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Jul 24, 2019 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

I didn’t see it but it doesn’t surprise me. It goes to show that stated concerns for FB are for feel good consumption. For the longest time, I kept up with family and friends this way too. But when I found out about the credit scores and patents, and other info being harvested, I just said enough. When I deleted the account, I told them as much ‘the business model is at odds with their stated concern about privacy’.

Just think of Jack the Ripper saying that he won’t use knives on people because he cares. I think you’d be entitled to some skepticism.

Jul 24, 2019 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

I quit Facebook entirely and erased everything for several reasons.

A) politics just made me angry and I found myself ready to be a contrarian because I could understand all sides. But, on some months I would argue one-way and get upset, then other weeks differently.

I quit listening, watching and reading the news unless it was about science, nature or outside the us and didn’t involve topics domestically. But was ruining my days and those around me.

B) I have family who are in professions and are in a position to know what Facebook claims to do and really do. The most recent being obtaining s patent to evaluate your fb friends for credit evaluation. FB, once this was revealed, of course had no comment.

Time and time again they have claimed to have your interests at heart but then are caught in flagrante delicto to the opposite. Their very business model is at odds with their consumer protection claims. They ultimate are responsible to shareholders and that, like any company, is what drives them.

C) EVERYONE should understand that One of the biggest and most lucrative areas is data mining. Many companies do it and ones you’d never guess. Even more companies broker in the obtained data and countless buy and use it.

Apps on the phones are not far behind and a face recognition software app was put out by a Russian company. Well, you can begin to see how these pieces could potentially come together:

Facial software, credit information and patterns, and even finger print apps to open phones and you’ve got a clever firm to create a bogus loan, credit, medical history, and total identity using parts or all of your data. These activities are just as driven by profit as legitimate companies. Paranoid thinking? You bet, but when it comes to your finances, medical a personal information a little paranoia is justified as we keep finding out.

D) Another problem is that of Facebook and the friends angle. I cannot cite a study but could find it as you’ll you, but people tend to be more depressed with social media wen they get online and have no messages. For some, understandably, it’s one of the only ways to feel tethered to the world and get contact, of a kind.

My point here is that there are a lot of issues with Facebook that are far reaching and potentially harmful. The impact of these factors to individuals already prone to depressive disorders can be more serious than the average person, So beware. Alternatives, I honestly don’t know.

Jul 22, 2019 · Anxiety Issues (with added GERD) in Mental Health

If you have a sense of what the triggers might be and what your physical and mental state at the time are, you’d have a good start.

The triggers might be obvious or more subtle. Once you have a sense of this or even if you don’t, seeing someone that is a professional:

Clinical social worker
Clinical psychologist

Might help you zero in on cause and effect with suggested strategies. At some point, they may suggest medication to put a stop to the symptoms. Most psychiatrists can diagnose the symptoms, label the disorder and prescribe medicine. But they will (or should) tell you to get counseling as part of the solution. That’s almost always the path now. Suppression of biochemical problems is indeed important but identification and coping skills of the causes is likewise important.

You’ll get different people telling you which path to take but that’s up to you and your insurance. But the more you focus on patterns of when the attack’s hit, the more insights you’ll have.

My guess is that mindfulness will be part of the solution. As I use it and understand it, one is consciously aware of one’s thinking and learns to recognize how the thoughts and content are leading your brain a certain way. Doing this helps create strategies (with specialist) on countermeasures. But it’s a thinking skill like climbing a rock wall rather than automatic like walking where you don’t think as much. You have to switch to actively monitoring your thoughts most of the time. Buddhism teaches this as a normal way of life and it takes practice but you’re reshaping how you respond to the triggers.

Jul 22, 2019 · Anxiety Issues (with added GERD) in Mental Health

That may well be true but the way you described it doesn’t necessarily follow as cause and effect.

To be more on target, there would need to be some body of evidence and research with peer review that isolated specific medicines, their molecular structures and the precise way they were interacting with the body. This would have to be done with each medicine and they simply cannot be lumped together that way.

People with mental illnesses already have comorbid conditions that can be misleading with such a claim and it’s no secret that with bipolar and depressive disorders, poor stress management, dietary and exercise habits, sleep habits, self medication all play an enormous role.

Likewise, age, gender, ethnicity, geography, uncontrolled blood pressure, cholesterol, predilection for metabolic syndrome and diabetes, thyroid disorders and genetics all directly impact the individual patient.

Generalized symptoms of raving pulse for a person that has panic disorders, anxiety, and PTSD and who takes medicine for those mental disorders would certainly be no stranger to elevated heart rates and increased BP.

