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Sep 2, 2018 · Pancreatitis in Digestive Health

My 8 year old son had high lipase levels which indicated pancreatitis. After an ultrasound and MRI and MRCI, the results are “unclear”. He doesn’t have typical symptoms of pancreatitis (not sick, no vomiting, no fever) and there is no seen cause (gallbladder or trauma) for pancreatitis. Aside from occasional stomach pain, and fatigue, he is totally happy and healthy.
We are supposed to “wait and see” and do a second MRI in 6 weeks.
I am sacred this could be a tumor and that is what they are looking for in the MRI. Is there anything else this could be? Six weeks seems like an eternity and I am sick with worry trying to find any information.
I read a few studies where pancreatitis was caused from celiac disease. Any help or similar stories that can lead my investigation to finding answers would be appreciated. I am a very scared mom right now.