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3 days ago · Arimidex in Breast Cancer

Wow, so I'm not the only one! My problem is what I call seeping poop. It's not diarrhea, but it's loose enough that it seeps onto the pad I have to wear full time now. I didn't think to connect it to the Arimidex but I never had it before, so now I wonder…

5 days ago · Who Else Has Decided NOT To Have Implants or Reconstructive Surgery? in Breast Cancer

I think it probably depends on your age. I'm 81 so reconstruction means nothing to me. I had my right breast removed two years ago and I wish I could have had the left removed, too. I'm large breasted and it's terrible to have to try to balance the two, but I'm still glad I didn't go for reconstruction. Every woman has to make that decision for herself, but since I've had my surgery I'm more aware of how many flat chested women I see now. I know they've had mastectomies because nobody is that flat, but they wear their flatness well and still look chic and lovely.

Wed, Feb 6 10:38am · Radiation therapy side effects after bc in Breast Cancer

I had 30 treatments and the worst that happened was a bit of "sunburn". No nausea, no other effects. Hope it goes away for you.

Wed, Feb 6 7:04am · HRT alternate for ER/PR positive breast ca in Breast Cancer

I've been on Arimidex for about 5 months now. Some bone and joint pain at first but it's settled down now and I'm okay with it. Switched from Femara, because of severe bone pain. Went without for a month, then took the Arimidex. Lost my hair with chemo, and it came back curly, but now it's straight and much thinner. I always had thick, wavy hair. Could be old age, too. Who knows?

Sat, Feb 2 6:45pm · Mammagrams for 75yr olds in Breast Cancer

I'm 81, too. I was told the same thing and didn't have a mammogram for three years, until I found the lump myself at 79. My right breast is gone, along with 10 lymph nodes, I went through chemo and 30 radiation treatments..

Just had a mammogram on the left breast two days ago and waiting for the results. After the cancer diagnosis and before my surgery, I told my oncologist that my family doctor said older women don't need mammograms anymore, and she was furious. She said if anyone needed them more, it's older women. I don't know where it came from, but it looks like we got the same bad info.

Sat, Jan 26 3:09pm · Smelling cancer! in Breast Cancer

I've never heard of that but I'm going to hang around to see if anyone else has. Hope it's nothing!

Sun, Jan 20 5:40pm · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

I have bone and joint pain but I'm 81 years old and don't know if it's worse because of the Arimidex. I also take Boniva and for at least a week afterward I have bone pain. I don't really notice any other after effects, though I had crying jags from out of nowhere the first few days after I started taking it. That's what brought me to this group! They're gone now.

Sat, Jan 19 9:54am · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

Lisman, I lost my right breast to cancer almost two years ago. I go for my annual mammogram on the left breast in a few weeks and I'm nervous, of course, but I won't let any of this get me down. I'm 81 years old and the surgery, chemo, and radiation are all behind me, but I'll be on this med for several years, I guess. I look on all of it as an abysmal inconvenience but not necessarily a life-changer–except that I value the time I have left even more now.

I beg you not to give in to fear. If it doesn't eat you up, it will, at the very least, slow you down. Don't let fear win. Sending hugs.