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Tue, Jun 30 9:08am · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

Stephen, I had genetic testing done 5 years ago by a cardiologist for something else so it wasn't a full gene testing. That's how we found the MTHFR genetic mutation. He didn't even mention it to me. I always request a copy of my lab reports and go over them. That's how I found out and took it in took my PCP and discussed it with her. She explained it a little bit was clueless as what to do. A mixing pharmacologist that I just happened to strike up a conversation with has it, so he explained more and that I needed to take supplements. I started researching then.

Tue, Jun 30 9:01am · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you for the MTHFR link as I will definitely go to there. Thanks also for asking about if I've reached my doctor.

I FINALLY, reached my doctor yesterday. She put my side effects from the Lexapro down to my other meds. Actually spent more time addressing my MTHFR and what I need to be taking (more than any other doc has) than my actual request to change my meds. Then concluded that if I really wanted to changed my meds to let her know. The eye side effects (Glaucoma) are pretty serious: curving lines, eye pressure especially when laying down, and a lot of facial twitching. I was cleared by eye doc of any signs of Glaucoma within 6 months before starting Lexapro.
There's several other different side effects. I can definitely pin these side effects to when I started Lexapro. I've been self-weaning off Lexapro and am now down to 5 mg./day. I have never contacted her before about meds and Lexapro manufacturer states that if Glaucoma side effects become present to immediately contact your prescribing physician, which I now have. Nothing's changing yet. I'd rather be on no anxiety/depression meds than to continue with these side effects that can become permanent.

Thank you all for lending your ear/eyes/empathy/knowledge. Have a blessed day. Susan

Sat, Jun 27 4:04pm · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

@summertime4 I empathize with your crying as I do too. It used to be that in doctor office that they'd actually empathize and try to take care of you when this occurred. Now, the front office employees totally ignore you and I even had my neurologist just act like it was another day in the office. It was my worst panic attack to date. 😳

Sat, Jun 27 10:46am · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

@lilypaws How're you doing? I've read in other parts that your home now. That was quite a surgery. Do they want you up and walking every day? After my fusion, that's what I had to do. My surgery was in 2013. Lately it feels like my screws are poking me and boy does that hurt.

I will talk to my doctor about those meds if I can but you know doctors don't like patients telling them how to do their jobs! Great way to get them grouchy usually or tell you to leave. I understand about the genetic factor of anxiety/depression as both my kids are dealing with depression and anxiety, my father fought depression all his life and committed suicide at 60, my mother fought anxiety and depression. I don't know beyond that. It wasn't talked about. Now they've labeled Gen Z as having both. How is that possible when they've been given everything? Wish they'd grown up like we did where they'd to go outside and play with friends, no TV, social media, phones, etc. to waste away the day with instead of doing something and having chores to do. My kids did have chores and have to play outside but we're still influenced by the technology advances. It was a fight.

Sat, Jun 27 10:23am · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

Thanks, that's a great idea and may stop a lot of my adverse drug reactions and bad side effects that are occurring. I'm currently trying to reach my Psychiatrist because we agreed that I'd increase my Lexapro to 15 mg. and that's when I realized it was the medicine that's been causing quite a few problems since I went on it almost a year ago and hadn't put the two together. When you have so many medical conditions going, it's harder to determine what is causing what. I looked up the side effects of Lexapro in great detail and found side effects that I've been struggling with. Now to get through to the doc. They won't take a message and I can't find a way to leave a message for her on her website! I'll look one more time then I'll be walking into the office.

Thu, Jun 4 1:50pm · B-6 vitamin danger! in Neuropathy

Thanks for this pay as I have MTHFR and although I've done writer a butt of research on it, I don't recall seeing anything about B vitamins processing being an issue. I'm having an issue with B12, have SFN and PN. Heading to check my supplements for B6 for toxicity. I seem to fit into the this group with thyroid and other diagnosis.
My daughter has issues and is on a B Complex. We might need to rethink that. She's going on 23 and I suspect she's got Fibro or CFS like me or POTS. Salt tablets are there only way she can tolerate our Texas heat.

Tue, Jun 2 3:14pm · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

Has anyone had MTHFR come back on their genetic testing? I paid four figures after insurance a couple years ago when a doctor ran genetic testing (unbeknownst to me) and this is one of the results. It has depression and anxiety linked to it, which runs in my family might explain that. I have an high sensitivity with medications and would definitely like the testing to find out which meds would work best. Roulette wheel scares me to death with each new med. I'm on Lexapro but am having panic attacks that are getting worse. I guess it's time to up my level on it. I've been resisting but this last one scared me.

Mon, May 11 11:44am · Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain in Spine Health

That's some spectacular test results. Please keep us updated, as you can, on your surgery and recovery. That is a considerable fusion, but you will be in a much better place afterward, and Mayo surgeons are excellent surgeons. It's where I will go next time around.