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Thu, Feb 7 11:03am · Chronic small bowel obstruction from adhesions in Digestive Health

For me personally, if I was still having the obstructions, I would be afraid of eating something that might get "stuck". As it stands right now for me, even though I do have the all clear to eat normally, I am still playing it safe for the most part. I have tried some non low fiber things, but only in a very small amount to see how I do. The anxiety I would have if I overdid it is just not with it in my opinion.
I hope your mom gets some answers and gets to feeling better!

Thu, Feb 7 10:39am · permanent SIBO due to removal of ileocecal valve. in Digestive Health

Thanks. Looking forward to feeling somewhat normal again!

Tue, Feb 5 4:54pm · permanent SIBO due to removal of ileocecal valve. in Digestive Health

Have been on low residue diet, now introducing new foods slowly, as surgeon says I can eat normally since Deloyer procedure. I am trying to still be careful as I think I have some PTSD where certain foods are concerned. Things seem to be going ok, had some ground beef, onions and avacado. Didn't seem to bother me other than bm was a little looser. As I am only 4 weeks out from surgery, not sure what my new normal will end up looking like. I am definitely keeping track of my intake and my reaction

Sat, Feb 2 10:47am · Diverticulitis in Digestive Health

@kitten92 I have dealt with diverticulitis for a while. the past year I have had 4 surgeries due to it. I am almost 4 weeks out from the last surgery. Ended up having to have Deloyers procedure, in which they took part of my rectum, the rest of my descending colon, part of the transverse and then turned the transverse back down along the ascending and attached to my rectum. It is now my new descending. When the diverticulitis is flaring, clear liquids are a must. I would also say being on antibiotics. They had me on Zocyn in Dec, and it worked. Not any side effects for me. Don't wait on calling the doctor if it doesn't clear up or you could end up with emergency surgery, which is not fun. Mine resulted in a temporary colostomy bag for 6 months while they waited for my colon to completely heal.

Thu, Jan 31 6:00pm · Tips for managing chronic Small Bowel Obstructions in Digestive Health

I will get French fries too!

Thu, Jan 31 1:45pm · Tips for managing chronic Small Bowel Obstructions in Digestive Health

Got really good news from the surgeon today at my follow up appointment. He said everything looks good and I am free to eat whatever I want. Very exciting, but I am sure I will have some anxiety the first few times I eat something with fiber, or veggies, skin etc. Still have to keep with the high protein Boost to get my weight back up. He doesn't expect me to have any issues with the SB obstructions with all the adhesions they removed or the diverticulitis since that part of my colon is now gone. Just diarrhea will be more common since my bowel is so much shorter. Taco Bell, here I come! Just kidding! lol Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.

Mon, Jan 28 10:33am · Colon Resection for Diverticulitis and Chronic Constipation in Digestive Health

I had my fourth surgery in less than a year due to diverticulitis 3 weeks ago. Ended up having Deloyer procedure done this time. My system still does not seem normal, although I am at the opposite end from you , with diarrhea rather than constipation. My surgeon prescribed taking 2 Senekot everyday to make sure things moved along. I am still on a soft, low fiber diet but hope to advance that once I see him for my follow up later this week. As for the Senekot, it has worked too well for my system and I had to back dosage down. I have not taken any for a week and things are moving fine. It is a plant based stool softener and seems to be gentler than some of the laxatives out there. Senna is also what is in the Smooth Move herbal tea. Maybe you could try that as well if you haven't all ready.
I would rather have the loose bowel movements than be constipated. I get panicked when nothing comes out, as that has been the precursor to every hospital visit this past year! I am hoping things get back to normal soon. I know it took about 5 to 6 weeks last time. I hope you get back to normal soon as well. Let us know how you are doing!

Fri, Jan 25 10:13am · Sibo in Digestive Health

I am feeling pretty good, trying to work some(I am a realtor). I have been able to get out and show some houses etc. I have my follow up appointment with the surgeon 1/31. Everything seems to be going ok except my appetite is still not that great so keeping weight on is a challenge. The solid food seems to be hanging around in my stomach for quite a while and making me feel full. I wonder if being on liquids for so long made it go into shock or something!