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Sep 15, 2018 · Camptocormia in Spine Health

No you are not alone… I would love to try this brace , Any idea where it is available???

Sep 15, 2018 · Camptocormia in Spine Health

Because I started to bend over I was diagnosed with PD, this was back in 2006, I was given the PD meds which did nothing for my posture. I moved from Chicago to Texas in 2012 and met with a new neurologist who took one look at me and told me I didn't have Parkinson's! took me off all my meds. He had no idea why I was bent over, Over the last 5 years I tried seeing different neurologists none of them had answers. By now I am walking at a 90 degree angle with a walker. Still not convinced I didn't have PD I made an appointment with a specialist who only treats people with PD . He told me I had Camptocormia which is associated with PD, he is scheduling me for a DATscan to either confirm I have PD on some other neurological disease. I have been reading the posts to see of any one has found any kind of treatment that helps as I have tried PT which has made ne stronger but has done nothing for my posture. pretty soon i will be kissing my knees!!! 🙂