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Fri, Jun 26 1:57pm · Need TKR and had positive allergy testing / Bone Cement and Metals in Joint Replacements

Blood allergy test by:

Orthopedic Analysis
2201 W Campbell Park Drive
Ste 215
Chicago, IL 60612

Metal-LTT Analysis Report

It tested for Bone Cement and 9 metals
I live in MO and the orthopedic center drew the blood and sent it off.
I had to pay upfront $600.00 as they explained Medicare won't pay. I paid and filed an appeal with Medicare based on my allergic history and my fear of an allergic reaction. Medicare denied my claim.

Best $600.00 I ever spent.

Payton is wish you the best in diagnosing your problem. I've decided to suffer as long as I can then go to a walker and in the end a wheel chair. I'm 71 and still active, but live with pain getting up and down, but prefer that to living with 24/7 rejection.

Tue, Jun 16 12:59pm · Small clustered bumps on forearms, legs, and hands in Skin Health

Which skin allergy test did you get? Was it the 5 Day Extended Patch Test? How many allergens were you tested for: 50, 80, 100? It sure seems you have Allergic Contact Dermatitis along with food allergies.

Sun, Jun 14 7:42pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

jameswb- did your derm tell you that you have several eczema types? I have had/have 3 types including GD, all i 3 n remission right now. I have not heard that GD was helped by Dupixent. If and when you go off Dupixent because of side effects or other reasons don't discount dietary changes. Giving up processed sugar and limiting natural sugar and gluten have made a dramatic difference in eliminating my internal burning, itching and stinging that I had which sounds similar to the no rash with itching from head to toe you had.It's been gone now for over a year. Before I gave up these foods I required cortico steroid shots to control it and they are not a solution, they just treat symptoms.

Sat, Jun 13 3:11pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

This is cynical, but I believe the dermatologists I go to are uninterested in our home remedy treatments which for some of us have worked because these are not prescriptions and because no scientist has studied them. I wrote up a record of my success with cilantro: dosing, describing the length of time it took to go into remission. I also included others success stories from this site as well as the Earth Clinic site. Even though she tells me she only sees a few cases of GD a year I thought she would be excited and would share this information with other doctors.
I went back in 6 months for a non GD issues and saw her husband (both are dermatologists). I asked him if he had heard of others having success using cilantro to treat GD. He had no idea what I was talking about. Evidently his wife had never even discussed it with him or had him read what I wrote up. You might question why I still use her, but to her credit she was the first doctor out of several others that I had seen that figured out that I had GD. She took one look and recognized it, others were treating is as Allergic Contact Dermatitis. Not that any of her classic GD treatments helped but at least now I had a name for this rash and could research it.

Tue, Jun 9 6:33pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Even if cilantro doesn't help some with their GD, both cilantro and chorella remove mercury from the body, yet couldn't find dosing info.
I did read that after injesting cilantro for 45 days it removes 87% of lead 91% of mercury and 74% of aluminum.

Tue, Jun 9 10:01am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

JustMeMyself- The zinc oxide ointment I ordered on the internet is in a 16oz jar, Rugby. No fragrance: active ingredient zinc oxide 20%, inactive just mineral oil and petrolatum. I avoid all products with fragrances and Balsam of Peru is a big no no for many.
Would you tell us the name of the .44 % zinc oxide you use with and menthol? That could also be helpful for my husbands jock itch which he gets once the summer heat kicks in.

Tue, Jun 9 9:55am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

What strength GB powder do you use, original .15% menthol or extra strength .8%? Zinc is a heavy metal and ingredient in GB powder but it is helping some. I think your idea about a weekly cilantro shake sounds good. As I have mentioned I took massive amounts of cilantro for 8 months and started noticing dark spots on my face about 7 months after my shakes started, a true side effect of too much cilantro, check internet Now 6 months later the spots are starting to fade.
I've started using a low percentage, 20%, pure zinc oxide ointment as a sunscreen on my face and neck. Only other ingredients are mineral oil and petroleum. It seems to be enough to protect and not noticing any break out on skin; even the safest sunscreens will cause facial irritation if used for multiple days. Surprisingly it does blend in fairly well, not wearing a white mask.

Sat, Jun 6 8:06pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I'll look into silica and appreciate you sharing your treatments.
I have had amazing results with collagen. Noticeable hair growth after 6 weeks for my fine hair, grows faster too. I have a healthy diet full of protein and take calcium supplements so surprised by this result. Hasn't helped my arthritis or fine lines on face. I do take lysine and chlorella, not sure they help, but don't seem to hurt. The cilantro did help me, but went off in Dec, no need and GD hasn't returned. I took so much started noticing dark spots on face, yes sun damage, but much darker and read on internet this is a side effect of high does of cilantro.
I still do the Witch Hazel splashes on torso after shower as I find it refreshing. It will sting if broken out, but the sting to me is preferable to the itch. The sting would stop the itch for a few minutes.
Like you Tea Tree oil did nothing beneficial and think I may have a contact allergy to it. At Christmas you will smell like a holiday cookie if wearing clove oil.