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3 days ago · Feeling at my wits end with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@sandytoes14 I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. I live with it everyday, so I guess I'm a fellow traveler.

@summertime4 wrote: "pain kills our desire and our ability to live or love life…" Wow isn't that the truth. I'm not sure I've posted here but I've been in chronic pain for a year. I had a total knee replacement a year ago which has failed and will have to be redone (by a different surgeon, in Boston!). Pain! Every day! I also have excruciating back pain from herniated discs and I've tried almost everything: PT, cortisone injections, MMJ, chiropractic. Tomorrow I'm seeing a spine surgeon – also in Boston. I'll talk to him about what he things should be done first: back surgery or the knee revision. I'm one of the furious who truly benefits from opioids and am denied them. I have no addictive tendencies (was on Oxy for 2 months post knee op and weaned with incident). If someone like me — 8-9 constant pain — doesn't qualify for effective drugs. who does?!

3 days ago · How to Prepare for Meeting with Spine Surgeon in Spine Health

@clogue8 Thanks for your helpful post. It hadn't occurred to me to ask about the possibility/probability of further surgeries! Thank you for that.

4 days ago · How to Prepare for Meeting with Spine Surgeon in Spine Health

Hi Everyone – I'm new to this board. I spend most of my time on Joint Replacements because I have a failed total knee replacement that has to be totally revised soon. In the meantime, I suffer from level 8-9 back pain constantly (lumbar herniated discs) and am seeing a surgeon about that on Tuesday. I want his opinion on which surgery to do first but beyond that, what have you found to me the most useful questions to ask at a first surgery consult?

Wed, Aug 14 8:40am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@damewocane I'm sorry you had to go through that; I'm right behind you! Can you speak a bit to what the recovery from the revision was like? I'm just dreading the recovery, fearing it will be as bad as it was with the original knee replacement.

Tue, Aug 6 2:40pm · Knee Replacement Failure - Need total reconstruction in Joint Replacements

The bad news is that no ortho surgeon I know of will see you until you are 1 year post op. I live near Boston – best medical care anywhere – and they all had this policy. I've also had terrible pain for a year, and only had it validated by a great surgeon who I researched to death. The good news is you have time to research. I don't now where you live, but I'd find the closest teaching hospital or ortho-only hospital and start there. Your idea about consulting PTs is also excellent, get a list of name then log on to your insurance company and see if they are in-network.

Fri, Aug 2 9:49am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Have you looked into hiring a Patient Advocate or going to UW's ombudsperson? Or a personal injury atty? I know you said you aren't the litigious type, but wow, if anything deserves a legal look, it seems to be your situation.

Thu, Aug 1 2:40am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@sarastafford What am I seeing in the X-ray? Is that a revision or the result of multiple surgeries trying to get it right? I'm am SO sorry for all you've been through. Babette

Tue, Jul 30 1:12pm · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I'm so sorry to hear this! Is one knee hurting more than the other?