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1 hour ago · Ever Discouraged Not To Take Antibiotics? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Do you do any airway clearance to keep from mucus building up in your lungs? Like an Acapela or Aerobika device after the neb?

And have they checked your sputum to see exactly what is infecting you?

Overuse of antibiotics, especially the seemingly innocuous ZPak, is causing more antibiotic resistant organisms. This is why docs are becoming more reluctant to prescribing them without knowing exactly what is going on in your body.

Both of my daughters, my sister, several friends and nieces are nurses, so this has been a frequent topic of conversation in our house for many years.

Recently my grandson had positive strep, but the pediatrician only gave him one high dose penicillin shot and no oral antibiotics, and he recovered fine.


2 hours ago · Hair loss and Bronchiectasis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Maryann, They always start with the TSH, and if outside normal range, they run more tests.
As for the hip implant, it was a new type, supposed to work best for younger patients (I was only 54) with both cup & ball made of metal. Most are/were a plastic or nylon cup & metal or ceramic ball. It turned out the two metal components, rubbing against each other, caused metal ions to shed into the body & caused problems for many. This implant is now off the market.

I am not aware of any similar issues with knees, but she should speak to the ortho surgeon for advice.

4 hours ago · Ever Discouraged Not To Take Antibiotics? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Beth, I know it seems counterintuitive to NOT treat what seems to be an infection, but here's the logic behind it.

First keep in mind that many causes of discolored mucus can be viral in nature, and do not respond to antibiotics. They simply "run their course " while you are taking the ZPak and things coincidentally return to normal.

People with bronchiectasis and COPD are vulnerable to several slow growing and difficult infectious organisms including various Mycobacteria and Pseudomonas. Neither of these infections can be "knocked out" with a short course of a single antibiotic. In fact, repeated short doses can build resistant organisms in your lungs and elsewhere in your body.

The usual course of treatment for infection is to do a sputum culture to determine the exact infectious organism, followed by sensitivity testing to determine which antibiotics are needed to treat it.

Pseudomonas may respond to one or two courses of a .Chlorquinolone like Levaquin, or may require a course of inhaled (nebulized) antibiotic like Tobramycin.

MAC often requires 18 months or longer of a 3-4 antibiotic regimen, either 3 times weekly or daily. It is very hard on the body, and may not eradicate the infection.

Because of the difficulty of treatment, many pulmonologists discourage early antibiotic use absent clear evidence of infectious pockets.

My MAC was treated for 18 months and didn't go away (it did get better) but my body could no longer tolerate the side effects. We stopped antibiotics, but I continue airway clearance with 7% saline solution and an Aerobika to bring up mucus. During an exacerbation I add a neb of Levalbuterol. I also get exercise daily through fast walking or vigorous play with my grands, for whom I provide daycare. This has kept me healthy for 9 months now.

Has your doc done or suggested a sputum culture? I'll check back later to see if you have any questions.

8 hours ago · Problems with mailed samples and psuedomonas in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hello, I had pseudomonas that didn't respond to Levaquin and 2 other oral antibiotics so we went to Tobramycin. Like you I found the info online scary, but tried it anyway. It went well except dome voice loss, so I took a few days off, then finished the course and the pseudomonas was gone.

22 hours ago · How to make a face mask more comfortable in COVID-19

I don't know why they would need replacement very often, they are definitely sturdy, washable & resuable. I would estimate that unless you lose the mask insert it should last indefinitely. I didn't think $3.00 apiece was a bad price, but you might be able to find cheaper ones… I was looking for ones with a good rating to avoid a poor quality product.

1 day ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

Ginger I am glad to hear you are finally seeing the sun. This morning my friend in Puyallup posted a picture of "her" mountain – saying she was seeing it for the first time in over 2 weeks. I hope things continue to improve. Today I am grateful for warm weather as we approach the first day of Autumn. I will walk and admire the changing leaves.

1 day ago · Falling out of bed in a memory care facility in Caregivers: Dementia

When we had my Mom in hospice and she could no longer get up on her own safely, we used the same trick as when our children were small, we rolled up a hospital blanket and placed it under the sheet (so it stayed in place) along the edge of the mattress. It was not considered a restraint by the residential hospice staff.

1 day ago · How to make a face mask more comfortable in COVID-19

I tried the link and it worked just now. Did you copy & paste, or just click it. The one you posted looks very similar, though.