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3 days ago · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

I am free of chronic yeast infections affecting my internal vulvae tissue. I have used anti yeast pill , like Diflucan on and off for years if I had the vaginal yeast issues with discharge. I am talking about a different type of yeast infection. It lives inside the vulvae tissues. No discharge, just burning. I never though of diet until I saw a different OB/Gyn doctor who said the key to killing yeast is starving it. Yeast needs sugar to live. I resisted doing this for a year. Then I came across an old book at a library sale by Dr. William Crook, "The Yeast Connection". Simple and straight forward and not complicated like other anti-yeast anti-inflammation diets. I followed his 2 month yeast detox diet and have been so successful I will follow it for life. Going on 5 months now. After the 2 month kill off it is less restrictive, but still no processed sugar or gluten for life. Also limited gluten free carbs and limited foods containing natural sugar like fruit. The 2 month detox is brutal. Zero carbs and zero sugar both processed and in foods like fruit. After 6 weeks the chronic swollen, red and burning vulvae became normal tissue again. Yes, lots of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables
Amazing results after decades of issues. I would tell myself while depriving myself of food, "When will you learn it's going to make you burn"?

No money for drug companies to market a deprivation diet. Plus I kid you not, you will need will power. I never went on a food restriction diet in my life as I never had a weight problem and was surprise how hard it was. Even with a full stomach of healthy foods you crave the sugars and carbs.

I do believe one has to be miserable to have the will power to experiment with diet change

3 days ago · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

It's been 3 years since mesh surgery and urethra lift appliance. No bladder issues, no leakage even with a hard sneeze. No pad. Like you after hysterectomy I was surprised by the pain. I had natural childbirth so I figured I could handle pain, yet the difference between a few hours of pain and even the incredible pain of the delivery while the baby is in the birth canal happens is not the same as 24/7 misery recovering from hysterectomy. The hysterectomy pain goes on and on. I had medicare and spent only one night in the hospital. While in the hospital they put pain med into the IV and I think it is better stuff. A
After hysterectomy with bladder and colon lift it was dramatically improved, but knew it still wasn't like it was before prolapse and told it was swelling. It never right, felt like you described and could see something was lower than it should be. Not below the vulva area like previously, but wrong. I did my homework this time and saw a specialty surgeon and was told I should wait at least 6 months or a year before next surgery. As mentioned I have no more prolapse issues. Remember my warning- see a specialist in prolapse repair.

6 days ago · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

Wow, we do have a connection Gail, maybe we should have stayed indoors and knitted. Yet, doctor told me nuns who never had children had the same percentage of prolapse as the general population saying that age thins the support tissues in all women. I had 2 vaginal births. What I find interesting is that I have never heard of any other woman in my family had prolapse happen. My mother had 4 children and I know she didn't have this issue. It does seem like a shameful thing, I don't go around talking about it. Probably more have had prolapse and don't discuss it. I think we have all heard that lifting can cause a hernia, yet some children are born with hernia's.

Sun, Mar 10 7:42pm · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

I don't think the old mesh has been used for 10 years. Goggle all the lawsuits and believe it is no longer available. After you do your homework ask you doctor or his nurse to explain, as they would have the most accurate information, also confirm they are using the "new mesh".
The sling is an appliance, that is ordered and it is fit to lift up the urethra.
I never had leakage,other than if I sneezed hard. Yet I was needing to go to the bathroom frequently. If I went shopping, I knew where the bathrooms were in each store, probably stopping every hour to go pee.
My main issue was like Gail's, my prolapse was the main problem. One day I was fine, then crazy me I love to build rock walls and went on rock hunt and lifted a rock bigger than I should have (which I had been doing since I was 19 and had this surgery at age 67 which was 3 years ago) while showering afterward I was shocked. Between my legs it looked like I had a penis. Hanging down was my uterus. Plus the bladder and colon was loosened I learned Even after hysterectomy and supposed bladder tie up I felt something level with my vulva and not contained inside of the vulva. Noticeable if I walked and it felt weird. That was my bladder. I couldn't accept living like this.

