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Nov 15, 2018 · Chronic pain and medical marijuana in Chronic Pain

In MN, your doctor will sign a paper to get sent it stating that you are eligible. There is some paperwork that you complete online prior to certification and then at every appointment. You pay for the certificate and meds out of pocket and it is quite spendy…especially when trying to figure out what works. A dispensary has both THC and CBD products each ranging with different levels and mixtures of each.

Nov 14, 2018 · Muscle spasms years after hip replacement surgery in Joint Replacements

I’m sorry your dealing with this pain. I have muscle and nerve damage from my hip surgery as well and it’s miserable

Nov 12, 2018 · groin in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Mine is due to a torn labrum. I would guess Ortho would be the place to go. A torn labrum does not show up on X-ray and sometimes even an MRI with dye misses it. Hope you get some answers

Nov 12, 2018 · Pain pump, I have one, how about one for you? in Chronic Pain

Awesome..thanks for the info. Do you have to fail the stimulator prior to getting the pump? Thanks:)

Oct 16, 2018 · Can I go from daily Morphine to pain control from CBD oil in Chronic Pain

First of all…big hugs and I hope you find relief. It sounds like it has been a long and frustrating journey for you. I would strongly advise you to talk with your doctor about how to safely decrease your medication. I went through withdrawals myself because I was stubborn…not safe and not worth it. I’m not sure what state you are in, but in MN medical THC as well as the CBD are legal. My doctor gave me a certificate and I paid all the fees to be certified to buy and carry. After months of trying every different level of THC and CBD…I gave up. It didn’t work and it was very expensive. I do know quite a few people that have had success with CBD oil though….hopefully you are one of them. I suggest finding a good quality oil. Talk with you doctor about adding it to the regime your on now….hopefully in time you will be able to use less medication.

Oct 11, 2018 · Raynaud's Syndrome in Autoimmune Diseases

I was diagnosed with Raynauds at a very young age. Preventing damage to tissue is very important. Wear gloves on chilly days and even when you are grocery shopping. You need to protect your fingers when you grab something cold or frozen. I usually have someone else grab the item for me. I also have a pair of heated gloves and booties for the chilly MN weather. My fingers and toes will turn a dark purple color and it is very painful! For some people…going on a medication that helps control blood pressure works….they dilate the blood vessels which allows for more blood flow to the area.

Oct 11, 2018 · Possible Lupus and Getting An Appointment in Autoimmune Diseases

It can take months and even a year to get an appointment with these specialists. Even though your insurance doesn’t require a referral…Mayo sometimes does. Even with multiple referrals I wasn’t able to get in for 6 months. I decided to be seen at Gundersen Lutheran.

Sep 25, 2018 · Polymyalgia Rhuematica in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I switched from prednisone to Plaquenil and it has helped me.