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Sat, Apr 27 12:55pm · Chronic,debilitating pain after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@sandy9 I think you came to exactly the right place with your concerns!

I'm so very sorry for your ongoing pain. I am 9 months out and still have terrible pain and, like you, standing or walking for any length of time is impossible. If I want to go to a museum, my husband has to push me in a wheelchair. Not exactly my desired outcome: I told my surgeon I wanted to be skiing in 4 months and he said, "you got it!" Needless to say, if I'm to have the other (R) knee done (don't know how that's possible all things considered) I'm seeing a different surgeon. I saw a well known surgeon in Boston, but that was a consult about how/when/if to do the L knee. I learned that most surgeons will not examine or comment on your original surgery knee until you are one year out … and you're beyond that!

There are 2 specific things that strike me about your pain: your PCP's advice to take acetaminophen between does of Vicodin seems questionable because Vicodin also has acetaminophen and too much of that can be very toxic. Have you considered seeing a pain specialist?
Second, I'm concerned when you say there are times you want to lie down and not ever get up. That thought has flashed through my mind too. All this is very isolating and depressing. If you have this feeling often, please reach out for help. I'm glad you started here.

Thu, Apr 25 7:32am · Chronic,debilitating pain after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

John – Thank you for posting this. At 9 months post-op I continue to have so much soreness in my quadricep that going up and down stairs is very painful. Can't believe my surgeon didn't mention this possibility to me! I have found riding a stationary bike to be somewhat helpful with my quads.

Wed, Apr 24 2:02pm · Chronic,debilitating pain after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

@canis I'm so sorry to hear about your situation but I am right there with your husband. I'm 9 months out and while my gait is good, I have lots of pain in my surgery knee (and other knee: bone on bone). It is miserable and so frustrating! I struggle mostly with walking any distance and climbing stairs (going up is improving, but down is still the step-together-step method). My surgeon thinks all is fine (based on his exam and X-rays) and I've seen another surgeon for an opinion and consult for the knee that need to be done next. One thing you should know is that most second-opinion surgeons will not comment on your TKR until you are a year out, so my visit to mine was mainly to discuss surgery #2.

I WILL say that finding the right PT is vital. My first 2 were the sort that put one on a circuit, X minutes on the bike, X minutes leg presses, etc. and a lot of "no pain no gain" talk with which I completely disagree! As does my next surgeon! My PT is all about healing: and practices cupping and myofascial technique. It helps a lot. My spine has also become out of alignment and my herniated discs have flared up because I contort myself into comfortable positions for my knee. My PT works on my back pain as well. I'm seeing a pain specialist next week for a spinal cortisone injection.

I got my referral to my incredible PT via my town's FB message board! Try networking as much as you can however you can to get the right person!

Fri, Apr 19 7:53am · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Lisa – Thanks for asking about my MS. The short answer is I don't now how it is lately! Late last summer I had a total right knee replacement and have had a very hard time recovering. For the first 6 months I assumed (probably correctly) that I was healing on schedule but with more pain in the actual knee than most people experience. As time goes on, though, I notice both legs sometimes feel like cement. Very very heavy, both knees painful the R due to nagging post-op pain and the L hurting because there is no more cartilage left. The L one will need to be done probably later this year. I just don't know if the weight in my legs is due to MS or something else. Time to call my neurologist I guess!

Tue, Apr 16 3:00pm · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

Welcome – Have you had a lumbar puncture (spinal tap)?

Mon, Apr 1 5:43pm · Single level living, anyone? in Joint Replacements

JK: I know. I don't want to do this any time following my next knee replacement, which means I want to do it this spring/summer. And, yes, downsizing is utterly overwhelming. There are personal organizers who specialize in it, for a price. Maybe it would be worth it for you to consult one when you are ready. I'm so sorry to hear about your cirrhosis. Keep moving forward as best you can!

Mon, Apr 1 11:02am · Single level living, anyone? in Joint Replacements

@sakota9 So happy you made the move. I especially resonate with your point about being proactive. Our friends think we're "way too young" to be doing this, but I've seen family members wait for a crisis and that I will not do!

Sun, Mar 31 2:42pm · Single level living, anyone? in Joint Replacements

@debbraw The only downside I see is leaving this bucolic New England coastal town. But after 9 years here, it's really taken a toll. We've considered staying in town but the only neighborhood we love is the historic district which is chock full of very old, charming houses with *lots* of stairs, many very narrow and very steep. Not at all sustainable.

We are looking, though! We have several options near dh's office, the most intriguing of which is a gorgeous loft space in a re-purposed mill. It would be a huge transition but a great one in many ways.

Thanks for the support and encouragement!