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Tue, May 14 3:53pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Those of us with eczema are constantly studying .
Because of this site we have read that cilantro works as a heavy metal detox and for some reason it is helping at least 50% tremendously, me included. I didn't test positive to nickle or cobalt on my patch test 5 years ago and these were the only metals tested for. Yet recently had a blood test to determine allergies to metal and bone cement as I am considering a knee replacement. Of the 9 metals it tested for I reacted to 7, only iron and titanium not causing an allergic reaction. My worst reactions were to aluminum and nickle and cobalt. Why this didn't show up 5 years ago with the patch test I don't know. Perhaps the blood test is more accurate.
If cilantro is working as heavy metal detox and cleaned out the allergic metals in my blood perhaps that is why I am improved. My thinking is that if Grover's is caused or can be triggered by metals then those of us that are allergic to metals have more of a tendency to develop Grover's and once we have Grover's a chronic incurable autoimmune disease the metal may trigger symptoms. Metals build up in our bodies.
This revelation about metal allergy's puts a few more pieces of my eczema puzzle together. I have avoided all other allergen's identified on my 5 Day Extended Patch Test, yet even when I avoid make up with my know allergens I find the majority of products that should be "safe" cause an allergic reaction. After wasting money and suffering I have found a few products I can use without irritation, but a safe eye shadow has alluded me. After buying dozens of eye brown pencils I finally found one that causes no reaction and believe me this has made me very happy as my brow hair is so light. I never tossed or gave away many of these expensive offending products and re-read the ingredients, many contain metals.
Metals are hard to avoid, they are even in our water, so let's hope the continued daily use of cilantro will continue to alleviate symptoms for many of us.

Sat, May 11 8:38am · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

I should add that previously my uterus and ovaries were removed 6 months earlier because of prolapse. I did need to wear a pad for weeks, not a heavy discharge but still a pad was needed. I did have considerable pain for 3 weeks afterwards and then still for months had pain issues. I needed the follow up bladder prolapse surgery because my hysterectomy was preformed by a "baby doctor" not a specialist who only worked on prolapse. He removed the uterus but didn't recognize I needed bladder repair also. Big mistake on my part. This is a reminder to to those of you considering prolapse repair. Do not go to your OB/GYN doctor. Search for a prolapse specialist!!! New and great techniques and this is all these surgeons do and they are more successful. I am glad I did my homework this time. Still I had to drive 2 1/2 to see for specialist, yet so worth it.

Sat, May 11 8:19am · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

I only had a bladder tie up with the "new mesh" and the sling to lift the urethra. Your vaginal closing surgery is a different procedure. My bleeding afterwards was unremarkable. Yet if I had that much bleeding I would be panicked also as I would assume something broke loose. If upsets me that with all that bleeding you only got to see a nurse. Now 6 weeks later you should be healed and don't understand why the doctor isn't examining you for your residual discharge. Why not be assertive and go to the office and park yourself there until your doctor will take the time to examine you.

Tue, May 7 9:40am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I have 3 type of eczema and resisted dietary changes, but my yeast misery gave me the impetus to try diet change based on my gynecologist recommendation. Your diet plan is more restrictive, but both of us are having great results. Thank goodness I like meat!! The Dr. William Crook, MD anti-inflammation diet to kill the stubborn yeast which resides in the intestines and gives off waste byproducts raising our inflammation (this is because yeast byproducts going into our bloodstream raise our histamine levels) is also heavy on meat, but I get poultry, fish, probiotic yogurt and eggs, almonds and walnuts and this detox allows masses of vegetables, except night shades. It is also stated to help with eczema. After the 2 month detox my decades old chronic yeast inflammation issues were gone!!! No inflammation in my female privates. Now 6 months later and on modified diet control-no processed sugar, natural sugar limited and zero carbs for life, yeast symptoms still gone and no meds to help!!! I believe dietary changes help with many forms of eczema, especially the most common type, Atopic which I don't have. My types of eczema aren't simply related to diet, as I must control my external contacts and exposure. My GD has definitely been helped by joining the Cilantro Club; nothing else ever made much difference. Steroids did nothing. Everyone should try this cilantro plan unless they have some sort of vitamin allergy. With the Crook diet, going off the sugar and carbs made no noticeable difference with my GD, in fact after being on this plan for 4 months I began another residual breakout of GD. Yet may have helped with my ACD because I did not need my annual corticosteroid shot in Dec after starting this elimination diet in Oct. Even with all my contact avoidance's I still required on annually until this year. My Perioral Eczema, PE has been controlled since I learned what to avoid. The PE contacts are not allergies and different than the ACD 5 Day Patch Test Allergens so can't say if diet helped with that as I learned to control it before dietary changes.

