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4 days ago · Sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses in Healthy Living

You've been though many struggles and have learned much. Birds give many of us an enjoyable pass time when some activities are restricted due to health issues. I have favorite bird watching stations where I can sit quietly in my yard and also a favorite window seat in my homes so no need to go outside.
I know the Jays are nest robbers of eggs, they love the calcium they get from the shell but my main residence in the Ozarks is a bird haven. Yet they are such characters and so beautiful and I love the large family groups of jays that show up for their morning feast of p-nuts. The woods are loaded with nut trees and acorns, but they adore the p-nut and take them and stash them for the winter. We have abundance of Cardinals and finches year round, plus flocks of wild turkey. MO has the Bluebird as the state bird and I get the meal worms from my compost pile and the Bluebirds go"nuts" over them. We have a long list of woodpeckers and the dramatic pre-historic looking Pilated usually nest accross the street from me in the woods. Their bird call is very distinctive We have prolific native cone flowers the Gold Finch's feast on and I have seen flocks of Goldfinches in the hundreds. We have more Gold Finches than any other type of finch. Road Runners, Wood Thrush and Thrashers plus endless more year-round. In addition all the migrating birds: Robins, Indigo Bunting, various hawks and Bald Eagles, assorted water fowl and fortunately the geese just stay adjacent to the the lake shore and don't make it into my property- they are messy and destructive. Honestly I can't begin to list all the bird types. In AZ I get at least 100 Gambil Quail who come in for breakfast and I make a special peanut butter, corn meal and bird seed mix I mix up and put on a peanut butter feeder and the sparrows, finches and Thrasher's only get about a generous cup daily which is gone by noon. They line up for it! Enjoy your birds!

5 days ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

GD follow up. Maybe not GD symptom outbreak at all but reaction to Shingrex. Now 1 month after seriously bad upper back torso outbreak with large plaques of blisters, all plaques gone and itching gone. My GD outbreaks never had these large plaques, simply thousands of papuales; not grouped solid. Stopped cilantro, at beginning of outbreak used the Witch Hazel and then 2 weeks ago added the Hydroxyzine 25 mg twice daily. Unbelievable fast recovery. Normal pattern of GD recurrence is 6 months. Was this GD or a case of shingles. GD and Shingles have similarities. Derm said I had a 100% probability this outbreak was cause by the vaccine. I am not getting 2nd shot of Shingrex.

5 days ago · Sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses in Healthy Living

I've never tried growing p-nuts and don't eat them because my anti-inflammation diet excludes them as they may be a source of mold being a ground nut, yet I spend plenty of money on whole in the shell raw unsalted p-nuts for my blue-jays who adore them. I may try growing them.

5 days ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Wow, you have a serious symptoms. So very sorry.
Have you ruled out having various forms of eczema. Yes I have GD, but also have severe Allergic Contact Dermatitis, ACD as well as a few cases of Perioral Eczema. Why assume you only are dealing with GD? Eczema is an autoimmune disease and most of us with autoimmune diseases collect more as we age.
Have you been tested for ACD with the 5 Day Extended Patch Test? You need to rule out other forms of eczema in addition to GD. For example I am severely allergic to Mercaptobenzothiazole, MBT. This is an element if rubber, just like latex is from rubber. MBT is used to blend materials and memory foam is one, as well as nylon, poly/cotton, rayon and so on. The pillow you used could have had memory foam or blended covering materials you are allergic to. Even if you cover all with a 100% cotton towel elements off gas into you via your skin which is not an occlusive barrier. I also learned I am allergic to several adhesives which are used in fire retardants, spray starch, wrinkle free material processing, Scotch Guard and more. Any of these elements could have been used in this pillow. These materials could be used in a million products you contact or off gas into you.
Medicare as well as most insurance policies cover this expense test which is usually about $1,500. I have been tested twice. The first time I learned of only 6 allergies our of 78 sites, but avoiding these stopped my symptoms. 5 years later had this test again because of issues and learned of severe acrylic allergy and have eliminated those contacts. We collect allergens as we age. I didn't have these allergies in my youth. Each subsequent contact lessons our reaction time and increases the severity of reaction.
Controlling ACD has no relation to GD, yet you are atypical with the locations of some of your rashed up area so am suspecting other types of eczema, like ACD in combination with GD.
Also do not discount the benefit of an anti-inflammation diet. As a last resort and only reluctantly now follow the William Crook, MD, "The Yeast Connection Handbook". This dropped my histamine levels by killing off the yeast in my body. I no longer require a potent corticosteroid shot, Kenalog 40 annually to control the internal all over sensation of burning, stinging and random taser like stinging because of a rigid detox for 3 months and then the maintenance plan. A challenge as this diet means zero processed sugar for life!!!! Yet within 6 months sugar cravings will leave. I will never start up on processed sugar again and be true to this diet now for 1 and 1/2 years.
I am not a medical professional, just an eczema victim who has been forced to understand what has been happening to my body.

