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Thu, Sep 10 5:18pm · Osteoarthritis: Let's connect and support each other in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I'm so happy to find this thread. I've been suffering with increasing arthritis for several years. It has come as a shock to me because I consider 63 to be young! My parents lived to 88 and 90, respectively and did not have serious arthritis.

About 10 years ago I began having lumbar back steroid injections at L4, L5, S1. Also a couple of ablations. I'm now on pretty regular schedule of these therapies, so flare ups aren't as frequent.

I had a total right knee replacement 2 years ago. The surgeon botched the job and the prosthesis failed. It took forever to find this truth! I had to have a complete revision of the R knee, done by a brilliant surgeon in Boston a year later. The right knee is still sore from time to time – painful on stairs and I can feel the L knee beginning to go.

Then there's the shoulder surgery I'm having on the 22nd of this month!

Needless to say I'm in chronic pain and my merciful PCP prescribes Oxycodone for me – without it I couldn't function. My persistent question is: is this the beginning of the end or just a blip from which I'll recover and get my active life back?

Wow that was, as my mother in law used to say, "a tale of woe." Thanks for letting me vent!

Wed, Aug 19 4:02pm · My Chronic Knee Pain After Replacement caused by Wrong Size Implant in Joint Replacements

@mel 726 If you want the name of my surgeon let me know. You will get no BS and a masterful revision.

Wed, Aug 19 8:44am · My Chronic Knee Pain After Replacement caused by Wrong Size Implant in Joint Replacements

@apriljoy Please don't continue to suffer! This happened to me. First TKR was Summer 2018. After about 2 months I knew something wasn't right. Dr. kept stalling about recovery time and stages, said X-rays looked great, etc. I researched the hell out of other surgeons and found one in Boston who has become my hero. Since surgeons won't see you for a second opinion until you are one year out, I did have to wait (year of total hell). I saw surgeon 2 in Summer of 2019 and had my revision in October. The recovery from the revision was excellent because the surgeon did it right! But it was still one more recovery with all that entails.

I've since learned that surgeon 1 likely used a known-to-be-flawed DePuy Attune knee and installed it incorrectly to boot.

Don't stop searching for a good surgeon – are you near a teaching hospital? That's the best way to go, I think.

I wish you all the best – I've been where you are and it's the worst.

Wed, Aug 5 1:05pm · My Chronic Knee Pain After Replacement caused by Wrong Size Implant in Joint Replacements

Yes, the second surgery was at The New England Baptist. I wouldn't to anywhere else for orthopedics. In fact, I'm getting ready to have shoulder surgery next!

Wed, Aug 5 9:45am · My Chronic Knee Pain After Replacement caused by Wrong Size Implant in Joint Replacements

@cyd – Welcome to my world. First surgeon screwed up. He used a DuPuy Attune implant, known to have problems, and an implant with years of litigation behind it. In fact, there are entire law firms that do ONLY DuPuy lawsuits. I knew something was wrong from the very beginning. Long story I had over a year of incredible pain, suffering, immobility, trouble with ADLs, no social life, no mobility due to pain. Second surgeon – brilliant – did the revision and, like you, I knew it was good.

I'm now interviewing attorneys and will be during DuPuy and/or my first surgeon.

Best of luck with your recovery!

Fri, Jul 31 6:53pm · Being patient after a big and long surgery in Spine Health

Oh my, you have been through a LOT of trauma. Depression and anxiety are expected responses to that. I suffer, too, and I believe the right medications have saved my life. Trauma changes our brains so that we are hyper-vigilent/anxious. Depression is so very common after any surgery, especially after an ordeal like yours. I hope you'll consider the restorative power of meds and maybe some talk therapy, too. (Full disclosure: I'm a therapist).

I'm glad you reached out here and I hope others will respond to your story. Be well and at peace … Babette

Wed, Jul 22 2:01pm · Abilities and Life Expectancy (living life) in Chronic Pain

Hi Lioness – Speaking as a therapist, it really isn't about self-control. There are very real physical *only* dependencies and behavioral addictions and both are about neuroscience. I think it's important to see addiction for the disease it is.