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2 days ago · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Dear Babbs, Your research astounds me! It's amazing how motivating misery is; forces us to educate ourselves.
The article you referenced has scientifically researched information is above my level of comprehension, yet I did take away that heavy metals do negatively affect our bodies. I have been taking Chlorella for months. I read it helped with metal removal but I didn't understand the science behind it. I was taking it simultaneously with the cilantro, which now I understand from your explanation is not the proper order. I have been taking NOW brand, Chlorella 1000 mg once daily with no noticeable negative side effects. I stopped the cilantro a month ago, but still take the Chlorella. It's inexpensive Algae full of chlorophyll and beta carotene and figure it's good for me for those reasons alone.

Cold Sores, herpes 1, are a mystery to me. My husband of 51 years has suffered with them occasionally when younger but as a senior they were frequently recurring until he started on Valacyclovir treatment. He takes 5 mg daily or if he did become symptomatic about every 3 months in the same spot on his lower lip he takes 1 gram for a few days. He must take the 1 gram to stop it right at the beginning of the tingle sensation he recognizes as a recurrence. Before Valacyclovir his cold sore could last for months. I learned that bee propolis in ointment form helps some with cold sores- both healing and suppressing it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I ordered on Amazon and now after he has been using for about 6 months can say absolutely his recurrence rate is less, in 6 months only one beginning outbreak; short lived. I have shared info about Valacyclovir and propolis to friends ravaged with cold sores and they have had great success. Now I am wondering if the Valacyclovir PX could help with GD. I may ask my derm for a px when my next GD recurrence starts and see if I can be allowed to be a Guinea Pig. If not may simply get into my husbands stash, I keep extra amounts of the 1 gram stocked because if he has a recurrence he must take it ASAP to suppress it and often these pill expire but I don't discard unless years old, just in case. When my trunk is broken out from GD it would not be realistic to think I could coat the entire area with small propolis tube of ointment, but may try in a limited area to see if it helps. He has been using Propolis Ointment Homopathic, 30 gram tube (3 pack) $16.17, made in Russia by Mos Pharma from Amazon with free shipping.

2 days ago · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Now I need to research arginine. I do splurge on almonds, roasted and salted and the addition of salt is certainly not helpful.
My diet is heavy on meats, fresh water fish, poultry, eggs and occasion ocean fish and yes vegetables. I find I do well on high protein foods and the fats in meats, olive oil and butter don't bother me. I avoid all processed meats like corned beef, ham, bacon and luncheon meats.
I am one of the few who never understood most everyone's love of chocolate, so at least that is one food I never had to give up.
Because of metal allergies I try to avoid large ocean fish,like Salmon, but still enjoy salmon at least every 3 weeks.
GD is supposedly tied into mercury. A few months ago a member of this site sent in an article- Mercury, Grover's Disease and Parkinson's which purports that 90% of all Parkinson's victim have GD. Both has similar cellular structural changes. It does say with Parkinson's chelation therapy removing the mercury can lesson Parkinson's symptoms. Mercury is supposedly also detoxed with cilantro. Ironically my younger brother now 66 just got diagnosed with Parkinson's and both sisters have eczema and on of them also has GD. MY brother with Parkinson's doesn't have GD.

2 days ago · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

babbs- Appreciate your info about the collagen, even if it doesn't help with GD good to know about facial skin health!
Have you gone processed sugar free and limit natural fruit and gluten like I have? This helped with another form of eczema and I truly believe it has lowered my histamine level overall helping with GD.
I do take one dose of the 3 gram lysine daily , may up it to what you are doing.
Like you avoid steroids, but with GD found they never helped anyway.

2 days ago · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I have 3 forms of eczema, GD is one. Another miserable form is Allergic Contact Dermatitis,ACD.
Your mentioned an itchy rash and bumps all over. GD is normally limited to front and back torso area. Please Google ACD, which can cause symptoms all over and research the 5 Day Extended Patch Test. The True Test is a common test kit performed by specially licenced derms or allergists. This is not the simple environmental test for allergies to pets, pollen, molds, grasses, dust mites and so on. With this test I learned what detergents,makeups, soaps, fragrance, preservatives (in lotions and topicals as well as is dish soap and so on), fibers, adhesives and so on to avoid for life. The very cleaning products you are using could be seeping though your skin and into your bloodstream raising your histamines. The very clothing, bedding, furniture fibers, carpets and flooring can be off gassing and or with contact seeping though your skin. Skin is not occlusive, what is surrounding you on the outside is getting inside of you and into your bloodstream. Yes it is a bother and expensive to change out your surrounding. Or for example like me need to carry around a plastic bag to cover a theater seat or doctors office chair because of fibers treated with caustic fire retardant, Scotch Guard and made with blended fibers for example, but it can be done. GD is actually more complicated as the triggers are not a immediately obvious. Many with eczema have a collection of forms, so don't assume you only have one type to deal with.

