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Aug 9, 2018 · PRINZMETAL ANGINA/VARIANT ANGINA in Heart & Blood Health

Good afternoon.. I have been living with prinzmetals for many years. As most of you with the issue may know, the first episode sure felt like I was having a heart attack, then one week later it happened again, back to the ER, and then admitted for multi-testing, again. There were no blockages, and everything actually tested out quite normal. It was suggested that I had spasms, known as prinzmetals, and I continue to have them regularly today. I also have it "managed" as when an event occurs, I pop in a Nitro under the tongue, and away she goes. The reason I am writing now, is that I would like to find a specialist in Northern Illinois (near Antioch), or heck, I would travel anywhere really, that has good experience with prinzmetals. I'm hoping there's more of a proactive approach then my reactive pill popping. I'm no spring chicken here (56), and I play early morning Ice Hockey, and would like to continue playing, but without having to leave the ice to take a nitro.. sounds petty I'm sure, but if anyone knows a good specialist, I would be most grateful. Steve