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Mon, Feb 25 5:10pm · Yeast infection help in Skin Health

@ayamahamed Hi I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this. If you haven’t gone to the doctor yet to be tested, you should start there as there are many other medical conditions that mimic yeast and each has a different treatment. If your doctor has already ruled out the others and you know it’s yeast, then you may need both a systemic treatment (pill) as well as topical (OTC creams typically work well). @gardeningjunkie provided a lot of good information as well. Wearing cotton underwear (if not already mentioned) and looser fitting clothes will help. (yeast likes to grow in dark damp areas) Hope you are better soon!

Sun, Feb 3 12:23pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@packer2. My first onset had almost like a nerve pain – and was in spots where I couldn’t see any bumps. I thought it was shingles at first. My second flare up did not have that same sensation, but I did get a secondary yeast infection with my second bout. I thought I was going to scratch my skin off. After the yeast cleared up, it’s just bumps with less symptoms. They never go away completely and feel bumpy. I was just persistent in contacting my dermatologist as things changed, and he has been great. Anytime you have open skin, you are subject to secondary problems. Hope that helps!

Sat, Feb 2 12:08pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@jpearo Based on the research articles dating back to the late 70s, yes there have been cases where someone has GD and other diseases such as renal failure and cancer. Per the research articles I have read, they have not established a causal link in the cases. GD is often misdiagnosed with other skin conditions. The best thing to do is be dilegent on follow up treatment/care, the doctors should be ruling out all other health issues. With medical professionals, I would recommend sharing all of your concerns/symptoms etc. something seemingly minor could be important for them to get the correct diagnosis. I’m a nurse and have worked both in acute care as well as home care, and getting the correct diagnosis and treatment requires knowing all the pieces of the puzzle. 🙂

Sat, Feb 2 12:00pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Yes, the NZ site is the one my derm recommends and uses. I started there 🙂 I think the explanation was also good on the rare disease org site too. I have read all the articles on Pub Med but really haven’t found anything overly helpful.

But if you like reading research articles, they do have Several good case studies. Typical the big pharmaceutical companies will fund research, since there is not likely much to gain for them on a rare skin condition, I wouldn’t expect to see any big scale studies soon. People sharing successes is more likely to be fruitful. I appreciate what you and the others share!! It’s helpful.

Sat, Feb 2 11:24am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

I went though the same stage. There are several nice posts in this group for symptom management – clothing tips, topicals, possible diet links, possible triggers, etc. I found that heat, sweat, maybe stress, and mechanical irritation cause problems for me. Just know there are other silent sufferers out there with you!

Sat, Feb 2 11:10am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@jpearo This website gives a nice explanation as to the mechanics to what they believe may be occurring. There are some medical journals where they have explored the autoimmune and genetic etiology of GD but it seems to remain controversial in the literature. I would encourage working with a good dermatologist and symptom management. Sometimes conditions can co-exist – secondary infections. Good luck!!

Sat, Feb 2 7:38am · Grover's disease in Skin Health

@jpearo I’m not an expert by far, but GD certainly seems to an elusive vague disease. There seems to be an assortment of experiences and treatments. Mine also came on suddenly. I’m a 46 yo female – no meds and no health issues. I’ve been on daily creams pretty much since last summer. A little break last fall. My only risk factor that I can think of is a history of sun exposure 🙁 This is a nice group and lots of experiences that people share that may give you ideas – mostly how to manage it and no complete cures. I hope you get some answers soon!!

Tue, Jan 29 7:54pm · Grover's disease in Skin Health

Hope you find some relief soon!!