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3 days ago · Successful litigation for bad TKR surgeon and/or faulty device? in Joint Replacements

All I had to do to find out which knee surgeon 1 used was get the op note. There is was: the Dupuy Attune, the very knee that has mountains of lawsuits against it starting in 2017 – my first surgery was in 2018!! So my surgeon either knew about the litigation and didn't care or wasn't well informed enough to know.

5 days ago · Successful litigation for bad TKR surgeon and/or faulty device? in Joint Replacements

I'm not sure this is true in all cases. Surgeon 1 has no connection to surgeon 2. Completely different practice/city, etc. Also I've been reading about awards online to people whose Dupuy knees failed. I have the op notes from both surgeons. Anyone else have experience with litigation?

6 days ago · Successful litigation for bad TKR surgeon and/or faulty device? in Joint Replacements

I'm wondering if anyone has had success seeking remedy for a bad TKR. My experience/process was especially awful involving surgeon error and a faulty artificial knee. Pain and suffering for 2 years. You may pm me if you wish. Many thanks!

Thu, Jun 18 10:10pm · Severe Stenosis - Doc advises surgery in Spine Health

Hi everyone – I'm new here having spent most of my time over at knee replacements. Ever since I turned 60 I've been a mess orthopedically. I have severe lumbar/sacral stenosis according to my pain doctor. He has tried ablations (first one helped, second one didn't help). Has anyone here had surgery for this? What was it like? Would you do it again? I'd love to hear ALL stories, good and bad. Many thanks!

Mon, May 18 12:14pm · Pain and depression, the one two punch. in Chronic Pain


I deal with this. I'm 62. Here's what I think about when I think about how cruel it is to withhold pain meds from those who cannot function without them:

– doctors take an oath to Do No Harm. There is absolutely harm done when a patient's quality of life is *lost* due to chronic pain.
– I'm kind of amused by the current environment that stresses doctors and patients work "together" on the patient's health issues. Boy, not in the case of pain management.

I currently have a Rx for Oxycodone for unbearable back pain that is usually managed with very expensive and complex interventions like radio frequency ablations. I only have the prescription because of the COVID19 crisis and my pain clinic's closure. I dread asking for a renewal because, somehow, the pain docs make you feel so guilty for doing so.

I'm pretty fed up. Those of us who have nothing to do with the opiod crisis shouldn't be punished for the actions of those who are part of the problem.

Sun, May 17 8:05am · Knee Replacement Failure - Need total reconstruction in Joint Replacements

@4seasons: OP here. Please don't give up hope, just research all you can about surgeons and find the right one for your revision. I had my revision in Boston last October and am doing wonderfully! I would not have thought this would be possible. Sometimes I'm hard on myself because I chose such a poor surgeon for round one not IN Boston! Why in the world would I go anyplace but Boston for such a big deal? I still can't believe I did it… other than locals telling me surgeon 1 was great.

Are you able/willing to travel for your revision? If not, are you near a teaching hospital affiliated with a research university?

As a fellow traveler, I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's hell, no question about that. But this too shall pass. Keep posting!

Mon, May 11 9:00pm · Excruciating Pain in R Shoulder from Bicipital Tenosynovitis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I'm seeing my ortho on Wednesday and am hoping for this! Going to pm you, btw!