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Tue, Jan 7 7:59am · I have Dupuytren's Contracture Disease . How can I cope with this? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

What kind of Injections did you get in your hand

Jun 11, 2019 · Tumid Lupus and Fibromyalgia Rheumatica in Autoimmune Diseases

I really wish this hospital would consider some people on Medicaid. I have SSI not SSD. I became sick with lupus at such a young age in Florida and was t elegivsle cor SSD

Feb 12, 2019 · MCTD in Digestive Health

I am going through it also.

Jan 13, 2019 · Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue in Autoimmune Diseases

I watched a great documentary about autoimmune and tooth fillings especially root canals. It was amazing I often wonder about all of this.

Dec 8, 2018 · Need help with Mystery Illness--Possible Sjogren's Syndrome?? in Autoimmune Diseases

Don’t believe him. My cardiologist did the same thing to me. It kept me in the dark a year longer.

Oct 31, 2018 · MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease) in Autoimmune Diseases

I was diagnosed about a year ago. Do you have sjogrens due to it? How did you know it was MCTD? I k ow I have had it for a few years no one could diagnose it. I would not tell you to aboandone all those medications but I will share my experience. The prednisone made me worse after all. I gained 40 pounds with in 6 months I was sluggish and it sped my heart rate up. I was always hungry. What I find works for me was weaning off of it. I do a lot of natural stuff. Maybe you can share with me your symptoms. Everyone is different. I’m loosing a lot of healthy tissue due to it. My hair is very dry and brittle. My eyes are dry all the time and my mouth. May I also ask if you have lupus or autoimmune? I do! And fibromyalgia.

Write back when you can


Sep 26, 2018 · Mixed connective tissue disease - Looking for support in Autoimmune Diseases

I also have been diagnosed with this and it’s been a heart ache. It affects so much. I hate when they bring it up in the news or in my doctors office

All they say is dry mouth and eyes. It is so
Much more. I have lupus fibro and a blood disease/ disorder that causes me to clot. I have lived through numerous DVY’s and 4 pulmonary embolisms, even surgeries to remove them 6 blood transfusions. Instances in ICU and I also have factor V Leiden that is genetic. I have raynoids, neuropathy, migraine, vasculitis, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.
The mixed connective tissue is the worst. Within a year my skin is hanging off of me and my teeth are all cracking. My ears ring constantly, I’m weak so weak I can hardly walk across the room. I do push myself. I stretch when I can and I do 50 squats a day to try to keep
My leg muscles strong but the MCTD is destroying my muscle tone everywhere. I have aged about 7 years this year. I also
Lost 37 pounds because my hunger is gone and I cannot have. Bowel
Movement when I do eat. I am so dry globally. I have tried everything. I’m taking fish oil a ton of multivitamins. I drink coconut oil because I heard it lubricated the digestive tract.
My hair has turned into cotton candy and has also turned white. It will not grow it breaks off after a certain point. It’s also thinned about 40% I am using restasis eye drops they are helping along. I no longer get the puffy wrinkly eyes that are red and swollen. I am getting iv fluids 3 times a week. I begged my doctor for a picc line. It took months to get one but I was able to and that’s helping a lot.

My name is Jennifer