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Oct 4, 2018 · cPAP silicone allergy in Sleep Health

Question for CPAP users with allergy to silicone – does anyone also experience significant edema / collection of fluid / around the eyes? I have this problem. I don't know whether it is an allergy to silicone, or whether the mask itself presses on lymph ducts which would otherwise drain excess fluid from around the eyes. I sleep on my side; whichever side is closer to the bed is always more swollen in the morning. This swelling recedes during the day but never disappears. As I have continued to use my CPAP equipment, this swelling has become more significant. It now sometimes extends beyond the "baggy eye" area below each eye into the cheek area and into the area outside each eye.
I'm a new CPAP user and have used a ResMed Airfit P10 nasal pillows mask since June 2018. The mask straps have a thin stretchable fabric over a stiff plastic frame. My skin directly underneath the straps, as well as areas between the straps and the nasal pillows, are always irritated and have a rash with small to medium red and sometimes infected bumps.
Discovering this website and discussion between users with silicone allergies has been very reassuring. Now I will look for fabric pads for my current mask and straps. If necessary I will change the type of mask I use.
However, I still have not found any documented causes of swelling around the eyelids. Suggestions welcome.