5 days ago · Sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses in Healthy Living

Good insights coming from your agricultural education. Since you are writing about misconceptions, my pet peeve is those that say it's ok to put on your skin or eat simply because it is "natural". It's good for you because it is natural. This is so misleading. Rubber is natural, yet I am allergic to it, cinnamon is natural yet I react not only from the fragrance, but internally it raises my histamines and as a topical causes a rash. Like you I react to soy beans, yet they are a good food source for many. Rubber is useful for those not allergic just as cinnamon is a delicious spice or fragrance for those not allergic. Each of us has to work at putting together our own jigsaw puzzle of our unique needs and poisons. That is why blogging on this site is helpful because we can learn from others with similar issues.

Tue, Jan 14 6:06pm · Grover's Disease tied to Shinglix Vaccine in Skin Health

A member of the Grover's Disease, GD, discussion questioned if he could have acquired GD from his Shingles Vaccine as he began having GD symptoms after the shot. It made me realize my last outbreak began 3 days after my Shinglix vaccine shot. I read nothing about this on the literature for this shot I studied on the internet. I saw my dermatologist yesterday to ask if there was a tie in and he said, "Yes, 100% this vaccine can initiate or cause GD symptoms to return". For those not familiar with GD look it up. It is an intensely itching and painful torso rash that comes and goes for life. The collagen in the skin is changed. I can't believe Shingles is any more miserable. I so wished I had checked with my dermatologist first. Presently a prescription is not needed for this shot and can be given at any pharmacy which has it in stock. I also did not read anything on all the pages I signed warning me that it could trigger this disease before I got this shot at Sam's Club. My dermatologist is Jonathan Bellew, DO of the Mohave Skin and Cancer Center in Arizona and Nevada.

Tue, Jan 14 5:50pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I asked my dermatologist yesterday about the shingles vaccine triggering GD. His answer was, "Yes it can initiate of activate GD". After you mentioned getting GD after a shingles vaccine I thought and figured out that my latest break out happened 3 days after I got my first Shinglix, the adult shingles, vaccine. Since this rash was limited to my back torso, an area not as common for Shingles and also the rash was not at the injection site I hadn't made that correlation. I also mentioned that my outbreak was rapid and severe, I even had plaques of grouped papuales about 1 1/2 inch clustering on my back within 2 weeks. Very itching. These plaques were not typical of my previous GD outbreaks. My dermatologist is Johathan Bellew, D.O. who is a physician for the Mohave Skin and Cancer Center of excellence in Arizona.

Tue, Jan 14 12:00pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

So sorry the cilantro isn't helping. From my reading only about 50% were helped and for me it worked magically for 8 months. Salt water is anti bacterial so could help with scabs, but when broken out sun is painful on my skin and I avoid it. Also heat is painful. Plus sitting or laying leaning on my back is extremely painful, so an airplane ride would be miserable leaning forward or trying to lay on my side. I found I preferred to stand instead of sitting if possible. Fortunately my sides have been clear to lay down on my sides. I never scratch, even when itching or else the result is extreme itching afterwards, plus broken skin that won't heal.
I am allergic to cortisone.
I mentioned the amazing relief I was getting with the px Hydroxyzine HCL 25 mg. Best itching relief I have found, yet my 1 month old recurring breakout is waning already I believe from the WH. Yet WH is not helping you. I also think the histamine in the Hydroxyzine is helping calm my inflammation.
I wonder if nothing is helping because you are having your initial breakout. My initial breakout lasted 1 year. It covered a larger area, all of the upper front and back torso compared to subsequent ones. Sides clear.
I am hoping for your sake once you tough this initial breakout your subsequent recurrences will have less severe symptoms.