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Tue, Jun 16 7:43pm · Fodmap Eating Plan in Digestive Health

They found it all over, but mostly in sigmoid. I had my first colonoscopy in 2003 and they saw the diverticulosis, but no infections. Off an on had episodes, with cramping, pain, not being able to go. Was on liquids during those times.
In 2018 was when the proverbial shit hit the fan.
Horrible pain, not being able to go, fever chills, the works. Gastro scheduled the mri, it showed air bubbles in my abdomen, they sent me to the ER, ended up with partial sigmoid removal and temporary colostomy. Had that for 6 months. Hated it

Tue, Jun 16 6:02pm · Fodmap Eating Plan in Digestive Health

With my first of 5 surgeries in 13 months, my sigmoid colon was stuck to my tailbone. They removed what they could, then did a temporary colostomy, waiting for the infected bowel to heal. This was due to diverticulitis. The surgeon said it was the worst he had ever seen

Sat, Jun 13 2:13pm · Fodmap Eating Plan in Digestive Health

Yeah, the GI dr doesn’t want me to have a lot of fiber. No restrictions on dairy or gluten, thank goodness! My kids say I am on the toddler diet!🤣 I eat a lot of the same things as my 5 and 3 year old grandkids!

Sat, Jun 13 1:15pm · Fodmap Eating Plan in Digestive Health

I do more of a low residue diet than low fodmap. I am trying to add some cooked veggies like Brussels and broccolini, because I like them. Cooked carrots and green beans get boring. I don’t do any raw veggies and no raw apples, pears etc. some melons seem to be ok. lots of white pasta, cheeses, eggs and chicken and seafood. Almost never have any red meat, as it is hard for me to digest.

Tue, May 26 10:24am · poop smarties in Digestive Health

Yeah, I try to do the liquids supplements as well. I think with my shortened path on the digestive route, pills/ tablets have no chance to dissolve and absorbed. Plus with now the gastroparesis, I worry about them getting stuck in my stomach. But once stuff actually makes it into the intestines, my gut is kind of like the HOV lane on the freeway! Lol

Mon, May 25 10:32pm · poop smarties in Digestive Health

Sounds to me like some pills or vitamins. I know after my big surgery that was the Deloyers procedure, my potassium was way low, so they made me swallow all these tablets over 2 days. Once I got home, guess what started appearing in the toilet, looking like Smarties? Those stupid pills. Freaked me out at first, until I figured out what they were. When I told the surgeon at my follow up the next week, he laughed and said, well those didn’t do you any good!

Tue, May 19 10:21am · Medications for Temporal Arteritis/Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) in Autoimmune Diseases

Thank you! Diverticulosis seems to run in my family. I can remember my mom being hospitalized with it while I was growing up. My dad and my sister have also dealt with it along with 2 of my cousins. I am the only one who has had to have surgery, though. Glad he cleaned up his eating habits. I have always been a pretty healthy eater, and one of the hardest things is not eating a lot of fiber, fresh fruits, veggies etc. My kids say I am on the Toddler diet…..chicken nuggets, French fries and Mac & cheese! Lol

Mon, May 18 10:45pm · Medications for Temporal Arteritis/Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) in Autoimmune Diseases

I had 4 abdominal surgeries within 12 months. After the second one to reverse a temporary colostomy, I got a blockage in my small intestine from adhesions. I was in the hospital for 17 days.They opened me back up on day 11 to try and get to the blockage but the surgeon said the adhesions were so bad, it looked like a bottle of white glue had been poured over my intestines. They couldn’t do anything but close me back up. By day 15, they did another enema with contrast and that seemed to help open things up some, but I went home with a PICC line, on TPN and a drain coming out of my stomach. Not fun. Finally after about 10 days, and doing some gentle abdominal massage, things literally blew open, and I was totally cleaned out! I really believe the massaging of my abdomen helped kind of unstick my intestines and get things moving. I was very gentle, though, as I had a giant incision to deal with.
Unfortunately, about 2 1/2 months later, the diverticulitis came back, went to ER, got antibiotics, then home. 2 weeks later, back in ER and blockage was so bad, I had to be admitted. In for 7 days, then got to come home for Christmas on clear liquids only. Boost Breeze was a great find, good tasting, 250 calories and 9 grams of protein per serving.
I had to order it from Amazon. I would highly recommend it for the times when you need to just do clear liquids, but need some good nutrition. After Christmas was over, they brought me back in for more surgery and ended up doing Deloyers procedure. The adhesions were still so bad, they had to switch from laparoscopic to opening me all the way back up. They spent 2+ hours laising all the adhesions and perforated the small bowel in the process. Surgery ended up being 6+ hours. 5th surgery was March 1, 2019 to do a scar revision where they had closed the colostomy site. With the 3 & 4th surgeries, it had started pulling and buckling that area and it became uncomfortable. Luckily, that was outpatient.
Feeling pretty good now, just careful with the diet. Low residue is what works best for me