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Mar 27, 2019 · Chlamydia infection in Infectious Diseases

With you having oral thrush you may try fluconazole as this may be from a yeast infection. Some people, even males, have a hypersensitivity to candida. The fluconazole will kill it within 24-48 hours. Nasty stuff on your liver, but you are not taking this on a regular regime, so no issues there. Hell, it sounds like you have tried everything else, however, the doctor who mentioned your overwhelming desire for sex may also not be too far off base. Males will get what we term as “blue balls”, which can cause serious testicular pain. Try masturbation as well. It sure will not hurt anything, and it may even put you in a better mood, considering your situation over the past five months. Good luck, and let us know how that goes. I’m sure we’re all waiting with bated breath!

Dec 2, 2018 · Overwhelmed while searching for second diagnosis in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi TooManyOars,

Great name first and welcome to the Mayo Crew of Seakers of knowledge for their own health control! In my humble opinion this is an endocrinology issue. Have they ran cortisol and an ACTH test on you (also monitoring insulin uptake and sugar and aldosterone)? The reason for this test is for adrenal insufficiency or precursor to Addison’s disease, which is my issue. Please look up all of the possible symptoms and see if you don’t fit the bill. Lethargy is the key component, but I had 31 symptoms and all fit about five autoimmune or other. There is primary and secondary. Primary is your adrenal gland , which they will probably want an MRIof. The secondary is the pituitary gland sending the hormone that tell the adrenal gland to secret the cortisol. Without cortisol you have no fuel because it combines with your cholesterol to make your energy. If it is secondary and your pituitary gland is messed up then you will have out of whack T3 T4 and TSH along with low testosterone. See where I am going with this? They should also get an MRI of your pituitary gland. Brace, because it is manageable but with continuous doses (daily x2) of either hydrocortisone or prednisone- normally the latter, but there is no cure and it is progressive and the prednisone has a whole heap of side effects. Look it up before agreeing to it. What you are most likely experiencing when you “crash” and can’t control your body temp is referred to as an adrenal storm or crisis. This is seriously a dangerous situation and you should try and avoid ANY stress at all. Easier said than done, but your life depends on it. Since I do not know your personality or your stress load, it is difficult for me to discern how often you will experience this, but this is also your fight or flight mechanism. Like going to the well for energy to “deal” and the well is dry. Read read read and take some control of this yourself. I saw 13 doctors prior to my last visit to Mayo. All were baffled, but if you have thyroid function problems and hot flashes (uncontrollable body temp) and unbelievable fatigue, then I would take the above advice. Tell your endo what tests you want and why. Do NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! Best of luck to you and keep us posted. Oh yes, this is 70% of the time due to an underlying autoimmune, but there are about a billion. Treat the symptoms first and get in better control and then go after the autoimmune as you can. Much love and may God provide you the strength and the doctors the wisdom to help you! Best wishes, Sean L. Roop – BIGGEST MAYO FAN ON THE PLANET!

Oct 23, 2018 · Vertigo in Autoimmune Diseases

Amen to Mayo being a "DIFFERENT WORLD"! And absolutely you need to advocate for yourself. Read as much as you can without going down a rabbit hole. Medicine is an esoteric language that you need to familiarize yourself. Talk the talk and get your doctors to walk the walk. If there is something to avoid discussing, I would also suggest pulling out any diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The prejudice you because of it. That is not right, but so very true. Stick with the facts of the symptoms, and it sounds like leaving out vertigo, which could be one of those hot buttons that you avoid as well. Good luck to you, and I hope you find what you seeking to alleviate your symptoms. God bless, and hopefully you can make it to Mayo Rochester. Buckle up, because you have NEVER seen medicine performed quite like this. You are put through the gambit of testing by, well simply the best doctors in the world. And lastly, everyone at Mayo is "NICE"! Yes, even the doctors!!!! Unbelievable experience when your health goes sideways. Thank you for all that you do Mayo Clinic!!! Sean L. Roop

Oct 21, 2018 · Financial strain of having multiple autoimmune diseases in Autoimmune Diseases

@anniemaggle – Ironically my local endocrinologist said, "the worst thing that I can tell you is that this is not going to kill you…" Thanks a lot, Doc! So sorry, because I know the misery you are suffering and I am 49. I have quite a haul until I get dirt in my mouth, so I am going to do whatever to actually "live" rather than "exist". Carpe' Diem is tattooed on my stomach. I got it after Mayo cured me of cancer at 25 years old in 1995. I intend on "Seizing The Day"! Remember to get you a little "life" every day while you are here because life is finite and God won't reveal to us our destiny but will guide our journey. God bless you! Sean Roop

Oct 21, 2018 · Financial strain of having multiple autoimmune diseases in Autoimmune Diseases

I can certainly relate to all the symptoms from the unbearable pain in the abdomen, all over body itching and joint muscle pain. The most menial tasks might put me in bed for 2-3 days. And I mean not get up to do anything! At Mayo, my endocrinologist told me it was not Addison’s Disease, because I increased in cortisol when stressed during my ACTH test. However, I had no baseline cortisol @

Oct 15, 2018 · Lupus butterfly mask treatment in Autoimmune Diseases

You may want to ask your doctor about Finacea. It treat rosacea and other types of Reading and I’ve had very good success with it for other things. That being said I’m not a doctor so you’ll have to check with your physician. I hope this helps, and God bless you! Sean

Oct 10, 2018 · Possible Lupus and Getting An Appointment in Autoimmune Diseases

The new and worsening symptoms would indicate your thoughts to be a reality. The butterfly redness is a very real symptom of Lupus, so it could be a comorbidity situation (multiple autoimmunes) that have you spiraling on a wheel of degradation. I would call Mayo Rochester immunology immediately and not quit until they say that they will see you. Time is of the essence. Do not take NO for an answer. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. In this situation. Mayo is where you need to be for autoimmune diseases. God bless you and thank you for your service. Occam’s Razor – All things being equal the simplest answer is probably the right one. What do you think it is and then sell it to the doctors to get them to see you. And do not take no for an answer. Good luck on your journey. “Never never never give up!” Winston Churchil

Oct 10, 2018 · Financial strain of having multiple autoimmune diseases in Autoimmune Diseases

In my humble opinion, I think you go to Rochester. I live in FL, and I chose to go to the REAL MAYO! There is a reason they are ranked #1 in the world. Unless you are going for Neurology, I suggest hopping your happy butt on a plane. It is literally a reality check when you go to Rochester. This place is beyond anything you can imagine when you talk about healthcare. Again – GOD BLESS MAYO and the people that support their God-driven values and mission to heal us. I cannot say enough good things about this place, which basically is all of Rochester! Good luck to all that come, and put your faith in the fact that you are where you need to be when things go sideways with your health. Amazing is the only word that needs be used in the same sentence with THE MAYO CLINIC – Rochester! Why even chance it to go to the subsidiary unless it is for their Neurology, which I believe Jacksonville ranks better in general for this area of study. God bless you all – Sean Roop!