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22 hours ago · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

Good morning everyone!
In this week’s blog post, we talk about post-transplant weight gain and how to get rid of those extra pounds. I don’t know about you, but most everyone I know is trying to maintain or lose weight. These tips can be helpful for any of us to help with those extra unwanted pounds. Let us know if there are some tips you have that have helped you keep off the weight when you are in the midst of recovery and may be struggling with your new lifestyle.
Have a wonderful fall week!

Wed, Oct 11 7:44am · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

Good morning everyone!
It’s definitely not warm here in Minnesota anymore, but the trees are beautiful. I hope you are all enjoying this fall season. Be sure to try some new apples or some fall pumpkin drinks or desserts before this season comes to an end!
In this week’s blog post, we are introducing Jeff Welch. Jeff is one of our social workers from Mayo Clinic in Arizona and was instrumental in the development of our Hispanic Transplant Program. We hope you enjoy learning more about Jeff today!

Have a wonderful day, and if you are in the north, stay warm!
– Kristin

Tue, Oct 3 1:33pm · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

Hello everyone!
In today’s blog post, meet Matt, a firefighter in need of a kidney transplant who received his gift from a stranger who found his story in the news. Sometimes the goodness in strangers is the best gift we could receive.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Tue, Oct 3 8:02am · Are there BMI restrictions at Mayo Clinic for a Lung Transplant? in Transplants

Good morning @becky53 and @rosemarya,
At Mayo Clinic, we would like patient’s BMI to be below 35 to undergo lung transplant. I think someone mentioned that even if you are over the maximum BMI for a transplant center, you should connect with a transplant program anyway. If it has been determined that you need a lung transplant, transplant centers such as Mayo Clinic can assist you with ideas and programs that can help you with your weight loss. It would be our recommendation that you contact us by phone to see if the doctors wish to see you for evaluation. I am happy to provide more information if you would like to talk more, or if you are more comfortable you can reach me via email at Thanks all!
– Kristin

Fri, Sep 29 10:51am · Kidney transplant in Transplants

@lcamino (and everyone) – this forum is a great place to ask questions, because if you have the question, chances are someone else does too. But if you ever have questions you would like to ask privately, you can always email us at I get those emails and am usually able to provide fairly quick responses. Of note, we aren’t able to give medical advice specific to your condition. Anyone with those types of questions should contact the doctor who is treating them for information about their medical situation. We are very happy to help with any general or logistic questions though. Thanks for asking this great question. Best of luck on your healthy living plans!

Fri, Sep 29 9:22am · Kidney transplant in Transplants

@lcamino and @rosemarya – I was able to check with one of our pre-transplant nurses this morning. She verified that our BMI cutoff for pre-kidney transplant patients is 40. That said, if patients need a kidney transplant and are over the 40 BMI limit, I would still recommend that they contact the transplant center. Often there are weight loss suggestions our doctors and dieticians can make to assist the weight loss process. We know that weight loss is very difficult, and we know that PKD patients carry some of their weight in their enlarged kidneys….the BMI of 40 is a guideline so if you are over that BMI, you shouldn’t give up hope. Transplant could still be an option for that group of patients. I hope this information helps. I am here to help if you need anything more. Have a great weekend!
– Kristin

Thu, Sep 14 1:46pm · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

Hello all,
A lovely pre-Friday bonus blog was posted today! We are talking about living liver donation in our recent post. Were any of you able to have a liver transplant from a living donor? In this post, we celebrate living donor and the process, and we educate hoping more people will take that first step to be tested for a friend or loved one. Living donation is one of the ways we can help cut down on wait times and get more people transplanted who are waiting for their life-saving gift. Share the post with your friends and family, and hopefully they will share with theirs!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wed, Sep 13 8:28am · Tell us what you think in Mayo Clinic Champions

@cynth – thank you for posting your concerns. I work in the department with the people you are trying to schedule with, and I am here to try to help. Could you tell me any further details? Since you mention cirrhosis, I assume you are calling to our liver transplant appointment office? It would be great if you could tell me the phone number you have been calling so I know who you have spoken to about this. In the meantime, I will check into this for you as well. Thank you. – Kristin