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1 day ago · Grid/Net shaped rash in Skin Health

John- did you google the information about the pattern of the puss caterpillar bites? It's unlikely to be the cause because of where her boyfriend lives, yet I think you would find it interesting how similar the reaction rash from this caterpillar bite looks to the photo she sent in.

1 day ago · Grid/Net shaped rash in Skin Health

What a mystery.

1 day ago · Grid/Net shaped rash in Skin Health

Have you Googled Puss caterpillar or other caterpillars that live in Israel?, Although a arid country you have farming and tree and shrubs around homes. Did you google the photos we have discussed showing photos of these caterpillar rashes that resemble the photo you sent us?

2 days ago · Grid/Net shaped rash in Skin Health

babbs I am impressed with your puss caterpillar theory. I looked at a few photos of the puss caterpillar rash and the grid is so similar! The photos I saw of the rash were framed around the grid, but these photos were of recent victims. The overall size of the rash was similar. We know that even with the same type of eczema our symptoms manifest slightly differently from each other and can change as time goes on.
Question for karenamara. Does he live or has he visited the southern states? It has a wide range, the west end and all though Texas, north and east though Nebraska, Missouri and all though Florida and east to Maryland. This caterpillar lives in common shade trees and shrubs around homes, schools and parks.
What I didn't find was any information about this being a chronic issue. From all I read the rash takes weeks to heal but no where was a recurrence mentioned. Still, perhaps there is a strain of this caterpillar or a similar one that causes recurring symptom.
I am disappointed that this is blowing holes in my alien theory I even looked up Morse Code to see if the pattern was a form of communication. Dot, space, dot, space. If it were dot, dash, dot, dash repeated that would be a a a a a-perhaps for Alien!
I think those of us with eczema have the right to be crazy. Those who haven't dealt with our misery don't understand how long time can be between the seconds while laying in bed on fire and itching.
Words I live by credited to Waylon Jennings country song, I've Always been Crazy,
"I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from going insane". His words make sense to me.

2 days ago · Grid/Net shaped rash in Skin Health

babbs- your comment caused me to search the internet and yes there are many examples that look just like what karenamara's boyfriend gets. We know there must be a cause but It makes me think of alien visitations.

3 days ago · Grid/Net shaped rash in Skin Health

I certainly understand why you are curious karenamara. I've never seen any eczema rash like his photo; it's so symmetrical. Also most eczema itches and may also be painful. It doesn't appear to scab. . Does it come and go? It looks more like he is leaning against something that leaves an imprint or was run over by a tire! Does he sit in the same chair he did since he was a teen? Very peculiar.

Thu, Sep 10 10:30am · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Both of our ancestors had reasons to leave the Slavic countries. Amazing family tales of fleeing from Russia- poverty and hardships. Yes Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible is an amazing book, yes genius, one of my favorites of all time. It was especially enjoyable because of it's unique story-line. The other books I read of hers were fine, but not remarkable. I have Where the Crawdad's Sing and look forward to it. Have you read Water for Elephants, another favorite of mine because of it's unique tale It's a true adventure. . My husband takes time out every afternoon to sit outside' weather permitting and read and so I have an abundant amount of action books to recycle and have read every Lee Child book with Jack Reacher as a character. Retired now and loving being a homemaker full time and a pacifist at heart I don't know why I love reading about Reacher traveling the country without a suitcase and violently righting all the injustices he finds along the way. Even with my bookclub choices haven't read a truly amazing book in a year. I loved the first few Vince Flynn books but not his others as they were all action and no soul, loved the early John Grissom books, but after those all became predictable. One of his books is unique, not about the courtroom, The Painted House, it was not one of his most popular books but both my husband and I found this profoundly moving, a real favorite of mine. Look it up. You will once again remember feeling the pain and loss of innocence growing up.

Yet this is totally off subject for this site. If you want to talk books this site doesn't allow for friends, but if you go to Inspire site it is much like the Mayo, a medical blog site that discusses various health issues, eczema is one (but no interest in GD ),you can join and request to be my friend (same name gardeningjunkie) and we can send messages personally though this site without cluttering up a medical discussion.

Wed, Sep 9 8:55pm · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I finally read the article you mentioned in your post. News to me is that several of my blood pressure meds can cause itch, I never knew that. It's mentions the effects of itch destroying our quality of life. They state itch is comparable to pain and the resulting lack of sleep causes depression. I know first hand it is a form of torture. This article is a reminder to keep our skin hydrated, which I have been failing to do as my skin feels fine now and doesn't look dry but I used to slather on Aquaphor regularly. I will be starting up that routine again especially with winter coming as cold dry air dries our skin out. Yet no mention of heavy metals accumulation tied to GD, which many other sites on the internet bring up.