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I have heard that the A1C is more important than fasting blood sugar results. Do others agree?


Very helpful and motivating comment. You think much like I do. My husband now has diabetes and is in complete denial. Alcohol and ice cream daily. He is perhaps 30 lbs overweight, but is active with golf and other hobbies and believes since his Metformin is keeping his A1C low he is invincible.
Does he 126 represent your fasting blood sugar?

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Sounds good but be aware it can still have a blizzard at the Grand Canyon late in March. I know first hand!
Like you I am not a gambler, the casinos are amazing there but overall I feel depressed watching the unhappy looking gamblers. Vegas has expensive but many good shows. We always fly to Vegas to get to our western home, but the city for me is too commercial and artificial and we leave ASAP. Another choice is to visit Sedona on your way to the Grand Canyon; fly to Phoenix and drive up through Sedona. Sedona is a magical relaxing place surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty and I know this sounds crazy but I feel a spiritual connection to nature there because of the astounding beauty of the rock formations. A plus is it has good restaurants, but my draw had always been the hiking. Sadly 2 years ago had to stop the hiking with my group of college girlfriends who met up once a year. My darn knees simply won't handle basic easy climbing. Even if hiking is not feasible for you they have the Pink Jeep tours which take you to various gorgeous red rock locations. The drive up to Flagstaff from Sedona is one of the most scenic routes in the US. Reservations are a must at least 6 months in advance if you plan to stay in a hotel or motel, the nicer ones require more than a year ahead in warmer weather. Nothing is cheap there. Phoenix is about the same distance to the Grand Canyon as Vegas is. I know I would not have the courage to walk out on the clear platform, yet it is very popular standing on top of the Grand Canyon. If you do it let us know.


It's interesting this theory you have brought up. In my case sugar raised my defenses and caused an autoimmune condition because of raised histamines trying to protect my body. Sugar feeds the yeast in our system. Yeast demands it and signals our brain to be fed. It's called a sweet tooth. It causes us to crave sugar. Yeast will die if starved of processed sugar and be weakened by denying natural sugar and carbs. The by-products of yeast is it's waste (it is a living organism) in our digestive track which can pass though our tissues, more as we age, because of the leaky gut issue. This yeast waste raises our histamine levels creating an auto-immune issue, which is a too active immune system. Our bodies raise a histamine army overloading and warring with our body in multiple ways. This raises our inflammation throughout. We are all aware of the consequences of elevated inflammation in our bodies causing many diseases. Get the book, The Yeast Connection Handbook by William Crook, MD in which it has simple, easy to read explanations and hand drawn diagrams. Crook is a one of the first doctors to develop this theory and has a diet plan which many others modified and copied, like the popular Keto diet. I like Crook's diet, it is simpler, less restrictive after the initial detox as it allows more fats and has made a dramatic improvement in my life. Now after 13 months and with such amazing results I will stay on his plan for life. His book is still for sale on Amazon. A by-product of starving your yeast and killing it is you will loose your sugar craving because the yeast isn't living in you and demanding it. I'm living proof. I stopped thinking about sugar. For me it took about 6 months to get to that point, yeast is a strong survivor. I can't help with your question about sugar causing colds, I haven't had a cold in over a decade, but I base that on the fact that I am retired, out of the classroom and my grandchildren have passed those early years when they started school and brought home all the new virus's which they hadn't built up immunity to.

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If you plan to do the Grand Canyon it's getting late in the year; better off waiting until mid- April.

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Good validation of how dietary changes can help some of us. I was warned at age 16 of arthritis, headaches and other issues resulting from neck injury beginning in middle age. For the last 20 years have had noticeable limited neck mobility; can't turn head further than the front of my shoulder. Yet I can compensate by turning my body. No one notices. A bit noisy , but lucky me it doesn't hurt. Your injury is more severe. At age 16 I was told that by middle age I would have arthritis and headaches as a result, but so far no headaches and the arthritis in my neck is a non issue compared to other areas of my body.
My goal now in life is to figure out how to live as pain free as possible and I have had a major turn around in the last year as a result of blogging on this site and another. Doctors only offer standard treatments which fail many of us.
You are right about helping ourselves by choosing to. You were motivated to sacrifice yummy foods and staying true to that for 20 years is inspiring. Pain is a powerful motivator in giving us the resolve to deny ourselves temporary pleasures like a bowl of ice cream. The brain washing jingle I made up and repeated over and over in the beginning so I could walk away from the candy or cookie jar was, "When will you learn, it's going to make you burn." No need to do that now as the craving is over, my brain no longer sends me signals demanding sweets.

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I've never been to Naples but it sounds like a good choice. Not too hot this time of year. Easy with US travel and good medical in a resort area.

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My electrical shocks and stinging were random, anywhere inside my skin. It felt like I imagine a cattle prod would feel. Like you doctors thought I looked fine. I do have a form of eczema Allergic Contact Dermatitis and after the 5 Day Extended Patch learned what to avoid, implementing contact control and the rashes healed. Yet this random stinging did not leave and kept getting worse. I thought I had nerve issues based on a neck injury decades earlier so I had a load of neurological testing, all that to learn I had carpal tunnel. Nothing else showed up. The stinging was worse at night as histamines are elevated in the evening. I was sleep deprived and was definitely loosing my mind, laying in bed at night planning the surest, cleanest and least painful way to commit suicide. I didn't want to fail or leave a mess for my husband to clean up. I had no memory of being pain free.I would have sold my soul to the devil have a hour of freedom from pain, simply to remember what it used to feel like. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. I started on an annual Kenalog-40 corticosteroid shot and this was amazing and kept the electrical taser stings away for about 10 months, then it would slowing begin again. This went on for several years. Steroid shots in the long run are bad news. I finally bit the bullet and began an anti-inflammation diet, a real sacrifice-zero processed sugar and zero carbs for a 3 months detox then zero processed sugar for life, limited natural sugar like a piece of fruit 3- 4 days a week and safe carbs like rice, but zero gluten for life. I began this last Oct 2018 when the corticosteroid shot was wearing off and the stinging and zapping was starting up again. By Dec 1 when I normally had this shot I didn't need it! Now 13 months later and staying true to the Dr William Crook anti-inflammation diet, The Yeast Connection Handbook, I still am electrical shock free. This Dec will be 2 years since I required the potent and not so good for you corticosteroid shot.
All said your symptoms are different in that it is not an all day event. Yet originally mine were not either, this built up slowly over time. You are not crazy, this is really happening to you and you are smart for seeking info from others. I have, for now, solved my problem. The Dr. William Crook book is still sold today on Amazon, not expensive, a simple read. Easy hand written diagrams showing the influence of certain foods raising our histamines. This diet will not hurt you or cause negative side effects like the steroid shots and takes no prescription. Yet you must have the strength to follow it. Will power is a must. Now I never even think about sugar however that took at least 6 months of craving it. It's not easy, but if you are in enough pain you will be motivated to try anything that won't hurt you. I plan to eat like this for the rest of my life. Best of luck, I feel for you. Been there! Living life to the fullest now.