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Sun, Jun 21 1:49pm · What food can I eat after Diarrhea? in Digestive Health

I find chicken noodle soup and crackers help me some. I use the Campbell's.

Sun, Jun 21 1:46pm · Interstitial Cystitis: Anyone have symptom relief tips? in Kidney & Bladder

What works for me is to take 5mg of diazepam and 2 Benadryl and sit in a recliner with a pillow under my knees. It will not feel better at all at first. Within an hour you should see a difference. This is what I do for bladder spams. If you have a muscle relax, try taking that. My bladder spasms get so bad that they make my bowel spasm. I feel as if I need to use the bathroom really bad. Is that what you are feeling?

Mon, Feb 3 8:01pm · C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again? in Digestive Health

Stay away from antibiotics. It will only get worse if you have to use them.

Jun 2, 2019 · Chronic bladder infection using a Gentamicin bladder wash in Kidney & Bladder

I have been using this gentamycin bladder wash for over 3 years now to treat UTI, that I have been told will never go away. It is has gotten into the tissue of my bladder and can not be cured. I am not able to take antibiotics because of over use and side effects from them, they have caused permanent damage to my stomach and intestines. Is there anyone on here that has been using this Gentamycin as a bladder wash? When this stops working it is my understanding there is nothing out there left to use. I will die of septicemia. When I ask the doctor for answers, his reply is, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there"….I have to think ahead. I take care of my handicapped sister and she is 100% dependent on me. Does anyone have any answers?

Jun 2, 2019 · Bladder lift surgery (Prolapse repair) in Kidney & Bladder

I hope you didn't let them use mesh. I am so screwed up by the mesh a doctor used mesh on me. No other doctor will touch me and once mesh is used, repairs are a very bad idea. The mesh becomes like glue and it can't be removed from the organs because it adheres to the organs and can't be separated. I have learned any "corrective" surgery usually ends up worse. IF a doctor tells you, "he is using the new and improved mesh"…like my doctor told me, he is lying. Doctors like to use mesh because it is very quick, in and our of surgery and they can push though more patience. Mesh often works well but the ones it doesn't work well on live a life of pure hell.

May 30, 2019 · C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again? in Digestive Health

GAS X, helped me a lot. The meds that helped me the MOST is: calcium polycarbophil. I take 3 tablets 3X a day. I have horrible diarrhea and gas. Mainly in the morning and till around 2pm. Some days it doesn't go away at all with my stomach pain so bad I don't know if I can stand another moment of suffering. I don't have any trouble with constipation like some folks do. The calcium polycarbophil helps with both. I hope this helps you.

May 20, 2019 · C-Diff, over use of antibitoics and medications that have helped me. in Digestive Health

I have also discovered the my Calcium vitamin and D-3 Vitamin really caused a lot of pain in my intestines. I stopped taking them but suffering from a vitamin deficiency now. Not sure what to do about that.

May 10, 2019 · C-Diff, over use of antibitoics and medications that have helped me. in Digestive Health

The following medcations have helped me and others might want to try them. 1. Beano (buy the Walmart brand, cheaper and you only have to take one pill not two like with Beano) I use one every time I eat a meal. 2. Calcium Polycarbophil I take 3 pills 3 X a day. 3. Cholestyram powder, I use 2 powders in the morning and 1 at night. 4 Probiotic 10, 3 tablets 3 X a day before every meal. I recently learned my Vitamins were really causing me some horrible pain and making things much worse. The vitamins making my stomach hurt so bad, that I think I am dying and frequent trips to the bathroom, are Calcium and Vitamin D3. Last time I quit taking them because they seem to hurt my stomach, it took me over year before the pain finally stopped. So heads up folks….I don't know if this will help you but knowledge is power.