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Thu, Sep 19 10:47am · Getting the right hearing aid for my 12 year old in Hearing Loss

@mommyd, Costco sells several different brands of hearing aids. I bought my Resound pair from them, and I have always found Costco audiologists wonderful to deal with. And Costco’s customer service in that department cannot be best.

Thu, Sep 12 1:51pm · URQ Abdominal pain every year in Chronic Pain

@dk007, I just remembered that the first time I went to the ER with my horrible pain attack like you have, the ER doctor told me the pain was caused by a residual gallstone. I had never heard of their existence, but they are real…. His diagnosis turned out to be incorrect, but you may want to Google residual gallstones to learn more. Another ER doctor diagnosed a later attack as abdominal spasms. Bottom line: my attacks were coming from twisted bowel that resulted in a blockage.

Wed, Sep 11 7:15pm · URQ Abdominal pain every year in Chronic Pain

@dk007 , my painful attacks kept sending me to ER (where I got an IV, pain relief injections CT Scan, and lab work to rule out a heart attack) until attack 14, when the technician reading the scan thought he saw a blockage. I ended up with Emergency surgery (open incision) that resulted in the removal of 31 inches of my intestines in addition to the valve that separates the small and large intestines. The challenge with this condition is that it is rare and doctors do not know to look for it. I have also had my gallbladder removed, and I found the attacks I had were similar to a gallbladder attack. So sudden, so painful.

Wed, Sep 11 5:31pm · URQ Abdominal pain every year in Chronic Pain

@dk007 , what you described mimics the multi-year experience I had. My condition turned out to be a major bowel blockage due to a twisted and overlapped large intestine. I had 13 of the episodes you described before a technician finally spotted the problem. My primary, ER doctors, a gastro surgeon and another well-known gastrointestinal doctor finally spotted something on a CT scan but dismissed it as “probably fatty tissue.” I suggest you ask your doctor to look for volvulus stomach or twisted organs. Most doctors and techs who read the CT scans have never heard of it, will not look for it and will therefore miss it. Good luck. I know how painful those episodes can be.

Tue, Sep 10 10:42am · Balance issues and hearing loss in Hearing Loss

@judyca7 what a perfect description of living in a hearing-impaired world.

Tue, Sep 10 10:39am · Balance issues and hearing loss in Hearing Loss

@judysmayo, what a perfect description of life as a hearing-impaired person.

Sun, Aug 4 12:58pm · Resound or Oticon? in Hearing Loss

My experience is that Resound is the best brand. Best clarity of individual words for me.

Sun, Jun 16 2:46am · Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections, Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

@lita0417, I am so very sorry. I sense your pain, your discouragement, your hopelessness, etc. I have no quick answers for you, but I have felt all the emotions you are currently experiencing. Life is so danged rough sometimes that we wonder if we can get through the next moment, much less the day or the week or any future. Please believe me when I tell you I am proof that miracles do happen. Hang on. I am rooting for you, and I know many other good people here are also sending good thoughts your way.