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Oct 10, 2018 · Parsonage turner syndrome * in Brain & Nervous System

Hi John,
You are right in the fact that dead nerves can not seek any benefit from medication. I'm speaking for those who experience nerve pain (burning, sharp shooting, tingling, numbness) so they can find relief. Most doctors do not specify nerve pain and get people on the right medications. Neuropathic pain can be controlled and patients can have relief. The more we teach each other, the more people can take control of their pain issues in the correct fadhion. I hope you can find relief for your discomfort which I know is annoying. You are blessed that it is no longer hurting.

Oct 10, 2018 · Parsonage turner syndrome * in Brain & Nervous System

I wanted to get on to help. I am an RN and my husband has Parsonage Turner Syndrome. He was diagnosed at Mayo 20+ years ago. It affected his brachial plexis nerve. He recovered about 90%. However the right side of his diaphragm doesn't expand well. His right arm which was completely atrophied recovered. We've been married 14 years, so I didn't experience this with him at the time but noticed the residual. A couple months ago, in May he was hopitalized because he quit breathing. The Doctors ran so many tests and the only diagnosis they could come up with was hypoxia. What they missed was he had a virus which he almost died from which in turn set off his Parsonage Turner Syndrome. All the pain in his right arm, across his abdomen and in his lower back were results of this. It didnt occur to me at first but I specialize in pain management and this was nerve pain. I contacted his doctor to start Neurontin (Gabapentin) right away. It works miracles. His pain is under control and he continues to try and use his right arm so it won't become flaccid. What is sad reading, is that doctors are using narcotics and and not medd for nerve pain. Neurontin, lyrica, antidepressants work for nerve pain. Put your doctors on the right track so you can get relief