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Sep 8, 2018 · Daily random shocks throughout body in Chronic Pain

This just happened to me. I woke up and one shock ran down my left arm. A few seconds later one ran across my chest. I immediately went searching on the net and found a website that said these shocks are caused by extreme stress and seem to be more prevalent when trying to relax. They called it zapped anxiety. I am in the middle of an extremely stressful time so that makes sense. Some of what the previous people have posted sound just like what I read about this shocking feeling. It is very obvious that the parent who started this thread has had everything possible tested for their children and have found nothing medically wrong with the kids. Our bodies do have neurons with electromagnetic properties so it might just be that if you find nothing medically wrong with you then you might want to consider that you’re under extreme stress. Does Mayo Clinic treat for this zapped anxiety?