decide you are or are not.

Oct 16, 2018 · Mouth burning and numbness all the time in Skin Health

A "syndrome" is often best "thought of" as a collection of symptoms. And "symptomatic relief" – helps – but also can "make it difficult to 'tease out'" side effects of things and new symptoms and – all sorts of things. Sort of like fever and sore throat can at first look like a virus – and later be a throat infection needing a certain antibiotic – and … Good to keep following with a good doctor. I worry about all the "excitement" of using "new drugs including the ones that used to not be legal" …

Oct 16, 2018 · Mouth burning and numbness all the time in Skin Health

If you are very bored and have a lot of time – or really miserable – get a book by a guy named Aminoff – and read it. It is about Neurology and Internal Medicine and – no primary care person has likely read it – it would be from a medical book store – talks all about reasons for strange symptoms. I read quite a bit of it at times – found it helpful.

Knew a woman who had painful vaginal tissue (every doctor she saw wanted to say something about great psychiatric stuff and relationship stuff) – later I found a book on general pain treatment (about five inches thick) that spoke of which ganglia and nerves were involved – that were pretty far away from the vagina – and also far far away from "marital discord and psychiatry".

Oct 16, 2018 · Around 1910 (date) - My grandfather went to Mayo in Just Want to Talk

My grandfather was a physician back then – and had a lump sticking out of neck near throat. Of course – those were known to "do anything" – (my mother once read the Merck Manual and thought she had cancer but it was just a pimple inside her nose). They removed the lump, found it was a thyroid nodule, and – back then there were no medications for any thyroid problems – but Mayo knew about and placed him on a beef derived (read cows extra parts from slaughter house) thyroid preparation. I have had thyroid problems (runs in families at times) – so I found it fascinating. I wrote Mayo Clinic a few years ago and they had records (legally in Texas adult medical records only. have to be kept ten years) – a typed two sentence report on his resected lump. I found "my grandfather's story" fascinating – went to a medical library – and found that "way back" – "before lab tests" – doctors used behavioral traits to make diagnosis – from my mother's recollections – his behavior fit the "typical hypothyroid personality". Medicine has a strange history – forty years ago most people with "fatigue" got a B12 shot. If you read about diagnosis of B12 problems today – in a big thick book with a big thick chapter on it – you sometimes wonder why they (and also know why) they do not do this now. "Tip of ice burg" sort of thing –

Oct 16, 2018 · Let's Chat: Ken Burns film, "The Mayo Clinic, Faith - Hope - Science" in Just Want to Talk

My television has trouble getting many special shows – and I tend to look for ones that do not talk about any illness. But – the Mayo Clinic was famous long before those stars were born – my grandfather went there (up in the great cold North near where. he lived – and got the newest treatment available – for something that before that was known to "just end on a not good note."

Oct 16, 2018 · Mouth burning and numbness all the time in Skin Health

Sometimes strange isolated symptoms become more clear to the doctors over time – helps to keep diaries and eat good diet … – may help the docs to know when you notice the symptoms most –