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Wed, Jun 19 9:49pm · Costochondritis in Chronic Pain

Thank you so much, @lioness. Absolutely, those fractures sure do cause quite a bit of nerve pain, which you can definitely relate to. I will always stay strong and keep as positive, as possible – stress and negativity don't agree with me, lol. Thanks for the support – you have my support and well wishes, too.

Wed, Jun 19 9:29pm · Costochondritis in Chronic Pain

Oh yes, I have quite a few other pains, as well. I broke my back in 7 places ( thoracic vertebrae), in addition to fracturing my sacrum and tailbone segments in 2008. (I fell over 8 feet from a playhouse structure and landed on the hard earth). I had posterior back surgery as a trauma patient which involved repair work, hardware fusion with wire fixation. My T5, T6, T7 and T8 vertebrae all have over 50% loss of height with dehydrated discs. (Surgery is not an option). As a result of the hard impact to my body, I have a lot of nerve damage, muscle pain all over, osteoarthritis, etc. My ribs are always tender and I am pretty sure that is why I have Costochondritis. Do you have any past injuries or upper back problems?

Wed, Jun 19 8:53pm · Costochondritis in Chronic Pain

Hello @jadillow. The pains you are describing in your sternum area and at times in your jaw and arm, sound like the pains I get too. Like you, I was referred to a cardiologist when I first started to experience these unusual pains and heart problems were ruled out. The cardiologist diagnosed me with Costochondritis. It's difficult, at times, to find a position or medication to combat certain flares that I get. If I lay on my stomach and put gentle pressure on my sternum at the edge of my bed, that seems to help. (It looks like I am laying across my bed versus the normal way we lay down in our beds). Taking an anti-inflammatory at the onset of a flare sometimes really helps. When I feel the jaw pain start to set in, taking my nerve pain medication (Gabapentin) has helped in many instances. I don't know if you drink carbonated beverages, but if you do…I have noticed that those beverages increase the pains during a flare. Not sure why that is, but it's something that induces more pain in those areas for me. I have tried massaging different types of pain balms onto my sternum area, just to see if any of those might help, but I haven't found one yet that helps the sternum pain. I keep trying different positions during the flares, eliminate carbonated beverages and take an anti-inflammatory med. So sorry you suffer with this too. If I discover anything else that helps me, I will be sure to share with you. Take good care and best wishes for some kind of relief during your flares.

Mon, May 20 2:58pm · Frankincense and Myrrh for Neuropathy pain in Neuropathy

Hello @hotfooted . Yes, I have been following your posts – I am very thankful you are sharing your results and specific types of pain you feel in your feet and legs. It matches what I go thru with my hands, forearms and feet. I get freezing cold spells on my hands to where I need to wear gloves or even cover them with thick socks. Same with my feet – however, my feet are not as bad as my hands and forearms. It makes it difficult to type for me, due to all the different sensations. I have not purchased the F&M yet, but I will be soon. I have been using a CBD infused pain stick (THC free) the past two weeks. Best wishes for less pain and thanks again for your informative posts!

Fri, May 10 12:39pm · Frankincense and Myrrh for Neuropathy pain in Neuropathy

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have severe SFN and Autonomic Dysfunction – lots of nerve pain throughout my body. I experience all that you have described, in both of my hands and up to my elbows. I am going to purchase some Frankincense and Myhhr drops, to see if it will help my hands and forearms. I will let you know my experience with the drops combined with lotion. Fingers crossed, it will help! I am so very happy to hear you have found relief. Very nice to hear. May you continue to get daily and nightly relief!

Mon, Feb 25 2:44pm · gabapentin and muscle pain in Chronic Pain

Hi @anniebrook . I take Cymbalta at night – 60mgs. I have been taking it for about 4 years now and noticed that it did help with my nerve pain.

*Gabapentin agrees with me and I have been taking it for 9 years. I was titrated up over the years and now take 800mgs, 4 times a day.*

Best wishes for less pain,


Mon, Feb 25 2:35pm · Its just been two weeks, could this be Small fiber neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Thank you @elained . I apologize for missing your reply.

I've been having a very rough 3 weeks with my Autonomic Dysfunction, severe SFN, chronic pain and as you know (unfortunately) the list just goes on and on.

The Weather – has really riled things up – first time I have noticed the weather affecting my Autonomic Dysfunction. It definitely plays a huge role.

My Thermoregulatory System – is VERY out of whack. I have been having terrible bouts of sweating now 24/7. I have been trying to get in to see my Neurologist, but I have felt too sick.

My Neurologist started me on Midodrine and Fludocortizone for my Orthostatic Hypotension and it does help, but I still get syncope episodes every day. I haven't fallen recently, thank goodness, but have come very close. It scares me because I have 4 compression fractures (T5, T6, T7, T8) which all have over 50% loss of height and my discs in-between are all dehydrated. (My Neurosurgeon will not operate on them due to how high risk the surgery is and the success rate isn't good at all).

My skin – on both hands have red blotches on all my fingers and on the top of both. I have a lot of numbness, tingling, nerve pain in them. Both arms have nerve pain but lately it's been mostly deep muscle and joint pain.

My bladder is having more spasms and tenderness. I am nauseous a lot. I literally could lay here and type for an hour on all that's going on, lol. It's crazy!

I have decided to go ahead with getting my first Ketamine infusion. It has been recommended for a while by my pain management doctor and my Neurologist gave me the go-ahead on trying these infusions. I have been using Ketamine nasal spray for 2 years now (it has to be compounded at an apothecary) and it does help to take the edge off migraines sometimes and nerve pain. It's been hard to find people who have undergone Ketamine infusions for chronic pain.

If anyone has any experience or knowledge with Ketamine infusions, I would love to hear about their outcomes with them. When I was undergoing the plethora of Autonomic tests at the Mayo last year, the doctors here were very enthusiastic about Ketamine infusions.

Best wishes to you and everyone. It's one day at a time and one step at a time.


Fri, Feb 22 5:10pm · Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Yes, that makes sense about feeling "deeper".

I used to go back and forth in my mind thinking, "Well, I am glad I don't have diabetes or some other disease that is causing all of this…but, where do we go from here"?

You will read through other posts on here about what has worked for others, to help with their SFN pain.

I really do hope you can find extra relief. I am always looking, too.