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Tue, Feb 26 3:30pm · Contemplating NOT having suggested gallbladder surgery! in Digestive Health

I had mine removed laparoscopically about 20 years ago. Had been misdiagnosed for a year. It was on the edge of being gangrene. Felt immediately better, recovery was quick. Have never regretted it.

Dec 2, 2018 · Esophageal motility disorder - don’t know what to eat in Digestive Health

I feel your pain. I, too, have a swallowing disorder, though they don't know why. I have Laryngospasms and benign multinodule (5) goiter on my thyroid. Lost my gall bladder years ago. Have mesh implants from 5 lb. Messenteric abdominal cyst removal and ventral hernia that followed and have had a nissen fundoplication and a toupet fundoplication… which is to connect my esphogus and my stomach. Last surgeries at the end of 2016. Now deal with worse dysphagia, dumping syndrome and positonal pains. Now have intestines pushing up into chest area.
For the 3 years I have been on a semi solid diet. Mostly the things you mentioned… Nilla wafers dissolve in your mouth and are easy to swallow. Also just found liquid greens… veggies. Not too bad. But sometimes I choke on air… so food isn't always the enemy. I, too, struggle to find some more items to eat again, but slowly realizing I may be stuck with what I have found. Swallowing pizza is impossible. I have lost around 97 lbs. and am in need of more nourishment but protein drinks make me ill, too. It sucks. I hate my food life. I hurt all over. Being skinny is NOT fun. It hurts. I walk through the grocery store like a zombie… no, no, no… I cant swallow that or digest that. BUT… There is a new product I tried… though it tastes not great, yucky actually, but you might like it… it is good for you totally. It's called Huel. A powder. Nutritionally complete food. 500 calories per cup. Jazz it up and drink it or use powder in your pudding or soups. And the meats I do eat… I cut into teeny tiny portions and then chew the heck out of them. Puree… agreed… barf! I am rooting for you! Post if you find something good… I will try it too! I am 57 & female, by the way. My thoughts are with you. I didn't get much sympathy or help from my surgeons, either. Learned most on internet unfortunately.

Nov 8, 2018 · Nissen Fundoplication reversal in Digestive Health

I had a nissen in 2013 and a toupet in 2015. Full of mesh and adhesions. Still sick daily… all 3 years. Weight down to 106. 6 surgeries total. Get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. I say dont do it… unless you go to Mayo. Seems we all have to redo and redo… and suffer horribly inbetween. I am meeting with totally new surgeon in a week to see what can be done for me now. Adhesions and hernia hurting me so bad. Dysphagia worsening. I wish you well. Fight for YOU. Its got to get better… or more tolerable anyways. Good luck.

Nov 6, 2018 · Anyone else had a Nissen slip? (it's been 7 years) in Digestive Health

I am sorry for all of your turmoils. I wish you wellness… hope for the best for you. I don't think this is a good surgical method. So many failures, so much pain and misery. All of us had the surgery to get better… not worse… or expect yet another surgery years later. The medical field needs to rethink, remodify this procedure.

Nov 6, 2018 · Anyone else had a Nissen slip? (it's been 7 years) in Digestive Health

After reading all the responses… now I know I am not alone. My mesh and fundoplication issues are real. I believe it has given me an eating disorder… the fear of food. I dread meal time… yet think of food constantly If I happen to overeat by just one spoonful… the bloat, the extreme abdonimnal pain, salivation, sweats, wretching… since I can never throw up again… until it violently shoots out of me from below. And if I don't eat… pains like a heart attack and passing out. I weighed 130 in 2015 before surgery (was always around 180) 3 years later I hover between 106 and 115. I cannot gain weight. Now I also have emphysema and when I cough my guts try to pop out under my ribs in the center. Soooo painful! I push them back in. Seeing a brand new dr tomorrow… wish me luck in my new quest for change. I am scared. I want to LIVE! I want to EAT!