I did spend one night in the hospital. With the mesh surgery maybe I had some bleeding but can't remember because recovery was no big deal. As mentioned the bladder repair surgery is dramatically less miserable than a hysterectomy. The hysterectomy recovery was harder than I expected. When home take your pain pills , I used hydrocodone, strong drug which I have used before with hysterectomy for over 6 weeks without any addiction and with your pain pills and maybe a tranquilizer lay around and space out and watch recorded programs on your TV. With pain meds I don't feel like reading as it is hard to concentrate. I was driving in a few weeks and off pain pills by then.
By the way, I am still a rock hound and just finished a new section of a dry stack wall and yes I still build with rocks bigger than I should and nothing is hanging loose down there. So worth it for me to do the surgery.

Sun, Mar 10 11:19am · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

I needed a hysterectomy 5 years ago due to prolapse of uterus, bladder and colon. At that time uterus and ovaries were removed and work was done to tie up bladder and colon. The colon held, but prolapse is often caused because our support tissues thin out with age leaving nothing strong enough to tie up to.. So my bladder still wasn't supported tight enough even after tie up.

I went to a specialty surgeon, his only procedure was bladder repair/prolapse repair and had the "new mesh" put in and also a sling device to lift the urethra to straighten so nothing blocks the voiding of the bladder. That was 4 years ago and it worked immediately and now have the the bladder of a 20 year old.
I was very concerned about rejecting the mess and/or sling device. The "old mesh" did have allergic rejection issues. Other's on this site might know me from blogging on the Mayo skin site because I have an arsenal of allergies and so truly feared a rejection of these implants. I had been assured I would not be allergic to these (based on results of 5 Day Extended Patch Test) and as it turned out so far so good.
No more leakage. Period. Zero. I normally about 4 hours before urinating and I drink lots of fluids.

This surgery does tale a few weeks to heal up and like the hysterectomy no heavy lifting for a period of time but the pain and down time is minor compared to recovering a hysterectomy. Both hysterectomy and bladder mesh/sling repair were done vaginally.

However- do not let your ob/gyn doc do this surgery. That gynecologist who did my hysterectomy had no business trying to repair my bladder. You must go to a surgical bladder repair specialist.

The doctor I traveled to was Christian Quintero, MD, FACOG, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Nevada School of Medicine, at Women's Healthcare Center of Las Vegas. He is not a typical surgeon in that he listens, explains carefully using his computer to show photos and takes his time with the patient.

Wed, Mar 6 4:12pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

kako- There is no cure for any form of eczema that I am aware of. It's chronic, meaning no cure. Yet, my 2 other forms of eczema can be managed with contact avoidance to allergies, skin treatment and medications. We are all searching for products, treatments and lifestyle to manage our Grover's symptoms. Grover's is not the only mysterious form of eczema and just like other forms of eczema treatments may help some but do nothing for others. I am probably being too optimistic or have placebo affect going but after going on the fresh cilantro regime that kimass1 shared I truly think my new outbreak of Grover's is diminishing starting on day 3, just like others on the Earth Clinic site mentioned. I'm on day 5 of the cilantro smoothie (2 cups for me with no added sugar probiotic yogurt and no added sugar almond milk with 2 tiny pinches of Stevia). My smoothie is not disgusting like I imagined it would be, just fine. I shouldn't really share this yet, it's just I'm so excited about at least not getting worse right now. I'll update on my results in a few weeks and hope others do also. The Earth Clinic site had many, maybe half, of the bloggers posting about success with cilantro and some had been suffering for years without relief. Others stated it nothing. Sure worth a try.