6 days ago · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Need to correct error, I mentioned collagen power, correct to collagen powder.

6 days ago · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

We are all experimenting with ourselves and wanted to share something new for me. I started taking collagen power a few weeks ago. With GD we have lost the collagen with holds our cells together and I am curious if others have tried it. It is also suppose to help with joints,skin, hair and nails. Two kinds- bovine and marine, each with a few differences in the benefits. The bovine is cheap and the marine is fairly expensive. Some say best to take both. I hope this also hopes me with my joints (the bovine has this benefit not the marine). I have noticed no negative side effects or change yet. I always have my normal less than a dozen random papuales, small scabs, not itchy, on my lower back even in remission.

Sun, Mar 22 12:46pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I have had GD for 5 years now and for whatever reason the severity's lessening. I'm not saying it is not itchy and painful when it reoccurs, just less; take heart and have hope. The first year was a 24 hour challenge for a full year. Like most know I couldn't even lay on my back in bed or lean back in chair or car. I not only had itching but extreme sensitivity and pain. I know it will return and then really go for it when symptom free,
For me the only negative side effect of the 1/2 bunch of cilantro in a smoothly daily for about 9 months was darkening of age showing up on related sun spots on my face. I had been drinking my smoothie even symptom free and then when blasting recurrence in Dec which derm decided was a reaction to my adult shingles vaccines. I gave it up. Just about the time I noticed the darkening this plaque like rash appeared so figured the cilantro had stopped helping. Google it- excess cilantro can cause skin darkening. I chose the smoothie as a way to ingest it as it was easy to mix that with fruit and yogurt in a blender and take in such a large volume, no way could I eat that much on a salad or straight. Cilantro doesn't' work for all. I was improved after a few weeks of drinking it, it may not be helping you, but unless you get the skin darkening it may have no negative side effects.
We are also boaters and yes have had to opt out many times. Not only the heat is an issue, but the bouncing putting pressure and friction on my back is painful and aggravating, I am much worse off afterwards. Friction seems as much of a trigger as any of the others.
I'm hoping you stay encouraged and believe that time will be on your side. I am not believing a cure will be found, but you will have better days ahead as the symptoms die down for a period of time and you will treasure those times.

Fri, Mar 20 5:08pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

You are following a sensible diet plan. Your eating plan now is basically the maintenance plan I follow. I also had no external physical yeast symptoms when I began but was desperate to help lower my inflammation.
Heat, sweat and friction are said to be triggers but for me my relapses would come about anytime of year and last for 5-6 months, often during the winter months. As a classic GD case my first outbreak was the most severe and lasted one entire year. I can only believe it is the cilantro that helped me. I thought I was getting my 6 month breakout after having 6 months off last March and the cilantro stalled it and then in several months with mild symptoms it was gone. My 5 Day Extended Patch test was negative for metals, but a $600.00 blood test not covered by my Medicare revealed allergies to 6 metals, so perhaps the cilantro working as a metal detox cleaned out the residual metals.
I did get the adult shingles vaccine mid Dec. Huge mistake, I thought I was getting a severe GD attack because although the rash was more plaque like than my typical individual papuales it was in the same area. I saw my derm who told me the shingles vaccine I got 3 days before this rash appeared was 100% connected to this outbreak which was probably shingles. It only lasted about 6 weeks and was advised to not get second shot of this 2 part vaccine. I am an active gardener, Master Gardener and am compelled to be outside daily. I have had to adjust my day long gardening fun in the summer and get inside by noon or earlier. If symptomatic with GD once I got hot and start to sweat the rashed area stings and burns and I am sure aggravates it.
If you believe your allergies are environmental (most of us have environmental allergies) see an allergist and at the very least get the 30 minute, immediate result environmental allergy test. Most of us have allergies to pollen, grasses, yes I have those and after testing learned why my uncovered wrists would rash up after gardening near cedar or juniper.
Our bodies change over time- although I have always had environmental allergies I never had the severe contact allergies until middle age; I now have allergies to rubber, adhesives, blended fibers, fragrance, cortisone, cinnamon and a host of other contacts. Once you identify your allergies you can control your environment.