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Wed, Sep 18 3:23pm · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

fOUND THE OLD E MAIL. Contains some links from Charleeen

Hi Mr. Daniel,
It was so nice speaking with you today. As promised, here are the resources that we discussed.




Mayo Clinic Pulmonary Research phone #: PULMONARY RESEARCH: 800-753-1606

COPD Foundation:



Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.


Wed, Sep 18 11:48am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

it was Sept 2018. I had a phone consultation. Don't remember the nurse name. She was to put me on a list for future stem cell research as that is what I originally
inquired about

Wed, Sep 18 11:09am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

on phone last year with Mayo

Wed, Sep 18 10:37am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

6 months. Saw pulmonary last week. Stayed on spirivia and symbacort..
On another note how do I find out if I am on the list for future trials?
I was told last year I was but don't Have that information

Wed, Sep 4 11:19am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

I can't find my older post from last year where you replied the other day.. What was the newer medication you mentioned that combined the ones I am taking? I will ask my Drs about it. Thanks. Is there a way to search for posts we have made here ?

Mon, Sep 2 2:18pm · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

yes I have been treated for years now. Thought you were the moderator who I have spoken with Thanks

Mon, Sep 2 1:50pm · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

well i had a dumb attack over stress in my life and smoked awhile. quit again 5 weeks ago . but now i am having more problems with shortness of breath. Have been seeing primary DR as well as pulmonary who prescribed the Symbacort and Spirivia. As my oxygen levels seem to stay in the 90's my primary has suggested perhaps it is co2 not being expelled properly . He has contacted the pulmonary to ask about a blood test for that ( I think ) Merry did I get put on a list to be informed of any tests. Was it you I spoke on phone with way back?

Mon, Sep 2 2:07am · COPD/ Emphysema in Lung Health

As it has been a year since I asked, I wonder what if any new information has occurred either in stem cell treatment or trials and in general any treatment for COPD ,emphysema and asthma . I currently use Spirivia, Symbacort and Ventolin as needed.