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Thu, Jun 6 10:31am · Myectomy Incision in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

What I found that helps with the scars is massage when it has healed enough to be comfortable, keeping it moisturized, I use a lotion that has vitamin E in it, also putting Mederma on it, which is a gel for scars. Also important to put sunscreen on it if it will be exposed to the suns rays. I hope this helps!

Tue, May 21 10:15am · Chronic small bowel obstruction from adhesions in Digestive Health

When my small bowel obstruction was total, they did the NG tube and finally had to put me on TPN because I was basically starving and needed nutrition. Once some stuff started getting through, I was on the TPN until I could handle enough calories to maintain my weight. My obstruction was due to adhesions from my colostomy reversal surgery. Liquids are great….I like high protein Boost and Boost Breeze which is clear. Important to get calories and protein. Low residue diet, which is very low fiber. Nothing over 1 gram of fiber per serving. To me, the liquids are my safe space. I know those feed me and get through.
Slow baby steps are best . Add things gradually and in small amounts. Like a couple bites of scrambled eggs, a few bites of applesauce or pudding. See how it feels.
I am heading back into Mayo this Friday to have an outpatient procedure on my incision scar.
I hope some of my suggestions help

Sun, May 12 9:25pm · Recommended fiber amount for diverticulosis and tortuous colon in Digestive Health

I don't think it is related, as I have had IBS for years, but no tortuous colon,just the diverticulitis.

Sun, May 12 12:28pm · Recommended fiber amount for diverticulosis and tortuous colon in Digestive Health

Yes, Mayo in Phoenix. Dr Rhee was the resident surgeon, but Dr Mishra is the ColoRectal surgeon who oversaw everything and was in the operating room. Very thankful to have a specialist .

Sun, May 12 1:55am · Recommended fiber amount for diverticulosis and tortuous colon in Digestive Health

I am actually feeling great! Slowly gaining my weight back and eating normally. I still have certain foods that can bother me, but that is typical with IBS, which I have had for years. You can google Deloyers procedure and it gives a good description, and from what I have read, positive long term outcomes. There seems to be a faster turn around time as I had so much large intestine removed, but I plan my day and meals where I have bathroom access should the need arise. I think about where I was a year ago with all this…what a difference! It is nice to not be afraid to eat anymore!

Sun, May 5 7:06pm · Recommended fiber amount for diverticulosis and tortuous colon in Digestive Health

I only do clear liquids during an episode, then once symptoms seem to be resolving, soft foods, scrambled eggs, pudding, mashed potatoes, bananas, applesauce. Boost Breeze is a clear supplement that is my go to. 250 calories and 9 grams of protein. I can't find it in stores, but available on Amazon. It is wwhat Mayo gave me when I was hospitalized. Now that all that intestine has been removed(Deloyers Procedure), not having the issues, which is great, although there are still some foods I need to avoid

Tue, Apr 9 10:06am · Tips for managing chronic Small Bowel Obstructions in Digestive Health

Mine were caused by adhesions from previous surgeries. (I had 4 this year). The last surgery , 1/07/19, they started to try laparoscopic but when they saw all the adhesions, they switched to open and spent the first 2 hours clearing the adhesions before they could start the actual bowel procedure. Ended up perforating the small bowel during that and had to fix that too. I am now 2 months post surgery and everything seems to be passing through ok so far. The liquid nutrition I have mentioned in previous posts are good, plus the gentle abdominal massage . I wouldn't be surprised if they put you on a low residue diet.
Good luck and feel better!
Also, I hate the NG tube as well, but it does work. Had 4 of those this year too! UGH!

Mon, Mar 18 11:05am · Tips for managing chronic Small Bowel Obstructions in Digestive Health

I have only had the one in my small intestine due to the adhesions, but when it was total, they didn't let me eat anything. When it partially cleared, I was on clear liquids and then regular liquids, but they also put me on TPN. I did that and the massage and after a few weeks, it finally blew open and I had diarrhea probably 30 times over 2 days and all the distention was gone. I was able to get off the TPN but they kept me on low residue diet for a long time. Then the diverticulitis came back, the reattachment site from my colostomy reversal failed and I had a BAD blockage in my colon and ended up having surgery again. It worked and now I am feeling good and eating normally.
Did anybody recommend the low residue diet to you? Nothing to eat that has more than 1 or 2 grams of fiber in it, no seeds, nuts, etc.
Basically you are eating a toddler diet, but hey, I am a big fan of Mac & cheese! You can google low residue diet and it gives you lots of ideas.