Mon, May 6 11:53am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Bunches vary in size, even at the same store. I make sure I have at least 3 loose cups of stems and leaves. It tastes just as strong with 2 cups as it does with 3 or more so why not up the amount until you get results?
I haven't skipped a dose of fresh in the morning for over 2 1/2 months. I also take 1 supplement pill of cilantro for lunch and dinner. I have read that Chlorella, Broken Cell Wall Algae, helps GD too and take about 4-6 pills a day of the NOW brand. I had a trip with access to refrigeration once I arrived so I packed my cilantro and NutriBullet. I also had access to grocery stores so could have bought it once at my destination if needed.
Even after drinking it all this time the skin still has the healed red spots, not scabs, which have never faded on the back lower torso, but have healed and faded elsewhere in front and back torso. As mentioned I have been pushing it in the heat and now am getting a few more bumps so I need to back off the garden chores once the day warms up. Cilantro is not a cure and we still need to manage our lifestyle.

Mon, May 6 11:41am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I have overdone it this week doing my spring clean up. The bumps that had receded are larger and more numerous on lower back torso. I need to be realistic and understand just consuming the cilantro won't overcome ignoring GD triggers.

Sat, May 4 5:03pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

There are dozens of types of eczema and as I mentioned I have 3, Grover's is just one type. You may also have multiple forms. This confuses doctors as they often keep treating symptoms as they should for your originally diagnosed form. My ACD was absolutely the most miserable form I had (I still have as it is for life but am symptom free) and it was the first type I developed. My first symptom was hand eczema. Mainly because I turned out to be allergic to my dish soap (preservatives), protective gloves which had an element of rubber in them, MBT also I garden and used hoses with rubber and held them without protection. Now I use vinyl hoses or wear vinyl gloves if touching a rubber hose. I was also allergic to all my topical moisturizers, except plain old Vaseline. Even my linens if not 100% cotton. I am even allergic to 3 of the 5 classes of steroids. With each allergic contact your reaction time is less and the symptoms more severe. This test saved my life!!! I was ready to end it all because the 24/7 pain and itching escalated and became unbearable. Sleep was impossible. It progressed to where I became allergic to more and more elements, yes some of the allergic elements are natural. Yes rashes can spring up everywhere or you may have no rash symptoms to show but it internalizes and for me it felt like my nerves inside my skin were inflamed. I would get taser like stinging and burning randomly anywhere. Itching and stinging always worse at night as our histamines are elevated in the evening. ACD is probably the second most common form, after Atopic.
Like you I never had a skin allergy till middle age. Not even acne. For me it was around my menopause time at age 50. It's most common to get ACD later in life as our body looses it's ability to tolerate what it believes to be a poison. Your body is raising your histamine warriors trying to kill off what it considers poison, a common ACD allergy for those in the medical profession is latex. Working with many latex products for decades the nurses and doctors have been absorbing the latex though their skin. It goes into the blood stream and finally the body says "no more", raising histamines to try to purge it. Thus rashes, inflammation and itching. Your rash doesn't even have to be at the contact site because the element that is off gassing and transferring through your skin and has entered your bloodstream can manifest a histamine reaction anywhere. Perhaps this is why you develop rashes in random places. A common area of sensitivity is the inner elbow. Most derms recommend trying a new topical in the inner elbow for 2 weeks before putting else where on your body. Often this site will react the soonest to allergies.
Even if you test negative to anything, the test will give you direction. You will know to keep searching for the correct type of eczema If you are allergic and have ACD you can eliminate contacts and be ACD free like me because now you will have names of your tormentors.
Have you gone to the New Zealand Dermatology site and searched all the forms of eczema? You can view photos of each type and perhaps you will see a rash that looks like yours and that can help identify your type.

Fri, May 3 4:00pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

The only sweetener allowed for me is Stevia, yet my diet is not for weight control- it is for yeast detoxing and is anti-inflammatory. The protein powder you used sounds great on my plan. What brand did you use?
Inadvertently I have lost 10 lbs since I have been restricting gluten and sugars in October and can't go any lower in my weight without looking too thin. I do eat mainly meat, poultry and seafood plus an abundance of veggies. and unsalted almonds and walnuts. I do feel amazing and am not hungry. I added back carbs after initial 2 month detox (except gluten), but now think I may have to increase the volume as I seem to loose about another lb every month. I weight as much as I did in high school but at age 70 one needs to hang on to more weight.