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Jul 27, 2018 · Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): How do I stop progression? in Kidney & Bladder

Hello @bdade59! Thanks for opening up about your CKD and cancer. I can't imagine going through both! You must be an incredibly strong person! I was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome, a form of inherited CKD, 5 years ago. I was diagnosed at stage 3 (eGFR 50%), and I stayed in stage 3 for over 3 years. I have recently meandered into stage 4. However, I want to encourage you, even with an eGFR of 20%, I still feel pretty good! Outside of anemia (which can be controlled with hormone replacement shots) and some weakness and lethargy, I feel fairly normal. I am able to yet work and do full-time school, even though I am approaching my transplant evaluation (in August). I hope that can be an encouragement for you! There is life outside of dealing with the messiness of CKD! God is yet good! Thanks again for sharing!