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22 hours ago · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Thank you, that's sweet. I'm not upset, there's just nothing left to try, well, there is one more thing: my pain doctor gave me a rx for a serotonin reuptake inhibitor that has the side affect of doing something for the nervous system, it's Duloxetine. He called it cymbalta but the drug store gave me generic. I will start take one tomorrow. I agree with wilcy (who cares if old people who are terminal get 'addicted'?) and sympathize with brojoe (I don't know what you are doing to stand the pain). And I don't know why the government wants addicts to stop taking drugs. I know a few who quit – it's not that hard. And I know some people who have adult children who live for nothing except drugs – every time they come out of rehab, they head right for drugs, and right back to lying and stealing. They know they will die soon, they want to. I wish the government would just let them have what they want and let their parents stop suffering. Peggy

1 day ago · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Thank you all. I'm not depressed, just can't take the pain any more. When military prisoners are tortured, they look for something sharp to cut their veins with when they can't take the pain any more. That's just what humans do. The pain must be stopped when it can no longer be endured. I wish politicians would think about this before they made draconian laws restricting what doctors can do for their patients. I had a good life, I don't have young children or grandchildren. I have friends and a husband but they are not dependent on me. I still need to know about euthanasia. I knew Doctor Kavorkian's cousin, Chevalia, but they have both passed away. PS I understand about the difficulty of getting medicine. The whole country seems to have gone kookoo about opiates – everyone who says the word 'pain' is considered to be an addict and a criminal until they prove themselves innocent. Peggy

1 day ago · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

I'm about finished. I'm at the point where the pain is intolerable. The Pain Doctor increased my medicines, I took it for a few days and could not wake up – I lost 2 days of what's left of my life. I had to retreat to the previous dose – it's still inadequate and my life isn't worth waking up for. Is Euthanasia legal yet? Anywhere? Peggy

1 day ago · Has any one heard about a new topical product called diabasens in Neuropathy

Thank you all for sharing this info with all of us … Peggy

4 days ago · Does anyone find that a brand of shoes helps your foot neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I know a diabetic fellow who eats nothing but pie – he juggles the insulin to balance it. He doesn't always get it right, he ends up in the hospital sometimes. He's overweight and has some diseases caused by malnutrition and obesity. His doctors have given him the medical diet for diabetics, it's similar to my diet for hypoglycemia, but they can't make him eat it. He suffers a lot. I don't want to suffer like him. I have friends who are hypoglycemic too – they eat sugar sometimes and they get sick as dogs. I don't want to suffer like them either. The medical diet is the best of the options I have. Anyone else can do what they think is best for them … Peggy

5 days ago · Does anyone find that a brand of shoes helps your foot neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I haven't eaten sugar since 1987 and I don't miss it. I had to formulate a circle of people that I could go to to get real help, comfort, advice, encouragement, entertainment, and go on adventures with, instead of zoning out with sugar whenever I had a feeling or a 'want' that wasn't immediately satisfied. My life is so technicolor with all these people! I have to give back to them of course – and it is a pleasure to do my part in my group – they can count on me and I can count on them. There was some trial and error in gathering 'my circle', and it changes from time to time as people move away or die but it's just part of life. I get to live this normal life instead of stuffing with sugar — a good trade I think! It doesn't matter what other people eat, I give myself food today and it makes me wake up feeling good tomorrow. Sugar gives my tongue a splendid sensation for a few seconds, then it deforms the rest of my body, I would wake up not feeling the 'zest for life' that I have come to enjoy. Peggy

Thu, Jul 11 8:32pm · Losing Weight with Neuropathy in Neuropathy

I saw my doctor today – I haven't gained weight since I started taking just Lyrica without the Gabapentin. The Lyrica isn't enough to quell the pain though, Im having more of it than I can stand, so he's upping the Lyrica to 3 capsules twice a day instead of 2, and he's adding Cymbalta. He will put in a thing … I can't remember the name of it – in my back, like a little capsule, on Aug. 28. I might be able to stop all of the medications – Yay! Have any of you had the little thingy – I should start another thread about the thingy but I can't remember the name … I had a rough day, you can tell. Peggy

Tue, Jul 9 5:17pm · Does anyone find that a brand of shoes helps your foot neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I look for soft inside and soft outside too. The squishy shoes that give runners good rebound are my favorites (Skechers Goga Mat is one of them). Peggy