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Feb 10, 2019 · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

I am new to all this so If in posting in the wrong place please correct me but 30 years old female and started having chest pains about 3 years ago and when it first started my first reaction obviously was to go to the local emergency room department which I did and they done an EKG and checked my blood levels and said it was acid reflux so I let it go for a while and started taking the medications prescribed and it continued for some time so I went out on my own and made an appointment with a cardiologist he done EKG an ultrasound and I regular stress test without the dye…. Then so then he gotthe test results back and said the exact same thing that the emergency room did and that it was acid reflux so I couldn't accept it so I made another appointment with another cardiologist in the next town over he done a EKG ultrasounds MRI hey did I another stress test with da he done pretty much all the tests he could except for a heart cath and he wouldn't do the heart cath because nothing pointed toward me needing it and said it was not my heart I have also been hospitalized for a night so my heart could be monitored and I could not find anything wrong with my heart .. so now I'm going to have a scope run down my throat to see if it's something there but it hurts so bad that I get ao scared. I've been called crazy several times.. I feel so alone.