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2 hours ago · Ketamine for chronic pain in Chronic Pain

Thank you – I'll ask my pain doctor about it. Peggy

1 day ago · Ketamine for chronic pain in Chronic Pain

Can you buy Ketamine over the counter? In the vitamins & minerals section? Peggy

1 day ago · Larynx sensory Neuropathy in Neuropathy

I developed a cough when I was in college – it got worse quickly. I noticed that it was worst when I was studying Algebra – no kidding! In Algebra class, I started coughing convulsively until I got muscle cramps in my abdomen – I had to step out so the other students could hear the professor. My algebra book was brand new … I figured out that micro-particles from the ink were floating into the air as I read, it was printed in soy ink, I'm allergic to soy beans. I started wiping each page with a slightly humid cloth before I read it to keep the particles down. I coughed less, I muddled through that class and escaped with a B. Peggy

3 days ago · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

My hands have started shaking lately. I have axonal sensory neuropathy, advancing at a scary rate. I'm having those 'needle sticks' in my back and face now. I better get moving on that bucket list I suppose … Peggy

Wed, Sep 4 10:59am · Has anybody had an implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain? in Spine Health

cbrackle, Can you take Dilaudid without falling asleep? Peggy

Tue, Sep 3 4:55pm · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

My hands sometimes tremble after I drink coffee. I haven't noticed any correlation with exercise. Peggy

Sun, Sep 1 9:17pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

This is a remarkable group. We haven't met in person, yet, we care and we help each other. Thank you. Peggy

Wed, Aug 28 11:53pm · Spinal Cord Stimulation in Neuropathy

Jen, thank you for that tip! Yes, it is awful … I wouldn't take Tramadol at all if the pain wasn't acute! Peggy