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Wed, Mar 4 12:53pm · Any positive stories about Benzo tapering? in Addiction & Recovery

Hi @sears I'm doing very well thanks. I guess I'm pretty lucky although I took 1-1.5 mg and once in a while 2mg for well over twenty years I haven't had any side effects yet tapering. It's easy to break 1 mg tablets in half and quarters with a Walgreens pill splitter the in between sizes I just file some off with a finger nail file. If you can get your dr. to write a lower dose generic alprazolam for you the price isn't that high cash price no insurance. Maybe get feeling better and start a slow taper. I also read that vigorous exercise is good for building Gabba in the brain so it helps lessen the effects of reducing your intake. I am up to doing about 180-200 minutes a week. trying to get my heart rate up to around 80% of max. Maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age. If you can't do it just start by doing what you can I am absolutely certain it helps the way I feel big-time. I do mine on a treadmill 3.5 degree incline 3.4 mph.Hope this helps in some way and I wish you all the best

Wed, Mar 4 6:53am · Any positive stories about Benzo tapering? in Addiction & Recovery

Started this week just a little over a quarter mg twice a day. Hold here about three weeks and then will do one quarter for a couple weeks and then do eighths for a few weeks and then the jump off. No ill effects at all so far.

Sat, Feb 15 1:06pm · Any positive stories about Benzo tapering? in Addiction & Recovery

Best of luck to you. You can do it

Sat, Feb 15 8:50am · Any positive stories about Benzo tapering? in Addiction & Recovery

Trying about a three month taper from xanax daily for over 20 years. I am now at about .75mg split betwenn 2 doses a day morning and night gonna hold this for about three weeks and then try .5 split twice a day. Been at it for about six weeks. So far so good I do about 200-220 minutes of cardio per week and I think it is helping a lot because I am not noticing any ill effects so far.

Tue, Feb 11 8:17am · Addiction & Recovery - Meet others & come say hi in Addiction & Recovery

Was wondering if anyone on this board has quit xanax by tapering. I quit alcohol and smoking 35 years ago but I have used 2mg of xanax daily for about twenty years originally for sleep. It is now no help at all for sleep but i know it's not safe going cold turkey. In the last six weeks I have tapered about 15-20% by cutting off bits with a single edge razor. want to go forward and quit completely. anyone with similar experience? Thank You

Mar 19, 2019 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

New study out questioning usefulness of low dose aspirin therapy. I take 40 mg. atorvastatin and 81mg. aspirin. I don't know if I should continue or not. I had a very high cc score and that's when I started this regimen. Had a nuclear stress test in Nov. 2018 came back normal.??????

Jan 30, 2019 · total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Was measured and received my E-vive muscle stimulator yesterday. It is a rechargeable battery operated leg garment that has 3 electrodes fastened with Velcro straps to your thigh. The device is controlled thru an app downloaded to your cell-phone. After you put some electrode gel on leg you power on the device which has two different adjustable degrees of stimulation. One setting is for lower thigh and one for upper thigh. You adjust the current yourself on a scale of 1-100. I use about a 25 setting for both but you can use different settings for upper and lower if you are more comfortable. It feels like a combination of sting buzz and vibration. each session last 20 minutes controlled by the app. You can actually see your muscles flex and release alternating upper and lower. The cost to me was zero as I have Medicare and a BCBS supplement. You own the unit there is no returning it when finished. It falls under durable medical eq. I think.

Jan 26, 2019 · total knee replacement in Joint Replacements

The company called me on Tues. and said they were waiting for ok from my insurance to ok it. Had not heard anything by yesterday so I called rep in late afternoon and got voicemail. I really don't know what the cost is as of now. It may be on their website. On a side note Rep told me wearing this garment on leg for 20 minutes is the equivalent of doing 100 squats. Good luck to you on Tues. I will post again when I finally get fitted and start using this thing.