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Sep 8, 2018 · Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Thank you for your reply ! I hope we all can share our symptoms and experiences for a better understanding! Anyone that’s willing to private message me that would be amazing!

Sep 8, 2018 · Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Hey Guys I have been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy in September of 2016 foot and leg pain pins and needles! Also bladder and bowel pain! Also vision loss! The most annoying part is the bladder pain, feels like I have to irritate ever min and pins and needles all over my body and sharp stabbing pains in the abdomen area! I had Botox injected into my bladder in January 2017 and it helped with the pain and it now wearing off and I am having trouble voiding because the muscles are so relaxed from the Botox! So I am looking for advice! I have been to the Mayo they were no help! Please help any and a help is appreciated!