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Tue, Mar 19 7:45am · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

New study out questioning usefulness of low dose aspirin therapy. I take 40 mg. atorvastatin and 81mg. aspirin. I don't know if I should continue or not. I had a very high cc score and that's when I started this regimen. Had a nuclear stress test in Nov. 2018 came back normal.??????

Wed, Jan 30 8:21am · total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Was measured and received my E-vive muscle stimulator yesterday. It is a rechargeable battery operated leg garment that has 3 electrodes fastened with Velcro straps to your thigh. The device is controlled thru an app downloaded to your cell-phone. After you put some electrode gel on leg you power on the device which has two different adjustable degrees of stimulation. One setting is for lower thigh and one for upper thigh. You adjust the current yourself on a scale of 1-100. I use about a 25 setting for both but you can use different settings for upper and lower if you are more comfortable. It feels like a combination of sting buzz and vibration. each session last 20 minutes controlled by the app. You can actually see your muscles flex and release alternating upper and lower. The cost to me was zero as I have Medicare and a BCBS supplement. You own the unit there is no returning it when finished. It falls under durable medical eq. I think.

Sat, Jan 26 8:04am · total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

The company called me on Tues. and said they were waiting for ok from my insurance to ok it. Had not heard anything by yesterday so I called rep in late afternoon and got voicemail. I really don't know what the cost is as of now. It may be on their website. On a side note Rep told me wearing this garment on leg for 20 minutes is the equivalent of doing 100 squats. Good luck to you on Tues. I will post again when I finally get fitted and start using this thing.

Fri, Jan 18 6:29am · total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I moved-up my apt. with the ortho and went to see him yesterday. X-rays taken and he said my implant has healed perfectly. Bone has grown around new knee and kneecap is perfectly aligned and all angles are perfect. He showed me how my quad muscle has actually atrophied even after all the hard work that I have done. His first thought was to do more pt but I told him I have everything I need to do the same things at home or the gym and that I already had eight weeks pt after surgery last June. So he agreed that I need to go back to basic pt exercises at home using ankle weights etc. Then he told me he is going to order me a device called the e-vive CyMedica ortho garment. It is a electric pulse device worn on leg that is designed by an ortho surgeon and used by athletes and people like me that need to build quad muscle. I was really surprised to see my left quad is measurably smaller than my right side. The doc said it is pretty common post tkr and that this new pulse therapy plus a re-doubling of my own pt will build my quad muscle and will eliminate the pain of climbing stairs. I look forward to getting on with it and I'm very happy to see that the implant is perfect as I was wondering if some thing loosened. I will post after the e-vive arrives and I have used it for awhile. Has anyone else heard of this or tried it?

Sat, Jan 12 1:42pm · total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I use the 220 minus your age that is suppose to be your max heart rate and you can exercise between 50% and 85% of max. Trouble is as you get in shape it's harder to get your heart rate up there. So those upper 120's for me is pretty close to max. Cardio is important to me as I have high coronary calcium and I work to keep my cholesterol down. Just had a nuclear stress test in Nov. came back all good, but you never know. I'm beginning to feel like an old used car. haha

Sat, Jan 12 11:51am · total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

The upper 120's is where I like to keep my heart also, that's about 85% of max. for me. If I find myself creeping up into the 130's i back off a little. Keep on truckin and good luck to all who post here.

Sat, Jan 12 5:40am · total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Thanks for the tip. I was doing 40 mins at 9 after a 1 minute warm-up. For now I am cutting it down to 4. If I peddle faster I can still get my heart rate up there so I still get the cardio work in.

Thu, Jan 10 8:50am · total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I was at the gym yesterday and talked to a trainer who seemed to think I am actually doing too much and I should not be using too much resistance on my 40 min. recumbent bike part of my workout. I am going to dial it back some and see if it helps. That would be great if it does end the pain on the stairs.