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10 hours ago · How to Keep Kids Occupied & and Your Sanity during Self Quarantine in About Kids & Teens

Hello parents who are feeling overwhelmed right now, I would like to share what I received today.
This is from my niece during her second week of shelter at home – she is a single parent to 2 teens and a tween who receives little child support, and is a full-time teacher with an additional part-time job. We were just checking in with one another, and she wrote "I'm actually loving this little blessing. After 5 months of running 6 days a week, a little home time with my family is not such a curse, we've been hiking, bike riding and playing outside…Just loving life as much as possible. Have 2 days of online school under our belts…"
I love the positive attitude, even though I know her life didn't work out quite as planned… (she is teaching remotely during this as well.)
I know it's hard to see the good in this situation, but if you get a few more precious minutes with your children in all of this, please seize them.

11 hours ago · Antibodies on a large scale treatment option in COVID-19

@jdlogan65 There are already tests being done on how to harvest and use the antibodies at several facilities in the US and elsewhere….many of us who are at risk are anxiously waiting, on the theory that this may be a quicker path for high-risk patients than vaccine development. But like any new treatment, there is a huge curve to climb – isolation, testing for efficacy, then for safety, then approval. I don't think there are any safe shortcuts, and anyone promising that should be suspect.
Also, as of yesterday, there was not a publicly available approved post-test for the antibodies in the US – right now most energy is focused on getting everything geared up for high volume initial testing and developing an accurate rapid test. Once there is an antibody test available, expect to see the first use to be concentrated on medical personnel and other first responders, so employers know they can get back to work without intense fear of reinfection.
I won't throw numbers around because we don't know how accurate they are, but in a lot of the country, there are so few tests available compared to the numbers of people with symptoms and/or known exposure, that many people are being told no to a test and being sent into quarantine on the assumption they are infected. Tests are being reserved for testing where there is very high risk of infecting vulnerable populations, like in nursing homes. So we are some time away from a wide focus on antibody testing, I think.
In the mean time, our best defense is to take precautions – isolation, handwashing, surface sanitizing, and eating well to stay as strong as possible.

16 hours ago · Humor during the Coronavirus Crisis in COVID-19

A group of us were on our regular morning walk. A neighbor called out "six feet". I looked at him and replied "no, we have eight feet – there are four of us" It took a moment, but he laughed.

1 day ago · COVID-19: Grocery Shopping and Take Out Food in COVID-19

@lioness Sorry I wasn't clear. People are reaching for "any port in a storm" these days, so it was only meant to clarify. I continue to receive messages & posts daily telling me vinegar, or essential oil, or lemon juice, or ??? will protect against the Virus. We need to make sure people don't misinterpret, that while these may work on other contaminants, they do nothing to protect us from Covid-19.
Hope you are staying safe & well.
Today we're trying a new activity – each driving our own cars to the state park 2 miles away & walking the trails there – where only the paths are open. We decided if there are too many other people with the same idea so we can't stay a safe distance, we'll come home.

1 day ago · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Okay, even though I can walk outdoors and maintaining safe distances with a couple friends, our 4 short streets are getting boring, so we're doing more sightseeing than walking most days. We are thrilled when a new cactus blooms, and we talk to the birds calling to each other from the trees. Im sure we are amusing to our neighbors, would love to sneak up to their windows and hear what they have to say about the four loony ladies. Yesterday one neighor called out "six feet, ladies" and I replied "no, we have eight feet – there's four of us." It took a moment for it to sink in, but we got a laugh.

1 day ago · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

@johnbishop Well, John, there is one bright spot in the crisis. My daughter who is isolated and recovering from Covid-19 has time to admire the birds at the feeder on her 3rd floor deck- today I got a photo from her of a "cute" new bird – a European starling. After I told her what it was she spent the rest of the day rapping on the window to chase it away because the finches, cardinals and robins nest nearby and she doesn't want the starling hanging around to steal someone's nest.
The good news, after 11 days she feels a little better today, but still has a wicked cough and other unpleasant symptoms. We are thankful she is no worse and still praying.


1 day ago · Excessive mucus without cough in Lung Health

@pritty02 I did some looking, and you are probably not in any danger from this inhalation, but you certainly did irritate your throat and probably lungs. The problem is that alcohol moves from liquid to vapor very quickly, and then is easily inhaled. It is also a powerful irritant of mucous membranes – that is why you are seeing all the clear mucous. I don't think gargling salt water or lemon juice, unless very mild, will help in your case because these too can irritate mucous membranes – you will have to decide if they make it feel better or worse. You need to let things settle down, if not better in a few days, or you begin to experience shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, seek medical care.
Everyone needs to be cautious in this day of disinfecting everything! Bleach, alcohol and benzylkonium chloride are strong chemicals. Alcohol & bleach are also highly volatile, moving from the liquid to aerosol state very quickly, and are very strong irritants. Use them cautiously, as you would any chemical, and be around them for the shortest time possible. When using, ventilate the area, remove children, anyone with breathing issues and pets before using, and leave the area yourself immediately – stay away until the fumes have cleared. If you have a respirator (N95 or one intended for use around fumes) wear it, but still take precautions. Keep the chemicals COMPLETELY out of reach of children, pets and any vulnerable adult who my not understand how to take precautions.
Stay safe everyone!

1 day ago · Will my oxygen concentrator suffice instead of a ventilator? in COVID-19

@naffie Welcome to Mayo Connect. We are a community of people exploring our health issues and helping each other, but most of us are not medical professionals, so we can share our experiences, offer opinions, or point you to specific information, but we don't really give health care advice.
The question about your oxygen concentrator probably should be addressed to your health care provider or the respiratory equipment provider. My sense is that it will help keep you more comfortable if you develop the virus, but if you get severe respiratory symptoms or pneumonia, you will likely need more care. In any case, with your lung disease, any evidence that you have the virus – fever, dry cough (more than your normal cough), additional shortness of breath, pain when breathing… should be reported to your provider immediately for advice.
Your best chance for staying healthy right now is self-quarantine, relentless hand washing, cleaning any and distance from anyone who may have been exposed to the virus.
Are you able to stay safe and have someone bring you what you need?