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48 minutes ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Cilantro smoothie artificial sweetener. Stevia is an artificial sweetener recommenced as the only artificial sweetener allowed on many anti-inflammation diets. Many brands are hard to work with, too strong. Now brand is too strong, just a pinch is enough to sweeten an entire smoothie, too much is bitter. Best I have found that is delicious and easy to use and economical is TRUVIA sold in easy to use packets. Best price at Walmart, but also Amazon and elsewhere. The ratio is truer to natural sugar; just sprinkle a packet over cereal just the same as you would sugar.

1 hour ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Our cellular structure in our front and back torso is changed with GD. Our collagen has separated and even when dormant I can feel tiny little bumps under my skin when it is pushed hard.
We all know how it feels when a breakout is beginning, just like you are experiencing. I think cilantro worked faster for me than some because I was only 1 month into a new breakout when I started using it.
I sure hope the cilantro gives you relief. On the earthclinic GD site Kimass1 referred us to, a man had a 6 year outbreak going on- like you never had a break during that time. He tried the cilantro and it worked. He was aggressive and desperate consuming bunches daily, I use about 1/2 a bunch. This worked for him and was ecstatic. Have you read the earthclinic blog?
Like you I limit natural sugar and zero processed (this has definitely helped my inflammation levels). My anti-inflammation diet allows only Stevia, an artificial sweetener. I simply put cilantro, a bit of Stevia, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 cup pro-biotic yogurt (I like Stoneyfield whole milk yogurt) and blend. No fruit. I do have a Nutribullet blender, but with my wrist arthritis it's almost impossible and definitely painful to open, so have reverted to my basic Oster blender. It doesn't blend it as clear as the Nutribullet, but it's quick and easy and painless. Also a real flaw with the Nutribullet is cleaning of the gasket which is not meant to be removed. I noticed a sour odor coming from under it and it is almost impossible to remove to clean. With a basic blender cleaning is easy. Either way the cilantro turns to water. Just chug it down and my taste buds now find it acceptable, refreshing.

20 hours ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

My re-occurrence cycle is 6 months symptom free and 6 months symptomatic. No medical prescription has ever made a noticeable difference. I was only a month into a new outbreak, not severe yet when I started the daily fresh cilantro smoothie (I have learned on this site it freezes well so if out of fresh I make up a frozen smoothie). It only took me 2 weeks to notice my emerging outbreak stalled. Yet months for the scabs to start to fall off. I still have a few scabs after 6 months that won't go away, if the scab comes off in the shower it crusts over again, but only extremely minor itching at those sites. The true GD itching stopped in a few weeks after beginning the smoothie and it never got to the pain level. Pain is my most miserable symptom. You have a full blown outbreak and perhaps it will take longer to notice improvement, but as others say keep it up for months before you give up. Please keep us updated.

20 hours ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Good follow up info.

3 days ago · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

I have quit alcohol and sugar in the last few years hoping to improve my health; it took will power. Yet now never think about it. Yet they say quitting smoking is the hardest addiction to quit. Clearing the only reason it is not a prescriptive drug is because of the tobacco lobby groups. I have heard those who do quit miss it and want it for the rest of their life. Do you still ever get the urge to smoke?

3 days ago · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

I looked up dyspecia and couldn't find anything. I did find a similar word, dyspepsia- but that's indigestion. Sorry about your other Sjogrens symptoms. My mother-in -law couldn't or wouldn't quit smoking. She went to a renown Sjogrens specialist at Scripts in La Jolla, CA who after the initial interview told her he would not attempt to treat her if she didn't quit smoking, as that aggravates the dry mouth and eyes. She was furious, but always often had 3 smokes going at once- one old one not quite stubbed out smoldering in the ashtray, one actively smoking and then lighting a new one off of the active on. She had no intention of quitting. She was shocked she got lung cancer at age 72. Even with chemo and radiation, from diagnosis to death only took 4 months.

3 days ago · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

My mother-in-Law did suffer with Sjogrens starting in her early 50's and always had symptoms. She passed away from lung cancer 19 years ago at age 72 (a chain smoker since age 18). I was wondering if now there is a new treatment which is helping your swollen glands? Do you still have dry mouth and eyes?
I am glad you are still pushing for a patch test, even if negative you have one more cause you can rule out. I only had exterior physical symptoms as a rash that would come and go on my hands with ACD. The symptoms that caused me unbelievable pain and misery were internal, my internal skin was inflamed. In fact when I went to an allergist for patch testing and looked at my chart he described me as having a "pleasant appearance, free of visible rash". At least he did the testing based on my description of my internal symptoms as other doctors looked at me and thought I was just fine. They couldn't feel what I was feeling. My point is even with the same disease ACD can be manifested in different ways.
I assume Alopecia has been ruled out.

5 days ago · Scalp and hair problems possibly from discoid lupus in Autoimmune Diseases

Once you start doing your own research, just like you are now, you will realize how much there is to learn about your condition. If the our doctor had all the answers we wouldn't be forced to try to learn more ourselves. I was in such incredible pain I was obsessed to learn more and couldn't have done it without the internet. Pain is a real motivator.