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Tue, Sep 17 6:36pm · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

No I don't and even having someone near me smoking makes me cough. I wanted to smoke for a year or 2 after giving it up but it wasn't too bad. Some people seem to be more addicted. I quit cold turkey too.

Tue, Sep 17 3:43pm · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

Smoking is such a terrible 'disease'. My older daughter is still smoking. She has given it up several times, once for 2 years and more recently a year. Then she had some traumatic things happen in her life and she is back on it. I am so disappointed and also afraid for her because she is now turned 50. I didn't smoke after I was 25, so not for too many years. Thank goodness I managed to quit. My brother never quit and he was literally killed by cigarettes. he collapsed in his home, we think from a stroke and he was smoking at the time. While he was unconscious, the house burnt down and his wife came home to only half a house and her husband gone with it. That should be a warning to anyone who smokes. The autopsy showed that he was alive and was killed by the smoke. Tragic.

Tue, Sep 17 2:30pm · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

I forgot to say that yes I do have dry, itchy eyes and some dry mouth. I also have an itchy nose and ears!

Tue, Sep 17 2:07pm · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

Isn't Alopecia a general term?. They sometimes refer to my problem by that name also Dyspecia. I'm not sure about the spelling. It just seems that there is something causing this as my scalp is very pink in certain areas, like it is inflamed. Other areas are not pink but still itchy. I am looking at hair products also. They have taken a blood test for thyroid also, although the Dr felt it would be all over hair loss and not in patches. I don't have the result yet.

Tue, Sep 17 1:34pm · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

I am reporting back after my Dr's appointment yesterday. This Dr is new to me and he is an older man and very, very nice. Apparently he just returned, having retired last year. I also felt that he is thorough. He listened to everything I had to say and he ordered a lot of blood tests. He said the Clobetesol is Prednisone so I don't want to try that. He felt that it is possible my problems could be caused by yeast but he didn't feel it would be allergies. However, I am still following up with that. Some of the blood tests are for the Discoid Lupus and also the Sjogrens syndrome. Perhaps the results will give some clues. At least maybe I will have more of a positive answer to that diagnosis. I wonder if we can change, because I don't feel that I have the swollen glands anymore which is something that goes along with Sjogrens Syndrome. Kaiser does not have a scalp specialist. I asked the dermatologist about patch testing and she asked me if I had a rash. I told her, no, just my scalp problem. I haven't had a reply since then but apparently she can do patch testing and it takes 3 appointments. I am hoping the blood tests will tell us something. I did also research Clobetesol and it's uses and side effects. There is no mention of it causing hair loss and in fact it is often used to help regrow hair! So that is very weird, however although my scalp is still just as uncomfortable and just as itchy, my husband thinks the bald area is looking a bit smaller. I hope it is not his imagination. Thank you everyone, I will keep you updated.

Mon, Sep 16 6:21pm · Scalp problems and loss of hair in Women's Health

I am seeing him/her on October 16. I am hoping I will have some new blood tests. When I had the testing before I was a bit of a mystery because I had one of the factors in my blood but normally a person has 2 with discoid lupus. They went with discoid lupus because they didn't really know what else my symptoms could be. I am hoping I can at least have a definite diagnosis. I have made a note of a test that another contributor on this site had when she had the same dilemma. If I can eliminate the lupus then I will be one step further towards finding the right diagnose. I have a lot of suggestions from other members on this site and I will work through them all. I see the GP this afternoon and will also ask for a thyroid test. I am trying! Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions.

Sun, Sep 15 1:47pm · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

Pain and frustration are certainly good motivators. And I learnt many years ago to not put all my faith in a Dr. I had a terrible experience with that when I was young and during my 3rd pregnancy. I was very sick during that time and they kept telling me I was fine. It turned out that I had a full term, still born baby and I nearly died also. A year later I saw a different gynocologist who also involved an internist and they sorted out what went wrong and I actually had another child a couple of years later. The first Drs told me I was never to have another baby and it would kill me. Imagine that and I had the healthiest pregnancy with my youngest child. Ever since then I have questioned Drs much more. I realise that half of the Drs that we consult graduated in the bottom half of their class. When we picked a dentist one time, we called the dental school at UBC in Vancouver and asked who the top 3 graduates were for that year and we went to one of those for our dentist for years. He was excellent.
I am going to look at the clobetasol and see what the side effects are etc. it was definitely that, that caused the bald patch. My hairdresser can even see the red needle marks in a circle around the bald area. It had been my worst area and the Dr concentrated on that area with the injections. She gave me quite a few.
I am so glad you solved your health problems. It just concerns me that it is so time consuming and I am already so busy that I stress myself. I will try my best and will get back to you and @becks to let you know what the Dr says tomorrow.

Sat, Sep 14 10:18pm · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

Wow, you have so much information. You are amazing. I really need to print off all the information you have sent me.
Thank you again.