Mon, Mar 4 5:15pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

The earthclinic site has testimonials from sufferers of Grover's and it seems at least 50% are getting significant relief; it's definitely worth a try. So glad I've been trying this for 3 days now. It reports that some get relief within 3 days while others take longer and yet sadly many find no change. I like that their recipe gives you an amount of cilantro to add to smoothie as bunches of cilantro vary due to the region. Yet some are so desperate they consume 6 bunches a day and finally got relief. I have never found a site with so many Grover's sufferer's blogging.
In AZ a huge bunch at Wal-Mart is 33 cents and in MO it is a $1.00 and half the size. I looked up how to extend refrigerator life on a bunch and read to first trim a inch off the ends, place in glass of water and cover loosely with a plastic bag. Change water every other day and it should last almost 2 weeks
They are touting this as a cure, stating that cilantro can remove heavy metals from the body. Also many take chlorella also. I am skeptical as to whether a cure is possible for those of us with recurring outbreaks. Eczema is chronic, so the word "cure" seems a bit strong. All of us would be happy to find something to make it go dormant.

Sun, Mar 3 3:02pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

If you have Grover's and also eczema symptoms other areas, like chuckdm mentioned his scalp- you may have multiple forms of eczema like I do. I started with hand eczema and learned a decade later I had Allergic Contact Dermatitis, ACD, with the 5 Day Extended Patch Test. Google this exact test name, it's not the 30 minute environmental test. I had the True Test Kit as well as one other kit. If you have ACD you can eliminate contacts that cause the rash or itching. Five years later my torso front and back started having what my derms believed was my ACD causing the rash. I couldn't figure out what allergy I was exposing myself to. They just assumed it was ACD and prescribing steroids that did nothing. Out of frustration I went to a new derm who took one look and said I had Grover's and yes I am a classic case even meeting all the basic criteria listed on dermnetnz.org (great site for all forms of eczema) except that the majority of sufferer's are male.
My point is Do Not Assume you only have one form of eczema. chuckdm can have both classic Grover's on torso, but also ACD on scalp. I now have 3 separate forms of eczema each with different treatments. Ask for the 5 Day Extended Patcj Test, Medicare as well as most insurance plans cover expense, which is normally about $1,500. My scalp itch from ACD is gone thanks to avoiding allergens. Right now stop using all the products mentioned on your scalp and experiement simply using Grandma's bar soap for face and body. Lye and lard only ingredients and lye is converted to glycerin in soap making process so only glycerin and lye are in contact with scalp. Works best with soft water, but if water is hard, just add another shampoo. Also use this soap to replace all other soaps- soft soaps are the most allergic. Also eczema is caused by raised inflammation in the body due to high histamines. Yeast in the body triggers raised histamines. You will not like this suggestion, but I did it 4 months ago and am thrilled with my yeast issues that are gone. Go 2 months sugar free- yes processed and natural (even in fruit). Give up all carbs for 2 months, not simply gluten. Basically meats and veggies, yet nightshade's are out. With the yeast dying out due to starvation (it feeds on sugars like a still) it sends messages to your brain to be fed. You will severely miss the carbs and sugars, just like a junkie goes though detox. Like kimass1 I didn't need to loose weight but dropped about 7 lbs, yet it has leveled out now. Now I can eat limited fruit servings and limited carbs NO processes sugar for life or gluten.
My goal is to be pain free in my remaining years so yes I bake for the family and watch them eat and enjoy because I don't want to hurt anymore.
In spite of all my efforts with diet my Grover's is kicking in again and yes bought the cilantro and shockingly to me the smoothly I have made for 2 days now is doable, not that bad. About 2 handfuls of cilantro, 6 oz of unsweetened almond milk, 4-6 oz of probiotic yogurt unsweetened and a pinch or 2 of Stevia (only allowed sweetner on anti-yeast diet). It may not help but believe it will not be harmful. Lots of us are experimenting with this now thanks to a members suggestion.
Question about outbreak duration- for me 1 year for the 1st, then 6 months off and on now for 3 years and for me each outbreak has been less severe. True still not good, but dramatically less than the intense pain for the first outbreak in which I couldn't even lean back in a a chair or lay on back.