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Jul 29, 2018 · Hardware removal after tibial plateau fracture (tpf) in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I am six weeks out from a level 4 tibial plateau fracture, displaced. I have five screws, a plate and bone graphs. I already can tell one screw — the bottom one — is causing me heavy pain and discomfort. I am still NWB for another week. Then progressive weight into 10th week post op. The doc can see the screw is coming through the bone and said it's probably hitting my MCL. He said he'd take it out "later." I have had a meniscus repair (not a clean out, actual repair) and ACL and lateral tenidosis (spelling?) on this knee, previously. My worry is that (1) the MCL will be damaged by this screw or (2) it's the meniscus that's the problem and that the repair was ruined with this injury. Probably questions for the doc next time I see him but in meantime, wondering if anyone else has insight. Thank you. This has been hard.