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Nov 24, 2018 · Disk replacement & spinal fusion (L4-L5): Post-op concerns in Spine Health

@user_chf56161a I wanted to respond to your concern about your 10 days supply of pain meds running out…just call your surgeon's office, if you feel that you can't manage with over the counter meds. I'm sure they gave you a 10 day supply as a safe starting place. I will tell you this…don't panic! There is nothing worse than having pain and panicking that you will have to endure it, without any defense. Just make the call. If they expected that you would be pain free and only on otc meds and that's not the case, you should probably be seen, or call your PC. I really don't think you'll have a problem, tho'. The other thing, walking… do it! Don't worry about how far you go, only that you DO go! I have to agree with your doc about having a "crutch" when you walk. You'll make much more progress if you don't use an aid while your walking. If you feel unsteady and that concerns you, use a walking stick (from the woods :D), just to give yourself a sense of security, but not something that you can really put your weight on. You are over the worst of it and now you just need to trust that with a little push, you'll get your strength back and be better than you were. Hang in there…it feels like such a slow process, but you'll see that if you just demand of yourself all that you CAN do, you'll be able to do a little more every day. Here's a plan idea: Just promise yourself that you'll walk five days this week…that's it…just the five days. After that five days, you can decide whether you feel any better and what you want to commit to for the next week. Just keep your weekly commitment and be proud of yourself for pushing through. It won't be long before you find it much easier, you feel better and in more control of your own body, again. Best of luck! You can do this!!!

Sep 14, 2018 · Chronic pain and spinal fusion in Spine Health

Awww, thanks @grandmar , appreciate the encouragement!!! And yes, you're correct, that hopelessness can get you! Fortunately, there is always tomorrow…ALWAYS!!!! Hope you have a pain free day, as well!!!

Sep 14, 2018 · Chronic pain and spinal fusion in Spine Health

Thanks Justin! I don't talk about it for several reasons…yes, the zoned out response, which I completely understand. Another reason is that it makes me feel weak. I have always been VERY strong, frightening for some (ha!), but I can tell the difference and I actually find it embarrassing, as ridiculous and vain as that sounds. My shortcoming is really that I KNOW some things that I can do, but I've lost my moxie and can't figure out where I put it! Low mood from all of this going on for so long has really hurt me (and yes, I am on a low dose of Zoloft, which is garbage, but I can't seem to get anyone's attention about that either). Geez, I sound very whiney… @grandmar, Agreed, on the problem of getting a good doc to listen…there seems to be a "shut down" if you are on pain meds and needing to discuss pain. Even tho' I am with a pain clinic and don't need anything from a PC, still, there is a bit of a "zone out" from them, as well. I have pretty much shut down, myself, which makes finding this forum a really good thing! I need to get amped up by those who get it, so that maybe I can get a little push to fight for myself. That just sounds so stupid coming from ME!!!! That actually made me chuckle typing it! Thanks @hopeful33250 Will Do!! @kdo0827 I'm with ya! Keeping it to yourself "seems" easier! I'm glad you found this place, too! Feel free to pm me! Thanks for all the support, will be coming back for more to get and give!!!! 😀

Sep 14, 2018 · Chronic pain and spinal fusion in Spine Health

Ha! I'm in Colorado!!! You'd think I would have already done that, but no, I'm hesitant!

Sep 13, 2018 · Chronic pain and spinal fusion in Spine Health

Hi All, I'm a newby to the forum. I had a fusion in 2014, and although it helped with one really big problem, it didn't help with a lot of other pain issues. I am very frustrated with my situation, although I'm sure there are some who have it a lot harder than I. I have wondered if the fusion hasn't created a muscular problem…seems as though the muscles in my lower back (fusion area) are always in ball and won't let go. Has anyone else experienced this? I am also (of course) on pain meds and I am just at the end of my rope with THAT whole "ball and chain". I feel very trapped with the whole mess! I would love to get rid of the pain meds and I think I'm going to taper and see if I don't feel better. I've heard that plenty of the pain is cause by the pain meds ( or caused by the reduction of meds, and the nerves coming back to life), but once you've reduced or stopped, the pain is not as bad as when one was ON the pain meds. Anyway, I just wanted to write a little something to encourage myself to talk about it, which is another problem I have…I don't talk about any of it, and I really should! It is hard to talk about it with people who don't KNOW about it, so, here I am! Ha! I am looking forward to returning to this forum and meeting more people who understand what it's like to struggle with this mess! Take care, 😀