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2 days ago · Slow degradation of my vision. Seeing a retina specialist in Eye Conditions

@peach414144 One question you could ask is if there are any medications you may take have side effects that affect vision. Prescription drugs can affect both hearing and vision and you can look up your medicines online for information, but also ask your pharmacy to look at this for you. Sometimes doctors don't give you the detailed information.

2 days ago · Chronic dizziness and vestibular migraines in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@natvlk I would recommend seeing a spine specialist and/or a physical therapist who has knowledge of rehabbing spine issues. When you get neck muscles spasms it can move your cervical vertebrae around which can cause dizziness. There are some spine issues that alter blood supply in the vertebral artery like Bow Hunter's syndrome. If you feel like you've eliminated other possibilities and no one knows, it could be a physical alignment problem that physical therapy may help. I am a spine surgery patient and have had muscle spasms cause dizziness.

4 days ago · SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder in Depression & Anxiety

@merpreb It will help seasonal affective disorder if you make sure your Vitamin D levels are optimal. Your doctor can test this. My doctor has me take a K2 D3 supplement (in same pill) from Ortho Molecular. The K2 is important to help the absorption of D3. If you are not getting enough sunshine, your body isn't making it's own Vitamin D, and winter makes everyone in the Northern hemisphere deficient. Vitamin D is used by the body for your immune system and hormone function, so very important.

4 days ago · Power wheelchair / scooter rental: pros, cons? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@dazesaday There are frequent shuttles between the Gonda building and St. Mary's. They are about a mile apart. Some hotels have their own shuttles too. I stayed at the Hampton, and they have their own shuttle that goes both places. Check your patient schedule that you can print out from the Patient Online Services on the Mayo website. Once you set up a user there , you can access your information and records. they will also print this for you at Mayo and reprint it if they make changes to your schedule or add appointments. Check that your appointments are not too close together if you have to travel between Gonda and St. Mary's.

4 days ago · Power wheelchair / scooter rental: pros, cons? in Visiting Mayo Clinic



I found these videos helpful to me to get the feel of Mayo before I went there as a patient. You can see the subway levels. I had to pick a hotel without ever being there my first time and I picked one close enough for me to walk (but not the nicest hotel). Some of the closer ones cost more than the ones farther away with shuttle service. Last time I stayed at the Hampton Inn, and they have their own shuttle service to the Gonda building and St Mary's Hospital. They run early and you can make a reservation for the shuttle ahead of time to guarantee a space.

The Gonda and Mayo buildings are connected on every floor, but pay attention to the sign for the elevators because some stop on the top half floors of the building and the other set stops on the lower half of the building's floors only. The waiting areas are beautiful with lots of artwork, and computers you can use. Make sure you see the Chihuly glass chandeliers over a staircase in the Gonda building (near the information desk) . They are spectacular.

You might be able to get through your appointments earlier, because you can be a "checker" or standby, and if they have an earlier opening for testing, they can take you. You may not need to stay all week if you don't have appointments, sometimes they can reschedule those too. It just depends on what they are. In the atrium of the Gonda building is a piano, and it's nice to listen to people playing it.

I'm sorry that the hotel staff were not very courteous, but don't let them take away your enjoyment of Mayo. I think you will love it there. I suggest when you arrive if it is early enough, go tour the buildings and get the feel of it. It's a beautiful place and I've enjoyed talking with other patients there, and all of my medical providers were very nice. They are so efficient too. I've never experienced that level of excellent care anywhere else. I had surgery at St. Mary's and wanted to know what the hospital looked like ahead of time, but couldn't find much before I went. If you want to see my pictures of St. Mary's, I can send you a link to my facebook page. There is also the recent Ken Burns documentary about Mayo that covers all the 3 campuses. If you have time, the historic Plummer building is right across from the Gonda/Mayo buildings and you can see the original offices of the Mayo brothers who were the sons of the founder that are on the 2nd floor and historic things like old surgical gowns and a microscope, and the Nobel prize for the discovery of cortizone.

I was out helping my mom today who is in a wheelchair and driving her to her doctors appointment, so I understand your needs. You've got a lot of spirit to go by yourself, and you'll be fine. I went by myself last time which was very special as I had a delivery for my surgeon. Go ahead and check that out (and you'll see a picture of pretty stain glass at St. Mary's) on the Jan 9th blog at sharing.mayoclinic.org

Let me know if I can answer any more questions.

4 days ago · excessive mucus without cough in Lung Health

There was a typo in the previous message. The masks are 3M #1820 Procedure Masks…… My masks are made by 3M #1820 Procedure mask with >99% @ 0.1 Micron particles which is equivalent to a HEPA filter. they have ear loops and are comfortable to wear. I bought them online form Walmart.

4 days ago · Power wheelchair / scooter rental: pros, cons? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@dazesaday Are you going with a group of people? You mentioned something like that. Would they help you and push you in a wheelchair or transfer chair? The Mayo guide with the campus maps show the subways and walkways. Here is a link https://www.mayo.edu/pmts/mc1600-mc1699/mc1663-55.pdf
If you are going now in winter, walking outside isn't probably a good choice. Some hotels have subway access and some don't. The general information number from this campus map guide is 507-284-2511 if you wanted to ask for more specific information about convenience of particular hotels or how to get assistance at Mayo.

4 days ago · What Pets Can Do: Health and Healing in Just Want to Talk

@karen00 My lab was chocolate and I got him for $10 at the pound when I lived in CA. He had been tied by a rope that he had chewed off and escaped and he was in a restaurant begging when animal control picked him up. I got him right after he was adoptable and we had lots of good years together. He got bit by a rattlesnake in CA which was expensive and his face swelled up. I was at an art show when it happened when my sister was caring for him. I and my sister both moved back to the Midwest and he was on a dogsled team with my her dogs. That was a lot of fun dashing through the woods. One time we came flying past a heard of deer that were laying down resting, and they suddenly rose and were bounding off right next to us which got the dogs excited and they went faster trying to catch the deer. He was great with cats (I had 2 cats back then) and he lived to be 18. I used to take him to the nursing home to visit from father in law. The other patients loved him.