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Mon, Oct 7 9:49am · Behavioral Units for Dementia in Caregivers

Thanks for that information. Is it typically a short term stay until they find the right medicinal cocktail? If they're not able to find the right mix, can a person stay in these behavioral units long term? From what I can tell, they are in acute care hospitals, so that makes me think of a more limited duration stay.

Mon, Oct 7 5:21am · Behavioral Units for Dementia in Caregivers

My mom is in a memory care facility and suffering from dementia related psychosis. They've tried various medications that seem to help some, but she still has periods where she becomes quite agitated. If they can't find the right medications to get it under control, they said she will need to move to behavioral uni". I'm trying to find out more about behavioral units via internet searching, but haven't been all that successful. To start with, how would I find the locations of behavioral units in my state (MN)? Are there behavioral units that specialize in caring for dementia related problems?

Thu, Aug 22 7:21am · CLL - Spleen in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Sounds like my "enlarged spleen" is a "barely enlarged spleen".

Thu, Aug 22 7:20am · CLL - Spleen in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Thanks for the reply. It seems the CT scan report is somewhat lacking in details (it only lists the length at 14.6). Seems like there are other dimensions that might also be important.

Thu, Aug 22 7:16am · CLL - Spleen in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I am scheduled to see my primary care provider tomorrow, so I'll see what he says. Right now, all I have is the analysis of the doctor that reads the CT scan. I'll be seeing my hem-onc in December for my six month checkup.

Wed, Aug 21 5:15am · CLL - Spleen in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I have CLL and my recent CT scan indicates an enlarged spleen "Spleen: Enlarged, measuring 14.6 cm in length".

Is that substantially larger than normal, slightly larger than normal, or…?

Wed, May 15 4:35am · Caregiver for husband with Parkinson's and Lewey body dementia in Caregivers

For my mom, I like to take out photographs taken over the decades and ask her about them (e.g. "who's this?", "was this your favorite vacation spot"…). It seems to calm her down.

Thu, Apr 25 12:45pm · Dementia - Drugs to Ease Anxiety in Caregivers

I was notified today that they now have an opening in memory care. I'll be talking with my dad tomorrow to see if he wants to stay in assisted living, or join my mom in memory care. I think it's best if they separate, but in the end I'll let my dad decide.