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Sep 13, 2018 · New Diagnosis of MAC/MAI & I'm scared in MAC & Bronchiectasis

oldcarl, thank you for your reply. I've never heard of Amyloidosis. Interesting. It said 70% are men, but 30% is still a possibility. Everyone in my family has autoimmune diseases. I have 3 and we have a son with advanced primary progressive multiple schlerosis. Thanks for the info and I will look at your dx more closely.
It looks like all the Mayo hospitals are far away from me I'm at the south end of the Pacific coast of Oregon. Where do you go? Are they good? Are they specialists with the Mayo clinic? ….I have a lot to learn.

Sep 13, 2018 · New Diagnosis of MAC/MAI & I'm scared in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thank you Irene5. I will continue to read the posts. I deal with it OK sometimes, but …'s like when you're sick you're not feeling well. I will look for more info about other treatments than the antibiotics. It is hard to reason that anything else could fully take the place of the antibiotics. On the other hand, if they help me fight this, I reason, perhaps I will feel better in the long run. Now I need to find out where the closest Mayo clinic is and if they accept Medicare assignment. I also made sure I got the best Medigap plan.
Another challenge is getting no empathy (not sympathy) from my husband. He doesn't say much about it except mention "I bet those antibiotics are going to be expensive" & complain I'm not "affectionate" just lately. Hope I didn't say too much. BUT, how it affects him seems to be his only concern. Anyone else made to feel this way???. I only bring it up because this seems to be what is upsetting me the most.
My sister died 3 years ago and her name was Irene. How ironic. I still miss her a great deal.
Thanks, SueinOregon

Sep 10, 2018 · New Diagnosis of MAC/MAI & I'm scared in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi, I am new to this site. I just got the results of my broncoscopy a week ago. First I was told I had Staph Aureus in my lungs & was put on Levaquin X 10 days. OK, Now she tells me I had MAI & I think the other one is MAC. Anyway, My pulmonologist said we are waiting for the sensitivity test to see if the bacteria in my sputum are sensitive to the antibiotics….or not….since now some strains are resistant. My name is Sue from Oregon and I am 61 years old with Sjogren's Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bronchiectasis, and now THIS. My RA & bronchiectasis are extensive with a lot of coughing and I am on a biologic immunosuppressive drug, infusion, for the RA. I read several posts at this site, looked up the side effects of the 3 meds my pulmonologist said she will put me on, scheduled an eye and hearing exam. This is scarey!!!! I'm already weary of my life having been turned upsidown in the last 4 years with my health struggles. (On SS disability now) I talk with a clinical psychologist every other week & she is helpful. Is it really helpful to talk about it online? Or does it just make one ruminate about it all the more? I'm not sure which it is. Please let me know if it has helped you cope, or not. Thanks.