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Sep 6, 2018 · Coming back home in Depression & Anxiety

I am intending to finish my thesis as soon as possible and then hunt for a job that provides accommodation

Sep 6, 2018 · Coming back home in Depression & Anxiety

It’s partially because of my parents
I did have a good relationship with them between 19 and early twenties but the relationship turned bad again after my father retired
I had to move back home because my visa expired and I couldn’t renew it because my financial situation does not help
Thanks for your kind words

Sep 6, 2018 · Coming back home in Depression & Anxiety

Hi everyone,
I am 29 and about to finish an MSc Programme as I am currently wrapping up my thesis
I came back home “Saudi Arabia” after living on my own in UK for two and half years
I changed so much while being away and my family is not accepting it at all
I understand it coming from my parents as they are both around sixty but even my younger sister who is 24 is not accepting it
I being treated as a stranger from my mom and my sister and as a brainwashed person by the west from all family members
Me and my sister had ups and downs like any other siblings but my sister is taking things way too seriously and my mother is backing her up
I just went to her room and asked for snacks and she gave me some and it tasted funny and when I said that to her she yelled at me saying that I am being obsessive and she was angry and kicked me out of her room
I didn’t speak to her so much before this incident and nothing big happened lately

I am really having difficult time accepting what’s going on as I’ve been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and I am doubting that I have post traumatic disorder because I had a terrible childhood and teen years plus I am stressing about my thesis
I don’t know what to do
I tried to explain to my parents how difficult things are as I am still trying to adjust the life here and they are making it difficult and they got upset