The types of “heart damage” that you refer to is quite vague. If you wanted to talk about congestive heart failure, then I think the order is a tall one considering how that comes about, let alone thousands of cases among all types of patients and medicines for mental health.

Arteriosclerosis leading to infarction? Many of the aforementioned factors individually or combined are a fast track to those and I’m unfamiliar with any single ( let alone categorical) drug for mental illness that acts like the infamous phen phen that demonstrably led to potentially fatal pulmonary hypertension and heart valve problems.

Sudden cardiac death? You’d hear about that in short order, especially among the younger patients not in any risk categories. When significant numbers of young physically healthy (I didn’t say mentally) people drop dead the CDC leaps to its feet. Just look at the history around Hantavirus. To my knowledge, no report of sudden upticks in sudden cardiac death among people fit or otherwise taking psychiatric meds has occurred with one medicine, let alone more than one.

So we have to ask several questions:

What specific medicine(s) are causing this? Anything other than specifics is really a useless if not harmful claim.

Who is doing the reporting and the verifiable basis for their claims? The vast body of evidence from thousands of pathology reports and double bind studies would be needed.

What specific heart and cardiovascular damage is being alleged? That is critical too.

What is the breakdown of demographics, co-morbid conditions, patient habits, health etc that can be excluded?

I’m not sure where the information comes from that forms the basis of your report but it would be worth knowing before accepting at face value. As you likely well know, the alternative to eliminating mental health medicines can indeed be lethal. The impacts, lethal and non, affecting the individual, family, workplace and other factors vast.

Jul 21, 2019 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

You could have saved yourself the trouble and just have someone hit you with a sledgehammer. I tried the cold turkey from 200mg then twice at my own guesses for tapering. As you might expect, I was not entirely successful, sorry you went through that.

Jul 20, 2019 · Bipolar and ideas of how to help ourselves beyond medication in Mental Health

I was in Japan 5 weeks and started wrestling with Haiku. The staff at the traditional Japanese hotel were all excited and got swept up in helping me, even calling knowledgeable friends in the phone. They said they hadn’t fooled with it since grade school and it was a challenge even for them because of all the word-concept exclusions, limitations and interpretations (let alone translation and writing.

They said I did well but switching back and forth from Haiku and Anglo-Saxon is quite a chore and I’m disinclined to court the headaches resulting from switching gears. Glad you have a positive history though. It can be quite satisfying in ‘nleeding’ Out the built up emotional pressure.

Jul 20, 2019 · Bipolar and ideas of how to help ourselves beyond medication in Mental Health

No on part but it’s no big deal. I do those for fun and most are unpaid and help students.

I’m not particularly concerned about the journal though the pen wrote well. The biggest loss was my rewriting of a poem I was trying to write on a suicide. One afternoon in Tampa at our apartment a woman Flung herself from a high balcony to her death. I called it in. It was a curious experience where I really felt nothing. Never knew her name or if she was even a resident. She was not clothed from the chest down and struck a metal rail. Watching everyone’s reactions who wandered up on it before police arrived was interesting.

What did make me angry was a couple across the way who sat on their porch all day, adjusted their chairs to see better when police arrived and made it their entertainment. My wife and I were both incensed about that and later when I found out people snapped photos with their cell phones. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I wanted to ask them why they didn’t go to funeral homes to snap photos of the dead. What the hell were they going to do with them? Post a suicide’s twisted ruin? Stare at it privately at home with ghoulish delight? Share with friends a mostly nude dead person?

I had trouble reconciling all these feelings and still am trying to write a poem about it. Writing poems and riddles are sort of my thing especially in the Anglo-Saxon methods. I am pretty harsh on social issues but none are published. This situation is tougher. The lost journal was the most recent re-write but it’s not as if the memories are going anywhere. So the journal loss is an irritant more than anything else.

Jul 20, 2019 · Bipolar and ideas of how to help ourselves beyond medication in Mental Health

Honestly, I don’t recall. I still can’t believe I lost my journal. I took it for audition for small movie part but used it for notes, grocery lists, etc. not my wisest moments. I had some observations in there but maybe someone else will learn or at least get s good read.

My ‘reprogramming’ was so short in development I don’t think I used much in speech. It was really quick and as if my brain, which had been looking for a missing piece for years, apparently found what it needed and plugged it in. The latter things you mentioned don’t sound at all familiar to my experience but I know they are important. I may be an exception to time needed and process than what is more commonly experienced.