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18 hours ago · Yeast infection symptoms in Women's Health

I did not know that about the relationship between sugar and triglycerides, thanks for sharing. My husband, even with type 2 diabetes, grabs a few mini pieces of candy after each meal and each night he has dessert. I love to cook and bake but don't eat the sweets anymore so just make them for others. His diabetes is under control because Metformin controls it, but I wonder how long it will work because he hasn't changed his eating habits since he went from pre-diabetes to diabetes 2 years ago

23 hours ago · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

I had mild prolapse for years without any urination issues. Yet it all gave way but I'm fixed up now. 1- The new mesh is to hold up the bladder. This mesh allows the tissue to grow through it to attach. With aging our own tissues aren't strong enough. 2- If that doesn't help with frequent urination or total voiding which is tested for like you did, a sling is placed permanently to lift the urethra, it's a small device.
Both procedures can be done vaginally.
You must see a surgeon who only specializes in this procedure. Do not expect the basic OB/GYN to give you good results. I made that mistake after my hysterectomy by a basic OB/GYN. I went to a highly regarded specialist surgeon and prolapse surgeon and all still holding after 4 years. No more needing to know where the bathrooms are when out on shopping trips!!!! Medicare approved for these procedures so do your homework on the surgeon.
For Stage 1 you may only need the sling. It is not a complicated surgery but you will need a general.

23 hours ago · Yeast infection symptoms in Women's Health

My husband has high triglyceride like his mother did, over 100 points more than normal. The doctor said it is just their normal and not to worry. My husband has taken a low dose statin for years which puts his cholesterol numbers in the low normal, doesn't help triglycerides. A normal dose of statin made his muscles weak and the low dose causes no ill effects and works perfectly on this 240 lb man.
I saw the Crook book was available on Thrift. Right now until the 15th Better World Books has 30% off and free shipping with the order of 4 books, yes even cheap used books. I pre-ordered 4 from my bookclub list and several other member of the club did too. I always try to get used books rated Very Good but often settle for Good copies, then I pass along if I like or donate.

1 day ago · Yeast infection symptoms in Women's Health

Gluten avoidance is also part of this diet, but I didn't want to complicate my reply being to specific and have ideas for sweets later in this email. Sugar is by far the worst offender and source of food for yeast. I quit all alcohol over 3 years ago and giving up sugar was and is much harder. To kill it out it must starve, you won't starve as you have other food options, but you can't help but loose weight. I'm 5'7" and weighed 137 lbs to start and now am at 122, my college weight even eating huge meals. I don't want to loose anymore and have stabilized but when I drop more I make myself eat more gluten free bread or other calorie packing carbs. I have found Walmart makes an acceptable sugar free jam and on this anti-yeast diet fats are fine so I load the bread with butter (not so good for you and your triglycerides). Stevia is the only artificial sweetener allowed by Crook, but I do cheat with sugar free jam made with other sweeteners. Walmart also makes a good sugar free pancake syrup. I make french tst with gluten free bread and with the syrup is delicious. Sometimes one just has to taste something sweet. Sam's sells a good, acceptable gluten free bread now available at Walmart also Good is relative with gluten free, it will never be as good as a gluten bread.
This is a old book and I found a paperback for 25 cents at a library book sale. If not at your library. I see it is still for sale at multiple sources with very good used book prices. I buy most my books used.

1 day ago · Yeast infection symptoms in Women's Health

I've had vaginal yeast issues on and off throughout my life, but as a senior, starting in my early 60's I developed chronic swelling and burning in my vulva without discharge. It was treated for years with anti-fungal topicals and Fluconazole anti-yeast tablets. The severe issues abated temporarily after being treated for months, but my vulva was never free of symptoms and still swollen and reddish. Extremely sensitive.
A different gynecologist suggested I try dietary changes, as some of us harbor residual yeast in our intestines that won't die out even with anti-yeast px's. You can treat your yeast symptoms.
I found an inspirational book by William G Crook, Md, The Yeast Connection Handbook. It was originally printed in 1996 and he was a pioneer in believing we need to remove what was causing the yeast issues and not simply treat the symptoms. I found the 2006 reprint with an updated addendum which includes adding a few herbals to the detox.
It is simply written for the lay person. Many hand-drawn illustrations depicting the cycle of how certain foods feed the strong yeast in our intestines and how their waste products raise our histamines which raise our inflammation.
Yeast is hard to kill, it will make you miserable when you are starving it out as it sends messages to your brain demanding to be fed. It needs sugar, processed and unprocessed to live. You must detox all sugars for 2 months to starve it out so it will die. Easier said than done. Simply walking by and seeing a dessert my mouth would flood with saliva.
After 6 weeks noticeable improvement and because of this success kept the detox up for the full 2 months and by then my sugar cravings had abated and then went another month. Some yeast detox's recommend 3 months.
Today, according to his plan I am allowed a small serving of natural sugar as in fruit everyday but no processed sugar for life.
I started this diet in October of 2018 and the relief has been so amazing I am still on this plan now going on 9 months. I have allowed myself one dessert a month with no issues.
If you are in enough pain and misery you will be willing to try this. If not, you simply aren't suffering enough to make this sacrifice.
I made up a jingle when I looked at something sweet and debated taking a bite, "When will you learn, it's going to make you burn".
My vulva tissues are now pale and no longer swollen. They still have a sensitivity with intercourse, as I believe my skin has thinned as I am now 70 and not on hormones, yet everyday activity no issues.
At the very least this plan is not going to cost you money and I see no dangers in it, in fact only benefits to your overall health.

2 days ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Kimass1- Thanks for update and a very good site explaining how cilantro is a heavy metal detox is timesofindia.indiatimes.com. and in the search mention cilantro heavy metals. They also mention how metals are also in our drinking water. I still have original fillings with mercury, 3, but I have also read that the removal process releases metal in our bodies and we are better off without removal.

3 days ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Both you and Frogger have replied with postive responses like I have. I see my MO derm in 2 weeks and hope I get more responses by then and plan to have them read the testimonials from both the earthclinic and Inspire.
I still have some tissue on my back with red spots which is healed skin from the Grover's rash. I don't know if it will fade in time and am grateful it no longer hurts or is active.
I also posted on the earthclinic stile, "Cilantro Cure for Grover's Disease" which has been inactive for a while and hope to get updates. On that site one man wrote his outbreak was going on for 6 years and this is the only treatment that ever worked and I hope it is still helping him.

3 days ago · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Thanks frogger for your update and will copy your information in my report to my derms. We are 2 of the lucky ones and even it stops working we can appreciate the break from GD symptoms.