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Aug 28, 2018 · Questions about visiting AZ in Visiting Mayo Clinic

My medical problems are long so I'll try to keep short my questions. For the first time I am unsure what type of dr to make my 1st appointment with? Been on permanent disability now for almost 20yrs, since I was 29yrs old. I have a huge list of diagnoses. I have a medical background from before I went on disability and that medical knowledge, especially for my varying diagnoses greatly increased since then. I've been very discouraged by the lack of knowledge in many drs I've seen through the years. Got tired of the constant tests and diagnoses that had no cure. I was diagnosed in my late 20's with many diseases most don't get until they're in their 80's. I have always gone to mayo clinic website for trusted info after a diagnosis or frustrating dr appt so I've now decided why not just go to the best and ones I trust to maybe finally get some answers, but where do I start? Is there a way to give the dr my history before going to my visit for them to decide where I should start first? And I mean in my words, not just copies of a bunch of tests. To give an idea of my most recent frustration now that medical records are online I was looking to see if my tests from an er visit were online yet and saw the older visits were there. Looking through I saw my ekg's and it showed a heart attack and blockage, discharge diagnosis that day said sinus infection. I remember that visit. I went to the er with chest pain, heart palpitations, arm pain and numbness, they took me back for ekg upon arrival and said everything was normal and put me back in the waiting room, the dr I saw would not address the symptoms I went in for and was focused on my sinus infection. Medical history tidbit I have sinus polyps and always have a sinus infection. When I saw that ekg and remembered that visit I was livid to say the least. I know that my heart needs to be addressed from a cardiologist. I know I need to see the ent again for the sinus polyps. I know I have immune disease but could never get a straight answer as to what. I haven't been to my rheumatologist in a long time either and know I need to see one again. I do like the ent and rheumatologist I found here in my home state so should I focus on other areas of expertise? How many days should I plan on being there? Would it be a one time deal and need to come back a month later for follow ups? So much for keeping this short haha, sorry, just frustrated with the care I've received in the past and now I just don't know where to begin. I currently have been so frustrated that for the last couple years I just go to the emergency room when things get intolerable and for normal things I use my vet (nope, not a misprint). The drs at one point had me on 35 meds a day, yes 35 different medications. After that killed me, literally, was on life support for a week after they finally revived me, I tapered myself off almost all of them and now not seeing a dr regularly I have to get some of my meds from people who no longer need theirs or had a death from a family member who used them or if it is something my vet can prescribe I go that route or ask at the er if they'll write it with refills when it comes to my inhalers. I don't care if I get another uncurable diagnosis at this point I just want staight and honest answers even if it's an I don't know answer. Thanks for reading