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Sat, Dec 7 11:31am · Mako Robotic Arm TKR ONE WEEK in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell I'm responding to the news of your bursitis! I have it below and toward the inside of my surgery knee. It's so tender, driving me crazy. Am taking anti-inflammatories and icing the area. Hope you feel better!

Sun, Dec 1 7:46pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Day Two in Joint Replacements


Hi and thanks for checking in! Yes, I'll be 7 weeks out as of this coming Friday. This experience has been completely different from the first disaster, which lasted 15 months. It's hard to describe how/why I know this is better. I just have a sense of well-being and slow, steady progress that I never had with my first TKR. At 2 weeks, I was at 0/110, had my stitches out and permission to drive by nearly 3 weeks out. Everything just feels in place and I'm approaching PT differently. I'm doing gentle PT with the support of my surgeon and a terrific therapist. My mood is better, my attitude is much more confident than it was the first time around. I still have some pain, usually at night and still take 10 mg Oxycodone so that I can sleep through the night. The only thing that's the same as before is that my scar is very sensitive. That said, it's improving much faster than it did before.

I'll start working on strength building and stamina next. (Surgeon and PT believe that early weeks are for working with mobility and flexion only w/ strength training coming later.) I still face stairs with trepidation (we have snow/ice on uncovered stairs in the winter here). I'm just beginning to take stairs the normal way even though I default to the step-together-step method a lot.

I attribute this all to the remarkable skill of my surgeon. He only does revisions and is a rising star in Boston (star may already have risen, actually!).

Sun, Dec 1 2:55pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Day Five SETBACK in Joint Replacements

Just sent you a pm. /Babette

Thu, Nov 28 3:47pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Day Two in Joint Replacements

Hi @saeternes I take 5-10 mg of oxycodone as needed. I'm not on a schedule. Now that I'm off blood thinners, I can take ibuprofen along with Tylenol and that provides some relief. For the past few nights, I've only taken the Oxy only at night so that pain doesn't wake me up. I know the raising a straight leg exercise; my PT didn't have me do that until a couple of weeks post-op.

Wed, Nov 27 8:50pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Day Two in Joint Replacements

What you say is absolutely true! I think the medical community needs to be much more honest and direct about how painful a TKR is. Or, in my case, a revision of a TKR.

The challenge for me is weaning off the big meds. I'm 6 weeks out and still have pain, though *much* less than during week 1. I can't take narcotics on the days I have PT (I have to drive) and that's when I really need them! My surgeon has refilled my original Rx, but I have a feeling I may need them for some time as I can't sleep w/out them; pain wakes me up.

Best of luck as you move through your recovery!

Thu, Nov 14 10:30am · 15 Days Out: Scar Discomfort in Joint Replacements

Thank you everyone. My stitches have been out for a couple of weeks and my surgeon said to use Vitamin E oil. His PA said Eucerin. So I alternate.

Tue, Nov 12 8:40am · Herniated discs, history of injections, is it time for surgery? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Greetings Helen – There are things you can do before resorting to surgery. I have had severe lower back pain for 10 years, off and on. It's been especially bad over the past year. I used to get by on cortisone injections every few months, but they stopped working and I decided to see a pain specialist, NOT an ortho/spine specialist. He did a procedure called a nerve ablation. It has helped for a while but the pain is returning so I don't know what's next. I do know I'll go to my pain doc instead of my ortho for this.

Interestingly, I recently had a revision of a total knee replacement and was given opioids. They worked on my back, of course! But try getting them from anyone. One of my pet peeves is the fact that people who have a legitimate need for pain meds are having them withheld due to the abuse epidemic! Sigh.


Fri, Nov 8 3:56pm · How to Treat Knee Scar in Joint Replacements

This is a better post than my earlier one. I had my stitches taken out on Wednesday and am starting to feel real discomfort/sensitivity on my scar. Any tips?