Oct 29, 2018 · Anyone else had a Nissen slip? (it's been 7 years) in Digestive Health

Hi! I too had a slipped Nissen… within two years. I then had a Toupet Fundoplication… it, too, is breaking down… 3 years later. I cannot eat more than a mouse, have dumping syndrome and dysohagia (swallowing troubles), plus a bad abdominal mesh from 2000 (still in me). I am also filled with adhesions. I have regretted both surgeries, but no other option. Weighed 210 in 2013… now down to 115. Every meal is a struggle. I wish you much luck and success. I will be watching this to see what advice you get. I never got much response from mine. Starving to find out!!

Sep 25, 2018 · Lumpy, Dumpy & Grumpy in Digestive Health

Hi, Ethan! Thanks for answwring and directing me to those discussions. Seems I am not alone. Thanks for the number to Mayo, too. I have been researching it all day. The obvious bad foods have been eliminated for years… pizza, bologna, anything spicy or greasy, bananas, apples, bacon. It is so mysterious. A small cup of cereal and milk makes me really ill one day, but not the next (when I dare try it again). Chinese food is killer. I eat little things. Things I know I can swallow easily, since choking and things getting caught is an issue. Nilla wafers, puddings, crackers and cheese. Nibble in the morning, same for lunch, and usually eat half of what is on my plate, or some of it for dinner, which family refers to as bird food. Any overage causes immediate pain and bloating, with a violent followup in the bathroom. Instant salivating, sweating and wretching, putting pressure where it hurts, almost passing out. Sometimes it feels like poo is trying to come up my esophagus. I wobble and fall a lot. And I am so very weak. Most times I can't open store or car doors. And the pain when I bend over is bad. I have to lay down right away… to what seems as I am allowing things to go back into place. I have pain at the bottom of my heart daily… feels like heart pain… but passes when I lay down. I think that may be adhesions tugging at my heart. They have been removed before. So much more. I feel like I am whining… so sorry! I also have glaucoma and arthritis in both thumb joints. Scarletina at age 5… quarantined; excessive bleeding during tonsilectomy age 10; hytatitaform molar pregnancy age 29; gallstones almost gangrene; 5 lb. Mesenteric abdominal cyst; kidney stones. And now I am so thin that everything hurts. Even hugs hurt. Taking a bath hurts. Sit, stand, lay, squirm… that is me always trying to get comfort from the bone pain. I apologize again for rambling.

Sep 25, 2018 · Lumpy, Dumpy & Grumpy in Digestive Health

Hello, can we talk? I have multinodule goiter on my thyroid and suffer from Laryngospasms & dysphagia. I have had 6 abdominal surgeries… removal of gallbladder, removal of a large Mesenteric cyst with followup incisional hernia where Marlex mesh was implanted in 2000. Since that implant… GERD and a hiatal hernia led to a nissen fundoplication 2013, which slipped within a year. Constant weight loss without trying. Lost 100 pounds somewhere. Weighed 210 in 1999, now I am 110. Hah! Constant stomach pain. When I reached the point of total despair, a friend helped find a new surgeon… he performed a toupet fundoplication, followed by another mesh implant surgery… and I haven’t been right since. Each surgery has taken extra time due to the large amount of adhesions. Sick all the time, whether I eat or not. Surgeries took away ability to throw up, so what goes in only has one way out… within 1 to 3 hours. Horrific bathroom visits. I also have positional pains in the stomach area, as well as internal pain. I get sick if I don’t eat… have passed out and hit my head twice now. I almost always get sick when I DO eat… and the list of foods to avoid has increased dramatically. I only have room for about a cup or two of food. I only drink water.
I quit my only job of 36 years to recover & revive, losing my health insurance. But I didn’t worry… Because I THOUGHT I was fixed. My husband’s job does not offer insurance and we cannot afford it on our own. Two and a half years later I am still in the same place… Misery Lane.
Afraid of food, afraid of what else is going on inside me, afraid of doctors… afraid I can’t be fixed ever.
But my will to live keeps me fighting and looking for help again. I haven’t seen a doctor for almost 3 years now. Many friends have referred me to Mayo. I know I just need to take this first step… but I am afraid. What if there is no help? Any advice would be appreciated. Has anyone else suffered from these fundoplications? Thank you!