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Dec 19, 2019 · Chronic Pain after Stage 4 Breast Cancer Surgery, Chemo and Radiation in Breast Cancer

Hey fiesty76,
I’ve had ongoing post mastectomy pain since my bilateral mastectomy in 2016. I have found that gabapentin is helpful for the nerve pain and I’ve also had massage therapy for the scar tissue problems. Also stretching exercises like free style swimming are helpful. It is better but I still have pain. I think it’s something that some of us have to learn to live with. I’m happy to be living, even with some pain!! Hope you feel better soon!

Oct 21, 2019 · Genetic tests available for breast cancer detection in Breast Cancer

I was referred to a genetic counselor after my breast cancer diagnosis and was tested. I am BRCA2 positive and found out my daughter is also. You can find good information at facingourrisk.org about the genetic risks, research and gain a better understanding of hereditary cancer.

Mar 21, 2019 · Exercise during chemo in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Hi @georger I just started the Livestrong program at the local YMCA. It’s been great so far. I had 7 breast surgeries for breast cancer due to several complications. My upper body is extremely weak as I haven’t been able to use my arms for 2 years until now. I wonder how damaged my chest muscles are and if I’ll ever regain strength. I know that scar tissue stops me from reaching over my head but I think it will help the scar tissue to break up if I push myself to continue. Before breast cancer I worked out with a kettlebell and was in pretty good shape. The Livestong program is good because it’s introducing me to many types of exercise and it’s helpful to be with others who have limitations. I’m hoping that I’ll continue to workout once the program is completed! I am positive for the BRCA gene and will need more surgery but I’m trying to postpone it until the Fall. I hope to be stronger by then.

Feb 15, 2019 · Exercise and Physical Activity after Breast Cancer Surgery in Breast Cancer

Hey @cancersucks,
I’m starting that program at the Y on February 26th. I’m feeling hopeful about it since I had a bilateral mastectomy and 7 more surgeries due to complications and have poor upper body strength. I’m BRCA positive, had breast cancer and just canceled a hysterectomy so I could complete the Y program. I’ll let you know how it is after my first sessions. Go to yours so we can both get healthier!!!!

Jan 23, 2019 · Anastrozole vs Letrozole vs Tamoxifen in Breast Cancer

Hi @katielee
I took tamoxifen after breast cancer and had a vaginal discharge as a side effect. I’m now scheduled to have a hysterectomy because the tamoxifen has caused my uterus to be precancerous. I’m BRCA positive so was having ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed anyway. Everyone has different side effects from all the cancer prevention meds. Best wishes to you and your decision about what to do next!

Oct 20, 2018 · Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome in Breast Cancer

Thanks so much for this information!! I can’t get edibles where I live but I can get tinctures of a CBD and THC combo. I hope you can help your oncologist write a paper about CBD and THC benefits for cancer patients!! I will look at the info on the NIH site. I had breast cancer in 2012 and had a partial mastectomy. But after testing positive for BRCA2 I had a bilateral in 2016 to prevent a recurrence. I’ve had many complications including post mastectomy pain syndrome. I still have my ovaries and because I took Tamoxifen, my uterus is pre cancerous. So the recommendation is for a full hysterectomy. I’m dreading more surgery after the 7 I’ve had in the past two years but I also don’t want cancer again. At my appt wiith my gyn oncologist next week I’m going to ask about CBD/THC for pain and prevention. I’m so sorry about you and your husband suffering so with this awful disease. I’ll pray for you both.

Oct 19, 2018 · Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome in Breast Cancer

I’ve been continuing to search for some help for post mastectomy pain syndrome. I had 7 surgeries after a bilateral mastectomy because of an infection and radiation causing my skin to be compromised and not able to heal. I now have one implant and a gnarly scar. The pain and itching are extremely uncomfortable. I’m taking 300mg of gabapentin but don’t like the side effects. I’ve recently had some acupuncture tx and massage which have helped. I’m exploring medical marijuana and found a lotion containing THC that seems too be helping with the pain. I’m going to try a combo of THC and CBD that is supposed to help with pain and inflammation. Has anyone else tried this?

Sep 29, 2018 · ATM Gene Mutation and Care in Breast Cancer

Hi marciski, I have the BRCA2 gene and also had breast cancer in 2012. I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy in 2016 after several MRI and mammo results returned with “probably benign” results. It’s a difficult decision and each person has to decide what’s best for them. I totally respect your decision and will pray for peace of mind and successful surgery. Best to you!!