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Fri, Jan 10 10:15am · Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain in Digestive Health

When they were trying to figure out where my blockage was, they did x rays and a CT scan with contrast. This showed where stuff was it the intestine vs areas that had nothing but air. This would indicate where everything was stopped, thus giving them an idea of other adhesions. But really, I don’t think they can exactly tell until they get in there. I know when they started laparoscopic last time, as soon as the camera was in, they saw how bad the adhesions were, and used the camera as a guide to see where to open me back up. My incision ended up being bigger, about 3 inches or so because they needed to start where there weren’t any adhesions. I hope this info helps

Thu, Jan 9 1:25pm · Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain in Digestive Health

With the Deloyers procedure, they removed the rest of the sigmoid that was still there, all the descending colon, part of the transverse and then turned the rest of the transverse that was left, counter clockwise and ran it down along side my ascending colon and reattached to my rectum. So I have no large intestine on my left side. I have no bag, and although it took awhile for things to heal and settle down, my bowel functions pretty normally now. The dr said it is not a procedure they plan on, so I am thankful that I had the colorectal surgeon at Mayo, otherwise I could have ended up with a permanent ostomy. I had a temporary one for 6 months while they waited for my colon to heal in 2018

Tue, Jan 7 9:53pm · Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain in Digestive Health

I have only been able to find the Boost Breeze on Amazon. I had a colorectal surgeon at Mayo. The went in because I had a really bad blockage again and ended up with the Deloyers procedure that removed the majority of my large intestine.

Tue, Jan 7 5:04pm · Adhesions affecting digestion and causing pain in Digestive Health

When I got the obstructions from adhesions after my first 2 surgeries, I was on clear liquids. When I got home, had pic line on TPN for nutrition. I did massage on my belly once it was healed enough to be comfortable and I really believe it helped immensely. They did my big surgery a year ago today, actually! They wanted to try laparoscopic to minimize additional adhesions. However, when they got the scope in, they realized the adhesions were so dense they were going to have to open me up again. 4th Surgeries in less than a year. They spent the first 2 hours laising the adhesions and accidentally perforated my small intestine which they then repaired. The rest of the surgery went well, ended up with Deloyers procedure.
So the massage and Boost Breeze( a clear liquid drink box) is what really helped me. I also did clear broths. I cannot really tolerate the opioids as they make me really nauseous. I took liquid Advil .

Dec 31, 2019 · Chronic small bowel obstruction from adhesions in Digestive Health

Dr has me on low residue/low fiber diet. They have also now diagnosed gastroparesis, so I have an appointment with the dietician at Mayo in a few weeks. I am not expecting her to change my diet recommendations much. I did massage on my abdomen with I was dealing with the blockages due to the adhesions. 5 surgeries all within 14 months caused a lot of adhesions! I lived on Boost Breeze, when I could only have the clear liquids. Doing fairly well now, have gained back about 8 pounds of the 17 I lost.
I hope you get into Mayo and get some answers and some relief!

Dec 10, 2019 · Small bowel obstruction diet in Digestive Health

Low residue diet which is low fiber, no more than 2 grams per serving. No raw veggies, fruits with skins, seeds, no nuts etc. Mayo should have access to a complete low residue diet online. Also I lived on Boost Breeze while I had blockages. I have undergone 5 intestinal surgeries in the past 2 years. I ordered it on Amazon, since you can’t find it in stores. It is clear, and has 9 grams of protein in each box. Very tasty as well.

Dec 4, 2019 · Gastroparesis diet - a lot out there but nothing consistent in Digestive Health

I was just at my appointment yesterday at Mayo in Phoenix and they gave me an entire booklet for Gastroparesis diet. I also have an appointment with the dietician coming up to go through it and go over nutrition. It looks to me like it is almost the same as the low residue/low fiber diet I have been on for the past year. You might want to schedule an appointment.

Sep 22, 2019 · New diverticulitis patient in Digestive Health

I had to have surgery Jan 2018 for diverticulitis. The infection was so bad I had to have a temporary colostomy for 6 months. Was in the hospital 10 days. I was not at Mayo. Had it reversed July 2018 and while the reversal went well had complications w/ blockage in small bowel due to adhesions. Went home 17 days later on clear liquids and PICC line for TPN. Everything cleared about 3 weeks later, but in Nov, diverticulitis flared up again. Went to Mayo ER, sent home with antibiotics. 2 weeks later had to go back, in hospital for 6 days. Part of the sigmoid below reversal site was so blocked, they knew they would probably have to due surgery again. Went hone on Dec 20. Only clear liquids. I lost 17 pounds. Jan 2 had another test and blockage was even worse so back to surgery Jan 7, 2019. Ended up with Deloyers procedure and was in hospital for 6 days.
Feeling pretty good now , sometimes dealing with faster bowel transit time. This surgery was done at Mayo in Phx with a colo/rectal surgeon.
Some of my tests included CT scans, xrays, and the dreaded enema with contrast. I made them give me some pain meds when I was inpatient for that one. Naso gastric tubes are also in the realm of possibility. I have had to have them 4 times during this ordeal. They are unpleasant, but effective.
I would talk to your dr about the possibility of them having to do a colostomy and if they plan on reversing it.
Apparently, they cannot sew the bowel back together when it is really infected. Maybe they could treat and get the infection under control before they do the surgery, lowering your chances for a colostomy. I didn’t have that option at the time as my bowel was about to rupture.
Good luck!