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Aug 13, 2018 · Adeno Carcinoma- Stomach Cancer in Cancer

My mom is in midstage Adeno Carcinoma in the upper part of the stomach. It's right in the opening of the stomach with esophagus. She has had 6 chemotherapies. She responded very well and the mass has shrunk. Her pet scans look great. Her laparoscopic biopsy turned out good. No new colonies forming, no abnormal lymph nodes around stomach. However, they want to remove all her stomach!!!! She's young, just turned 50. She's in good health aside from rheumatoid arthritis and of course stomach cancer. I have also been giving her cannabid oil. I need a second opinion. Has anyone gone through this operation? Is there other options that the doctors don't want to tell me due to our American system beign all about money in insurance companies. I'll never give up on her! I need choices and right decisions. I also need people who have gone through a similar diagnosis or operation.